The First Time Seeing Rob

I know I know. There are SO many new interviews. SO many new videos SO MUCH NEW CRAP TO TALK ABOUT (Moon saw Rob this weekend, TOO- Go read LTT) But I haven’t had ANY time to read or watch any of it. Isn’t there a place that recaps all that crap for me? Oh right.. that’s what LTR is for. I’m the recapper. Crap. Anyway, here is a story from an LTT/LTR friend in Sweden that reminded me of MY first time seeing Rob, 2 years ago this Fall!

Dear Letters To Rob:

Confession time. This is the True Story of my big night with Ashley and Rob.

Once upon a time there was news on the Internet that Rob and Ashley were coming to Sweden for the first time, on their Breaking Dawn European tour, to participate in a Fan event four weeks from now. Breathless and dazzled I realised that this was my Great Chance of being in the same room (okay, make that sports arena) with Robert Pattinson!

On the appointed day, I got up at 5.30 to be first in line for the queue to the place where they were handing out free tickets in my home town. I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell I would get a VIP ticket, since they were only handed out in Stockholm, and there people had been lining up three days in advance. Unlike some I DO have a full time job, and a family. *huffing*

Clutching the tickets in my sweaty little hands, I danced home, until it struck me a couple of days later “Hey, I actually write for a teenage magazine!” Shouldn’t I be able to get some kind of press credentials for this event?? So after talking to my editor and getting her go ahead, I chased the powers-that-be and on the morning of the event I finally got the go-ahead. Yay! I quickly gave away my tickets to a couple of deserving teenage girls, wrangling a promise that they would let me interview them later, and took off for Stockholm dressed in my cool black leather jacket and boots, on the off chance that Rob and Ashley would notice me in a crowd of 9000. (Hope springs eternal..)

After sitting in on an interview with a group of teenage girls, being conducted by some university researchers who were writing a book about Twilight (yeah, sure, I saw the gleam in her eyes when she gushed about visiting Forks and living in the “real Cullen house” in Portland: university or no university, that researcher is a closet fan too..) I headed over to the arena, and stood around in the cool October wind stomping my feet and watching the girls who had been hanging around since Wednesday with pity, as we waited for the event manager to remember to come and collect the press gang.

FYI: The bad stereotypical Swedish jokes + Rob are the creation of UC and NOT the Swedish writer.

Then we were all ticked off one by one by a guy with a slick-back and a red tie (ewww), given cool press badges and conducted onto the red carpet where we would get the chance to interview all the artists and the Swedish celebrities invited to this event. No, no, Rob and Ashley would do a red carpet entrance later in the arena for the VIP ticket holders, no one else. *sigh*

So then I spent 3 hours standing around, chatting to some girls from a local TV station who were Twi fans too, interviewing arriving celebrities like the prime minister’s wife about her thoughts on Twilight (funny, all the celebrities stuttered and stared and mumbled something about “well, it’s really my kids who talked me into coming..” Cowards!) and then asking the fans why they liked Twilight so much. (“The guys are SO handsome!” Yeah, right, I got that part.)

FINALLY we were let into the arena, and I quickly staked out a place close to the stage where I reckoned Rob and Ashley would be sitting and planted my feet in between two short thirteen-year-olds and right behind two TALL teenagers with squishy pony tails that tended to strike me in the face whenever they bounced. Oh well. I was kind of appalled to notice that hundreds of seats remained un-occupied throughout the event, since I knew that there were girls all over Scandinavia pining for a ticket. Not fair. Well, if they’d known what they were really in for, maybe they would have been less keen..?

And then we were in for a LONG wait, comprising “entertainment” by one hit wonders chosen for their appeal to teenage girls, and lame jokes by the morning radio hosts elected to host this event for unclear reasons, asking us at least ten times if we were looking forward to “actually being in the actual same room as Robert Pattinson?”. Duh, dude. Next question. By this time my back was hurting like crazy, and I was seriously regretting skipping lunch AND dinner. It would be kind of humiliating to be carried out fainting even before Rob had even entered the building, no?

We watched a ten-minute reel of clips from BD – twice, since Rob and Ashley apparently took longer to get from their hotel than expected. (Couldn’t you just hang out in the arena before time, or did grooming actually take you like, hours, guys?) – and finally had to endure the humiliation of collective singing and listening to one of the radio hosts improvising a song with his guitar just to fill out the time. (Rob, where are you when we need you?)

Will she see them? Find out more.. After the Jump(ing Rob)

And then they were there, on stage waving, before descending onto the red carpet, signing and taking photographs with fans. It was possible to tell exactly when the big screens showed shots of Rob signing and not Ashley, because the level of screaming rose exponentially. I watched their images with a big silly smile on my face, getting ready for the moment when they would become visible to me too.

Hey pretty girl, move so I can stare at his face uninterrupted

When they finally did, I couldn’t take my eyes off Rob’s face. He was handsome as usual in a narrowly tailored dark blue-grey suit with a silvery shine, showing off his shoulders, dark shirt and tie, and with localised scruff and the beginning of sex hair. Ashley was as pretty as I’ve ever seen her, with a sleek, dark ponytail, perfect make-up and creamy white skin, petite and lovely, but it was unreal watching the Rob-mannerisms I’ve seen on YouTube IRL. There was the touching of the hair, scruff and earlobes (although significantly lessened: has he been coached? Was he drunk?) and the initial smirk and adjusting the back of his pants, that probably hides embarrassment at meeting the screams of a huge hall full of people. There was the politeness to the female interviewer with raised eyebrows and head cocked to the side, the teasing of Ashley (“Are we humble? No, not her: I’m genuinely humble, but she’s just faking it. She’s the worst possible diva!”) and all the facial expressions going from angelic to grinning in the blink of an eye. Every time he turned his head to glance over his shoulder at the sections of fans behind him, the level of screaming from that direction rose to new heights. It was hard to hear all the questions due to the screaming, but at least I now know that Rob has never heard of Word Feud and seemed unfamiliar with Angry Bird. (Great to know, in case we get stuck in the Tube together!)

The pretty

I stood there, squashed between excited bodies and suddenly felt as if I was seeing him for the first time, and feeling him, as if I had just realised what a nice, fun, gentle guy he is. Not a superstar, not a famous actor, just a really, really likeable young man, a bit too good-looking for his own good and unable to grasp exactly what makes an arena full of girls of all ages go crazy, scream, cry and smile for him. I felt strangely privileged and at the same time a little bit nostalgic, as if this moment was already a memory. All too soon, it was time for them to get up and go back down the waiting line of fans once more for signings and photos, before exiting with a wave and a smile the way they came. All in all, I don’t think they spent much more than 30 minutes in the arena. What an unreal way to earn a living!

I hobbled up the stairs and out into the cool night air and snatched up a complimentary poster on the way out (Oh no, the Breaking Dawn poster, hideous – but at least it’s mine. *shudder*) All the way home on the train I browsed through the blurry photos on my camera and smiled a sleepy smile. I’ll never get over my Rob-crush now. That sweet smile alone will tide me over the next two years. Stephenie, Stephenie, what have you done to us..?

So, what will keep YOUR enthusiasm alive for the years ahead? Cause the BD part 1 poster obviously ain’t gonna do the trick!

Love MariaCecilia

Awwww GREAT story!!! Like I said, reminded me of seeing Rob (At Ellen) for the first time in Nov 2009! Memorrriessss. Anyone have a First-time-I-saw-Rob story to share!?

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24 Responses to “The First Time Seeing Rob”

  1. Cazza says:

    Great recap MC! I did watch a little of this chaos on the internet and I felt as if I was watching a really bad version of the Eurovision Song Contest. Those Stateside, who have never had to endure this yearly event, trust me, you don’t want to – nul points!

    Well, I’m heading to LA this Saturday. I ain’t camping, I don’t know what I’m really doing, I’m not good with screaming people and I’ll probably end up in jail for face punching those who annoy me in the crowd. Anyone else attending from LTR? I would love to see some “sane peeps” out there…..last resort, I can always go shopping!

    p.s. Oh and any suggestions for a decent view without having a wristband!

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      I’ll be there, probably without the bracelet also. I’m not camping either and am also pretty clueless about what I’m doing most of the time. I just feel I have to be there.
      Museums, galleries, a music gig or two, trying to see red carpet…. and shopping, of course!
      I’m not sure I count as “sane peeps” after what I did in NYC in april, so … if you’ll ignore me when I say Hi, I’ll understand.

      You have to come to LTT/LTR get together – it’s on 13th, so only non camping people will attend.

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      PS. Last year people who were on ESPN balcony bar had a good view. Or any bar/restaurant that’s above street / plaza level.

    • I’ll be there too! But I’m going the crazy route of camping. What I am doing?! I got me a BIJ shirt to wear if it isn’t freezing. Hope to see you gals!

      • Cazza says:

        RFM all the best to you! I admire anyone who does the camping route….I just couldn’t do it for several days.

        Anyhow, before anyone else gives me a thumbs down, I’ll sign off.


  2. LadyN says:

    I’ve been in a situation like that. For…ahem… NKOTB. *blushes* DONT JUDGE ME. The first time was pretty much amazing. I hyperventilated and almost made out with Donnie (thank god I didn’t I would prob have Herpes right now).

    But then I’d go home and felt empty and pathetic (for spending money also) and understanding that CLEARLY I wasn’t the only one and then I would get mad at myself for stooping so low and actually standing for 5 hours for a person who doesn’t know I exist… and still doesn’t.

    Sigh. But…but… I think I would SITLL stand for 5 hours just to see RobRob. 🙁 *masochist* but then I KNOW the cycle would just start again with the ‘I will die alone’ feeling cuz i’ll just want a clone of him for myself.

    I mean, I was goo JUST seeing Rob’s WAX figure *faceslap* imagine seeing him?! It would hurt my heart. LOL

    So jealous.

    ps. Hope the article for the teen mag went well!

    • LadyN says:

      P.S.S Did I mention I can’t STAND NKOTB now? I should’ve NEVER met them. Resentment is not what I want from Rob. I HAVE to finish my fic, you know? No way.

  3. The Old One says:

    Great letter, MC. At least you were able to get up close–if it were me with my luck I would be in the fourth balcony looking through binoculars and wearing earplugs for the screaming, so I couldn’t hear him talking either. So I will wait until I get that chance one-on-one meeting in a cosy pub where Rob and I can chat and laugh and share a Heinie, you know, that’s gonna happen any day now?!

  4. Kelli says:

    I still remember my first time, it was a hot topic event for New Moon, this is when I also had my first experience with rabid Twilight fans. We had to spend the night out on Hollywood Blvd…just to get a bracelet to be able to come back a week later to meet some of the cast…no where anywhere did it say that Rob would even be there, but I was excited anyway. We went through the line and met Chaske, Nikki, Kellan, Bronson and Cameron…they were all very nice. They then moved us, or should I say MOOved us down to what I can only describe as a corral. They had artists from the New Moon soundtrack perform and that was nice. But all of a sudden my niece my niece starts freaking out because she is 6 foot and can see over everyone and she saying they’re here, they’re here over and over again…so I stood on my tippy toes and there he was.. no more than 100 yards away….we were breathing the same air…and he was BEAUTIFUL. When they introduced him he truly seemed surprised at the screaming and crying. He was so shy and giggly and smiley. He lived up to my expectations and sent me deeper into my love affair. I have seen him many times since that first time and it is always like the first time. My palms sweat, my heart races, I have the biggest goofy smile on to match his. I haven’t seen him in person for a long time so I am looking forward to our reandevous next Monday…look for me in the front row!

  5. ladyofthemeadow says:

    Nice article, MC! And, I’m a little tinged with green envy.

    I think your enthusiasm has worn off on me – I’m starting to feel pretty excited about seeing BD!

  6. Kelli says:

    Yay RFM! I can’t wait to see you, can you believe it is already here? It feels like we were just talking about plans and here we are. Insane and it’s supposed to be so cold. I have been in both extremes and I don’t know which is worse. Looking forward to meeting you Kathleen!

  7. robsfuturemate says:

    Cazza, I’m sharing a hotel with some girls. Hopefully we can do half camping half hotel. It’s the only way I’d do it!

  8. Brenn says:

    Dear Rob:

    I just watched you on David Letterman. Oh my baby…’s been a bit of a dry spell, but I’M BACK. You looked dreamy. I’ve missed you!

    Love you. Call me.


  9. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    You can actually see half of my V-E-R-Y happy face in the top picture (behind the bottom of Robs pants) !!!!!!It was wonderful to see Rob, I’ll remember it fondly and I’ll encourage anybody who has a chanse to go see him.

  10. MariaCecilia says:

    Thank you guys – and I’m green with envy that you’ll get to be in LA on Monday!!! I’ll be in NYC by then, but obviously on the Wrong side of the continent (bummer) so I’ll just sweep the city for BD merchandise and think wistfully of you and what you might be experiencing at that very same moment…

    • Anabel says:

      Maria Cecilia, I’m in the wrong continent and hemisphere altogether! The chances that Rob comes to the Southern Cone are pretty slim, so I’ll keep on living the Rob experience through you guys…

  11. Pattygirl says:

    hey MC, thanks for sharing, now I want to read your piece for the teen mag……..

    • MariaCecilia says:

      The article will be in Swedish, though, which might be a bit off-putting for an English-speaking audience…(?) but if you’re going to LA for the premiere anyway, you could enroll Alex Skarsgård and make him promise to translate it for you at a private session later?

  12. Pattygirl says:

    Love Rob at Kimmel, all he need is a good host and leave the rest to him. Rob BD Junket is the best so far, second is WFE since Reese was game.

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