Dear Rob: See ya in a few

Dear Rob,

It’s late (and I was up at 5:45 cuz I’m still on east coast time) and Moon & I just cleaned up from the FUN AND FABULOUS LTT/LTR party we threw tonight. Now we’re typing up questions for the Red err Black carpet later today- oh yeah, did we mention that we’re gonna be there? Look for the two girls in the matching “Cullen-Swan” Bridesmaid dresses- we’ll be BEHIND them, pointing & laughing.

Needless to say, we can’t think of anything to say to you since we’re terribly tired & really need to focus on what to ask BoBo Stewart today (currently the question reads: “Come on- you can tell us- did Rob take you out for some Edward/Seth bonding time & get you drunk for the first time?” which may not fly with his security/dad who is a brick wall of muscle.) Also we need to practice calling him “BOOBOO” and not “BoBo” which is what I thought his name was until today.

So we’ll leave you with that and this picture of you officiating our civil union yesterday:


This happened

We are normal. See you soon,

UC & Moon

We are REUNITED! We have SO MANY fun stories already. We will be AT the premiere today & all day. We WILL be tweeting: @Letter2twilight and it WILL be awesome. We ARE realistic & think the chances of us getting a 1-on-1 with Rob are about as great as Rob coming over and asking us for a threesome. Which would also be awesome.


7 Responses to “Dear Rob: See ya in a few”

  1. onemoreorless says:

    Good luck ladies! Behave yourself (in the most possible way) and uphold your signs “You can do us” behind the two girls in the proper sparkling dresses (in case they can´t articulate their own wishes).

  2. FastForward says:

    You are normal. Can’t wait to hear about the girls with the matching bridesmaids dresses (and all the other crazies) (cause we are normal here)!

  3. Robsessedgirl says:

    i love you guys. have fun and don’t forget to bring some ground beef in a bag for taylor! if you have some hot pockets in your purse rob will def smell them and come running

  4. amynkansas says:

    make us proud…but more importantly, make fun of others, but in a kind hearted way….mostly.

  5. RebeccaS says:

    Fession: I’ve been covertly following your blog for years and when I read today’s post thought I should at last write something to you two gals…Have Fun – I hope something great happens while you are there – Keep us less fortunate fans in mind when you see HIM in the flesh. Wish I were there 🙂

  6. robsfuturemate says:

    You will be great! Don’t worry at all.

    It was so wonderful meeting you last night and torturing me online for the world to see. And topping it off with my butt tweeted by Mr. Choice. Good times, and sorry about the party foul spill 😉

  7. LadyN says:

    Ohhhh CONGRATS on your union girls! Hope you made out in front of the minister… and then maybe on him. 😉

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