What makes someone a “True” Rob Fan?

As Breaking Dawn & Rob hysteria is winding down, I’ve been pondering my “acute fondness” for all things Rob & Beaspoon’s letter came at the perfect time!

Is this what a true Rob Fan looks like?

Dear Rob,

So I met a new friend a little while back–we’re talking JUST before Breaking Dawn came out. We’re sipping coffee together while our kids run mad circles around us and she mentions that she’s just started reading “those vampire books” and have I heard of them? Have I HEARD of them? I start laughing, perhaps a little maniacally, and sort of shrug and say, “Yeah, I’ve read them. I’m pretty much Robert Pattinson’s biggest fan.” And she starts going on about how cute you are and how she didn’t even know who you were until she saw the Twilight movies and blah blah blah. The whole time I am thinking, in my head (because that’s where most of my thoughts should stay, lol), “She thinks SHE’S a fan? Ha. No. No way. She can not possibly be even half the fan that I am, I mean I’ve been a fan of Rob’s since….GASP!” All of a sudden it hits me, I am literally speechless as I realize,

What if I’m not REALLY a true Rob fan?

I mean, I know I’m enough of a fan to have seen every movie you’ve ever been in, even the weird, creepy early ones. I know that I’m enough of a fan to write letters to you on a Robfan website that actually get published sometimes (that’s pretty batshit crazy, right there!). I know that I read waaay too much fanfiction and you are the star in every single one. I know that I don’t really care at all about “Edward,” it’s Rob that I am nuts about. But there are some pretty gaping holes in my fan stats, if I’m being honest. I didn’t even succumb to the Twilight madness until the summer of 2009, which is well past the initial craze–all 4 books were published and the first movie was already out on DVD, and I had never even heard of Robert Pattinson. I didn’t start reading fanfic until the fall, and I didn’t discover LTR and Robsessed until then either. I’m not really an active member of the fandom, I just lurk and occasionally post or jump in when there is drama, lol. I don’t watch every single interview you give (who really has time for that?–I know, shoot me!) and don’t read a lot of the articles about you because, quite frankly, a lot of them are crap. So what gives? Am I not really a “true” fan?

I’ve decided that I need to give my new friend the benefit of the doubt. So she just discovered you, so what? She’s one more person who understands your appeal, and even if it took her longer to notice you, she’s still a fan. I might not have been a fan from the very beginning, but I still sing your praises daily. I write you these silly letters, and my husband knows that should I ever actually meet you and you choose to ignore the fact that I am a 5-foot-tall, chubby, 30-something mom of 2 with stretch marks and a perma-ponytail and fall madly in love with me at first sight…well, it will be ON like Donkey Kong. How’s that for being a true fan?

Still crazily yours,

PS–Love love love the beard. Scruff looks so good on you. And definitely keep wearing more deep V’s. That is all. 🙂

SO what do you think? What makes a TRUE Rob Fan? Such a relevant question with all the hate being spewed across the internet lately (ps I just got lost in a 10 minute nonsten/robsten tumblr-fest. I had to step away. That shizz is crazy) Do you have to be pro-Robsten to be a TRUE Rob Fan? Can you be a NEW Rob fan and still be TRUE? Does a true Rob fan agree with how he looks & what he does or says 100% of the time?

(You know my answers to the above, right? No you don’t have to be Robsten OR Nonsten. Yes you can be a new fan. and NO you don’t have to love him 100% of the time!)

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40 Responses to “What makes someone a “True” Rob Fan?”

  1. onemoreorless says:

    to quote on of my favorite classic movies…
    a true rob fan is like a cat on a hot tin roof…..more determined, than people may think. But what´s the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof? Just stayin’ on it, I guess. As long as she can.

  2. nn says:

    A true Rob fan is someone who doesn’t spew insults/derogatory comments/attacks against his girlfriend and partner. Just saying…..there is a lot of ugly hate in this fandom. It’s a shame.

    And what nonsten/robsten debate? They are a public couple. Holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc., all in public. Co-stars, directors, film crews, and they themselves have confirmed their relationship.

    Anyone using the word “nonsten” should be slapped for pure idiocy. I’m so sick of hearing it.

    • you are the truest of the true!!!!!!!!!

    • Idiots Abound says:

      “Just saying…..there is a lot of ugly hate in this fandom. It’s a shame.” Yes indeed there is a lot of ugly hate in this fandom. The majority of it is generated by people (like yourself) who want to slap others for having a different opinion about whether or not 2 people that they do not know personally are dating. Robsten, Nonsten, Don’tGiveACrapsten, whatever. . . . believe whatever you like. But please grow up and stop attacking others.

      I’m so sick of self-righteous idiots attacking anyone who disagree with them.

    • JodieO says:

      A true Rob fan would never be hateful! Let’s kill them all!

    • LadyN says:

      You must be their relationship hand-holding analyst and personal slapper-in-the-face defender. That’s fawesome.

      How much do you get payed? Or did they just buy you a boiler in exchange for your services?

  3. Jellybeanrainbow says:

    The truest fans are those who are recent fans. What we old fans have, Dear Rob, is true love.
    We might not read every interview or buy every crap you appear on, we might even not like your every haircut or shape of beard, but deep down there in our hearts there’s immense appreciation of everything Rob.

    • enviro says:

      That’s exactly what I was going to write — love! So cheesy, don’t know him, blah blah blah, but the true fans have love.

  4. enviro says:

    What a great letter! Thanks for the smile to start the day and enjoy rediscovering everything with your friend the new fan, who apparently has excellent taste.

  5. Katiebird says:

    I believe there are different levels of “acute fondness”, and when you’re enlightened with it, it doesn’t matter. Rob welcomes everyone, with open arms. He loves crazy, nuts girls. 🙂

    I can’t believe there is still fighting between Nonstens and Robstens. *shaking head* If the Nonstens are waiting until one of them ACTUALLY admits, then good luck with that. Maybe after the LAST movie is released, and it’s truly behind them, but I still doubt it.

    Three women at my work were discussing their relationship at the lunch table just last week, because of some article in a gossip magazine that was left there. “Are they together? Aren’t they married? No, they’re not married. I think they’re dating though. No, they’re engaged. Really!” I held my tongue the whole time, and tried to distract myself with a mundane conversation with the only guy at the table, and eating my lunch. I wanted to yank the rag away, and put in my two cents, but didn’t. This probably makes me a “bad” fan.

    • The Old One says:

      You showed that you were a better fan than they were by rising above all that and ignoring it. Just as Rob would like you to, so he would love you best.

  6. Munkee says:

    I love this letter! Cheers!

  7. Beaspoon says:

    It always makes my day to see one of my letters on LTR:-) And I have to agree, true fans do have love for Rob! Sometimes I’m crazy second-hand embarrassed for him when he does or says or wears something ridiculous, but it always endears him to me a little bit more. And there is just something about having a really terrible day and then coming home to look at his latest pics or watch an interview that just puts me in a better mood. That’s love, right? Lol.

    As for the Robsten/Nonsten stuff…I’ll be honest and admit I just don’t care. Personally, K-Stew isn’t my type (lol) but it’s hard to deny that they have some mad chemistry going on. I just want Rob to be happy–another sign of a true fan! Haha.

    Thanks for reading my letter!!

  8. marysway says:

    A true fan does not have to like everything he does or says. Heck we don’t like everything our real life friends say and do or even are boyfriends/husbands and relatives but we don’t stop liking/loving them. Nor do we have to agree (see above statement). But as typical people that does not mean we are not above commenting on his actions. Fans seem to know more read more and everyone has an opinion. I personally think some of his better work is outside of twilight. I love the books of course, but the movies (except the first one) really did not bring me to my knees. It was not in whole of Rob’s actions at all but the movies it’s self. That is all I have to say about that….but I do think he is a good actor and has chosen some really good roles to play in outside of twilight. His personalty is one reason why I am a fan of his. He is funny and charming and says what ever pops into his head. Regardless if you just became a fan or have been, a fan is a fan. You don’t need to know him from the start. JMHO.

  9. Nelle says:

    Great post Beaspoon. Get this. I almost lost it in the ER the other night when I had to take my mother there. The nurse drawing blood started talking about vampires>Twilight books>Twilight movies>Edward>Rob! She said she “couldn’t get into the books.” I started to lose interest and zone her out. Then she said “but I happened to catch the first movie on TV and LOVED it!” The rest of the story is typical. She contacted the Twihard at work and got all the DVDs and books and now is dying to see BD. A real Newborn Fan!!! It was so much fun!! But I had to pull back a bit because A) My mother was starting to give me a funny look, and B) she was losing some blood because the nurse was distracted.

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      A “Newborn fan”, haha. I like that phrase enough to recycle it myself!

      • 40sumthin says:

        I’ve been using that phrase myself…I’m a “newborn” fan having just dove into the Twilight Saga & Rob “fandom” this past August!

        • Maggie says:

          Welcome 30sumthin. As you find yourself falling deeper and deeper into your Robsession, you will be glad you found LTR. Any time that you think or do something regarding Rob that makes you start to doubt your sanity, just come here and tell us all about it. We will assure you that you are just as Normal as the rest of us are.

  10. Megan says:

    LMAO!! This was such a great letter to Rob. I too didn’t get into Twilight until the summer of 2009 (at the sometimes annoying insistence of my friend) and now can’t believe I ever thought it was some silly teenage vampire crap. It’s become so much a part of my life and I’ve become such huge Rob and Kristen fans along the way. And, I’m also a 5 footish chubby mom of 2 in her 30s with stretch marks who reads way more fanfiction than I should. And my husband knows that should Rob show up on my doorstep and fall instantly in love with me that he won’t even be an afterthought. (It takes a secure man to laugh about that. Glad my husband’s one of them!)

    As far as the fandom, it takes all kinds. As long as they aren’t hating on him or who he chooses to have in his life I’m cool with all types of levels of fans. I just want people to support his projects.

  11. Robsessedgirl says:

    I think a true Rob fan is someone who has stayed true through it all. the half shaved head, the santa beards, the word vomit and everything. but a true fan is also someone who lets others have an opinion. if you don’t ship him with(her, it) cool! if you do, keep it to yourself! that’s the gist of it.

  12. Maggie says:

    I think to be a true fan of Rob’s you leave his friends and his personal life out of the equation and spend time (ie your life) on his movies and TV appearances, his interviews, his photoshoots, his hilarious word vomit, the details of his face and body and, if you’re so inclined, on fantasizing about the things the two of you could do together if given the opportunity. (The last two only apply if you are one of Rob’s Truly Normal Fans).

  13. edible art ? says:

    a true fan of Robs would know :

    Who Claire and Richard are
    that his Sisters dressed him up and called him Claudia
    He comes from Barnes
    Tomstu is his best bud ( and know who tomstu is !!!)
    Stoli shirt ??
    Sexspenders ??
    Where his moles are
    Finally any true fan would also know and be able to identify Dean, Nick and Stephanie.

    Actually on reviewing my list I think this person could also be called a stalker !!! hey you say tomato and I say tomato !!!

    • Katiebird says:

      The first time I pointed all of those people out in pics, to my DH, he just laughed at me. Asked, “How and why do you know this?”.

      I don’t know how or why, I just do…you never know when the info might come in handy.

  14. Roslynselene says:

    True fans are the ones we make fun of. Theyre the ones running around making pants with his face on them, sending cheese wheels, and Nutty madam. Oh and clearly that one chick that says whoever says the word nonsten should be slapped. Oh crap…
    *turns right cheek*

  15. Stella says:

    “…should I ever actually meet you and you choose to ignore the fact that I am a 5-foot-tall, chubby, 30-something mom of 2 with stretch marks and a perma-ponytail and fall madly in love with me at first sight…well, it will be ON like Donkey Kong.”

    Amen sister!! I laugh all the time about this very scenario in regards to myself! I still cringe when I realize that the “older women” fans Rob talks about are….*gasp* me! I forget I am not a hot 18-20 something anymore…and THAT, girls, is the BEST thing about being a Rob/Twilight fan! Oh I am not hot and young and without baby spit-up on my shirt?! I didn’t realize, I was too busy fantasizing about Rob!!!

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      I forget I’m not a hot 18-20 year old too. However, my mantra is, “A woman is as old as the man she feels”.

      Works for me 😉

    • 40sumthin says:

      …or a short, chubby, 40-something mom of 2 kids, who by the way are completely embarrassed by my behavior, especially because I’m old enough to be Rob’s mom (ewww…did I just say that?). Still a HUGE fan, nonetheless!

  16. Any fan of Robs is a friend of mine! I always enjoy having someone to gush about him with. And then, best of all, I try to bring them even deeper into fandom by showing them his quirky interviews and cool songs and funny fan sites. I think that’s really the solution here: If you meet someone who you think isn’t a “true” Rob fan, turn them into one!

  17. Chela Madison says:

    Let me start by saying all of the following assumptions about Rob could be complete BS! After all, I don’t know the guy (sadly!). Anyway, I appreciate how much thought Rob puts into his work (thought that we sometimes can’t get a full glimpse of because fans start screaming or interviewers cut him off before he can fully flesh out his thoughts XD). And this thought isn’t limited to his more “intense” roles either (i.e. non-twilight roles lol). I know a lot of people like the Eclipse commentary because of Kristen and Rob’s playful interaction (it was cute, I agree ;P), but I thought it was also great because Rob (and Kristen!) also talked about elements someone invested in the story would think/talk about (Edward burdening his family by loving Bella and needing them to stick with him for protection, that sort of thing). I think he’s funny, even hilarious at times. Sometimes I think it’s deliberate (he’s good at word play, playing off of other people’s jokes, finding the humor in situations (I like the Berlin interview where the reporter is like “I’m from Robertpattinsonfans.com” and Rob goes “I have a question for Wyck” cracking himself and the rest of the room up (except for poor Taylor who couldn’t hear haha))), and other times I think he’s being/feeling awkward, but it comes off as funny, and he rolls with it. Either way, I like that he makes me (and tons of other people, of course) laugh, and that he likes laughing himself. I like how we sometimes get a sense of his vulnerability or something like it. Like in the MTV interview with him, Taylor, and Kristen, Rob talks about liking Paramore, but he said it in kind of an unsure, non-assertive way (he sort of leaned back and said it sort of bashfully), and I found it very sweet. I appreciate the fact that he really listens to other people. If an interviewer asks him a multiple part question, he tries to address all of the parts. On the Eclipse commentary, if he interrupted Kristen, or if she started to say something and then stopped, or if she said “God” and didn’t comment further, Rob took notice and apologized or prompted her to continue. He was asked in a Breaking Dawn interview when he thought Edward should change Bella, and he said he liked Edward’s original idea of letting Bella live a regular life, get old, then letting her die, and then killing himself after. Rob said he doesn’t like the idea of fearing death and thought that Edward’s original idea was sweet. Yes, the situation in the book is extreme and melodramatic, but Rob’s answer, I felt, was endearing. Basically, from the public Rob that we know, he just seems like a funny, endearing, genuine guy who cares about his work, and the people around him. He seems like someone I’d want to be friends with. I know he sometimes wonders (worries?) whether people like him or Edward, and fans of the book generally love Edward, but I think most of us agree that Rob’s ok too XP. This is an EMBARRASSINGLY long paragraph….

  18. dee says:

    Yummmmmmy with the scruff and v-neck!!!!

  19. cat says:

    Wondering if MinuetPasse (sp?) or Robgirl are still lurking?
    Good to see so many names here that have been around for forever.
    I know I would take Rob in any form/shape he comes. I don’t care about any of his looks, I’m never really embarrassed for him or feel the need to critisize him.
    Wait – the one thing that could make me a little more happy would be acknowledging us, HIS fans. He always finds a way to thank people for watching the movie because of the stories or w/e. I’m wondering if he really believes were there for Edward, or if he wants to keep us at a distance. If he will ever say “thanks to my fans for supporting me”? Somehow doesn’t sound likely. But as long as he keeps making art, I don’t really care.

  20. Pattygirl says:

    a true rob fan support his movies and see it more than once , I thinks the others alrdy say it all. Knows that he is kind, cynical some times, artsy, funny, smart, a world cinema movie lover, stubborn

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