Dreams come true with Rob and Nutty Madam

Dear Rob,

You are a dream maker sometimes, my friend. I mean sure, we still haven’t met you (thanks MIKE WELCH!) but that doesn’t mean you don’t traipse around the world making dreams come true while this song plays. Case in point one of our most very favoritest Twifans EVER: Miss Nutty Madam herself. Apparently you too have been woo-ed by her charms, squeals of  delight (The beach!) and disbelief (NO! Jasper, NO!) and insane urge to vlog her every Twilight thought and reaction. She’s pretty much the best and we’ve featured her umpteenth times and wait with baited breath for any video she posts. So to say we were excited when you said this was an understatement…

Dude, I don’t know who you like or whatever but you saying you want to meet Nutty Madam is like the inventor of Hot Pockets or Dino Nuggets or plaid lumberjack shirts or Van Morrison saying he/she wants to meet you! This is like being chosen to meet Stephenie Meyer and talk Twilight with her… it’s a BIG deal.. I just wish I had video of both of us reacting to the news, I had to walk out of my office building at the time because I wanted to shout and high five people… enjoy Nutty Madam’s reaction to hearing you want to meet her:


Though I have a bone to pick with these sTV people since we ALL know Nutty Madam’s reaction to that was as least 20 minutes long complete with her rewatching it like 40 times with various levels of volume and pitch to her voice and breathless exclamations. I don’t know what it is about watching other people’s dreams come true but it makes me REALLY happy and a little weepy… kinda like reading the Tweets and seeing pictures of people meeting Stephenie Meyer when she went to visit Tent City before the Breaking Dawn Premiere. It’s like being a fly on the wall someone’s best day ever.

Sure, she seems nutballs crazy but if you haven’t felt that way at least once during all this you’re probably doing it wrong. Of course our feeling of nutballs crazy is maybe a tad different but still I’ve been there…

Dream do come true yall!!!

What moment in your fandom did you feel nutballs crazy? Did this make you happy for her or insanely jealous?

Source: S TV and Nutty Madam

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18 Responses to “Dreams come true with Rob and Nutty Madam”

  1. Sue G. says:

    I thought nutballs crazy is a Normal thing? Right?

  2. Cazza says:

    *coughs* I really had to question myself, when spending an hour on a hotel floor, creating a poster with the words “I love Ron” and “Kiss me I’m Scottish”. Then, to add to my self-inflicted humiliation, carrying them through the streets of LA to the darn BD premiere. Yep, I had a moment to myself then.

    I did have the last laugh when Rob himself signed the “I heart Ron” poster without even being asked. I only wish I had the “Kiss me I’m Scottish” poster to hand at that moment. That would have been my finest hour if he had taken the bait.

    I like to think there are different levels of craziness and each to their own. I was definitely on the richter scale of 8 when Rob approached us, we suddenly turned into a large, gooey, giggly pile of jello. I would never have predicted that. EVER.

    Oh well, good times indeed.


  3. 40sumthin says:

    Nutty Madam is making her own dreams come true! Way to go for it!

  4. Robsessedgirl says:

    if nutty madam can meet rob, ANYONE CAN. cue that scene from the lizzie mcguire movie where she’s lipsynching and shimmying saying “this is what dreeeeeeams are made of”

  5. Southernbelle says:

    LOL oh wow well I’m so happy for her! Lucky!

    I want to meet you too Rob!!!! For like 3 years now. 🙁

  6. KeepOnKeepingOn says:

    So, where is the video of Nutty Madam that the inteverviewer is talking to Rob about that made him want to meet her? I have to see it, lol.

  7. chochang says:

    If you hold a crazy poll, who will win? Nutty Madam or Amanduh?

  8. The Old One says:

    If 20 of Rob’s friends sent him links to Nutty Madame, does that mean they might have sent him links to LTR or LTT? I like to think so. Moon, if only you hadn’t been WELCH-blocked you could have asked him!

    Do Nutty and Rob look like they’re related in that last pic? I think they might be.

  9. Pattygirl says:

    I like that Ron has a watch on his wrist, an excuse to look at his lovely hands and sexy forearm. Nutty I can ‘t see ur video?

  10. fayted17 says:

    I think the most shocking part is the idea that Rob has given his email address to 20 people and it’s still a secret.

  11. LadyN says:

    Ok, I’m off to make videos until Rob finds me! Soooo convenient! She didn’t even have to leave her room to make him aware that she exists!

    Why do I seem to pretend that Celebrities don’t have time for the internet let alone know what youtube is or google shit AT ALL? *faceslap* OF COURSE! Why didn’t I think of this?

    DAMMIT TO HELL *fist in air*

    kudos to her brillianceness. Who knew?!

  12. Can I just say that when a friend of mine told me about this post I thought, “dear God tell me that’s not me.” You know, when you camp out for like a week (actually 2 days in a tent), wear Big In Japan shirts to the premiere and are so dysfunctional with your camera that Rob himself has to help you, you might be a bit craycray. Or Nutballs.

    Then I realized this was not about me and thought, “how sad that you called this girl madame nutballs.” And THEN found out I have a common facebook friend with, you guessed it. Emma “Madam Nutballs”. Yes, she calls herself that!

    So wow, I better make my blog post on Rob Attack more…I don’t know what. But something so that Rob gets sent 20+ emails of something I wrote! Any ideas?! lol

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