Rob blocked on the Red Carpet!

Hey Rob, sit back today because I have a letter for a different guy…

How long can I stand here before she punches me?

Dear Mike Welch,

I’m commandeering Letters to Rob today because I have an important issue to address with you:


Everything was going swimmingly on the black carpet at the Breaking Dawn Premiere, Rob was inching his way down the line… you were ahead of him by a few press outlets answering questions about FacePunch or whatever it is people are asking you these days and then the perfect storm started brewing… you were talking just a tad too long about your bow tie to Lindsay from Team Twilight who, sadly, had to fall on the sword and take one for the team by talking to you quickly in hopes that we could get Rob next. It turns out, however, you were speaking just a little too long and Rob was moving quickly down the line of fan sites, Dean was giving me the eye and I knew what was about to happen… witness it happening in glorious moving image…

You can almost smell my desperation…

Was this your way of getting back at us for not making good on our promise to start a or the time we made you the poster boy for our fake “Respect” campaign because you are a good person who hates boob cancer? Or are you just mad that I didn’t ask you what Twilight tattoo you’d get if forced.

I mean God love ya Mike Welch but get the heck out of the way!!! You’re the guy who plays the golden retriever-esque character in Twilight you gotta understand I had to do everything within my power to get Rob to say anything to LTR… the girls here deserve it! I will gladly talk to you any day about anything in the world for however long you want to but not whilst Rob is an arms length from me. THAT’S JUST SCIENCE.

How did you become the ultimate cock blocker dude? I mean REALLY?!

Love ya Mike but ROB!!! ROOOOOBB!!!

Yes this happened and yes I don’t feel bad cause you know I had to try everything in my power to get you all some Rob! Would you have done the same? Should I have jumped the barricade and risked getting tackled by Dean??
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31 Responses to “Rob blocked on the Red Carpet!”

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  2. Cazza says:

    Girls, I REALLY feel for you. Out of all the darn people on that carpet, you guys deserved an interview with him or even just the tip of one.

    Might I suggest next time, (notice how I said next time), that you camp out in the bleachers with your microphones since they appeared to spend more time on that side.

    Anyhow, you girls looked very smexy in your dresses and you did us all proud!


  3. The Old One says:

    So close, so sad!

    Should you have jumped the barricade and have Dean tackle you? YES! What a great story THAT would have made! Rob said himself he wants more mayhem–he would have loved it and talked about it in all his interviews. Next time, maybe?

  4. The Old One says:

    You know, you actually were re-enacting the scene from Twilight where Mike is right in front of Bella, trying to ask her to the prom, and she can’t focus on him cuz she’s staring at Edward over on the other side of the parking lot. Poor Mikey! The story of his life!

  5. Robsessedgirl says:

    what a marshmallow!!!!

    • Kaybvee says:

      ARGH, annoying. And I like how he kept looking at you longingly in his stupid bow tie…good GOD.

    • Neneluvsrob4ever says:

      I was frustrated for you! I wanted to reach into my computer and not so gently shove Mike away to get to Rob! Oh, to be that close to The Pretty!!!!

  6. Nelle says:

    Tackled by Dean! Yes! A thousand times yes!

    On my way to see BD now in glorious IMAX. Haven’t decided yet whether to read today’s LTT first. Dilemma!!

  7. Suzyb49 says:

    Oh Moon – you poor thing. You gave it your best and we all appreciate it. Can’t believe he wasted his time with all those creepy poster holders when he could have answered some interesting questions from you!

    • Hey! Don’t diss the people amidst the creepy poster holders. We want some Rob time too!!! No, I didn’t have a poster but was surrounded by them. Rob signed my LTR notebook! Gonna send the pic to UC and Moon 🙂

  8. Justthetip,EH? says:

    That sounds like my video “ROB! ROB, read my damn sign! ROB! ROB IT TOOK US 4 hours. ROB! HELLO???? WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE?” lol

    We met the girls with kstew bodyguard faces on sticks! They were hilarious.

    There’s always next year…..

  9. Edible art? says:

    Oh no gutted for you guys – bloody Mike Newton ( I will call him that forever more) get out of the ruddy way you muppet, with your bow tie and velvet jacket honestly !!!!!!!

  10. nettie says:

    I now loathe Mike Welch. UGH! Thank you for throwing your pride to the wind and trying to get him back over for an interview. It’s his loss…okay, it’s our loss, too.

  11. Luludee says:

    Bwahahaha!! Golden Retriever-esque character for the win!! Way to hone the craft, Mike! Holy cow, was he giving you the puppy dog eyes or what?! Hilarious! I almost feel bad for the guy, but you are right, he should have known better than to try to talk to ANYONE with Rob right on his heels!

  12. JodieO says:

    I’m sorry Moonie, but the more he blocked the camera the harder I laughed. This is better than a .4 second interview with Rob where all the other fansites would be shouting over you.

    Poor Mikey, god love him.

    Maybe if you stop being such haters you’ll get interviews with the bigwigs next year!

  13. LadyN says:

    “Dean, please, I love your jewelry!”
    HAHAHahaha Oh I love you girls.

    But I’m so sad for you! 🙁 BOOOOO!! GAHHH!!! I’d be like PULLING ME HAIR, PISSED! To stand there for hours! your back hurts and i’m sure you bought cute outfits and blowdried your hair, put the make-up on for him and everything (prob shaved your legs) AND THEN NOTHING!


    I can’t. I’m pissed.

    poor guy is only one man. but seriously, Rob, why couldn’t you have been omnipresent?! WHY?!!!!! 🙁

  14. queen says:

    OMG you guys made me cry:'(
    you pleading “ROB ROB” that was just plain unfair michael
    did you manage to get the autograph or interview whatever you were waiting for?
    i read this LTR earlier but just saw the whole video today…god bless us all twihards….!!
    and do u know what’s worse?i live in kuwait and breaking dawn is not (YET) releasing in kuwait…that is my condition these days i am pleading “ROB ROB”

  15. Hermes says:

    Really? ??? I guess Welsh needs a little sugar thrown his way too girls.

  16. Pattygirl says:

    thx for the eyecandy girls, and Bill Condon for bringing the sexy back

  17. Oh, the agony. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe something crazy would’ve happen if he met you…like he would’ve seen you guys in your dresses and fallen in love at that instant and run off to a cave somewhere to write poems about it. And he would stop eating hot pockets (’cause there’s no microwave in his cave) and the entire hot pockets economy would collapse…

  18. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny. I was laughing all the time, the comments were great ( at this point, I’ll take anyone, yelling KRisten, Kristen….).
    Next year!

  19. […] are a dream maker sometimes, my friend. I mean sure, we still haven’t met you (thanks MIKE WELCH!) but that doesn’t mean you don’t traipse around the world making dreams come true […]

  20. runnermom48 says:

    Amen, JodieO! Haters never win.

    Seriously – many people didn’t get to talk to Rob or get their pictures with him…and they didn’t just walk on to the black carpet with a press pass. They camped out for 4 days prior.

    Mike Welsh is a doll.

    • JodieO says:

      Pfft. Seriously! Why should Moon get to talk to Rob just because she’s helped run a successful blog for three years? Or even TWO blogs? That means she can just waltz onto the carpet like she owns the place? I don’t think so.

    • greenenvy89 says:

      Sorry Rob didn’t seek out successful 2 blog moon..perhaps if they avoided Mike and all other cast members, Rob may have noticed them…

      Mike made the time for each person on that carpet…and was there till the end. Marshmallows ROCK..

    • tribecca says:

      I agree with you ladies. As a Twilight fan, I was really embarrassed at the way Mike got treated. That was low class.

  21. Anon says:

    You know, this is rude b/c it’s just like what Robert Patinson faced at the Harry Potter premiere. Not many wanted to talk to him because they wanted to talk with Daniel Radcliffe instead. Now those people are probably feeling quite silly for pushing Robert aside.

    Same thing could happen with Michael and you’ll be feeling ridiculous.

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