Heinekens all around! It’s LTR’s 3rd Anniversary!

Dear Rob,

new LTR motto

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so pass me a beer and let’s cheers to UC and Moon on 3 years of writing letters to you! I realize they aren’t always the most flattering, sometimes a little fan girly and almost always snarky, but you have to hand it to UC and Moon — finding material to write to you when you disappear for days, isn’t the easiest thing to do. I think you should get their fan cards laminated for an anniversary gift (and maybe leave your phone number on the back).

In honor of this happy occasion, I decided to surprise the girls by breaking into the blog and talking to some longtime friends about their favorite posts. So enjoy! (How could you not, it’s all about you!?)

Today’s fellow guests, please introduce yourselves and how long have you been reading?

Read_or_sleep: Summer 2009
Cazza: March 2009
PlaneFriend: Reading Since: About 5 seconds after this post. When I saw Stephenie was going to have fansites interview her, I decided to go looking at the fansites. All the others I just glanced at, read a page or two, and never went back to again. Within days, I was reading most of the LTT backlogs…realized I knew UC a few weeks later, started writing for y’all occasionally, and the rest in history.
Stacey: March 2010
LonestarKendall: March 2009
Rachel B, formerly GriffsSayWhat: Winter 2009
Alice_NaA  – Bella_NaA : A  long long time ago, when palatial pads and hot pocket fortresses where yet to be built, Summit was not to blame, TomStu still shaved, Bobbygee shared his wisdom, AmanDUH  was working her living room corners, the Pattinson pants were in style, and Oregano was not just an Italian herb.
superhumanmoron: January 2009
MrsKowski: I’ve been reading since March of 2009. The post that started it all for me was the “This is how you found us? Vol. 2”  it was linked on NewMoonMovie.org – my world has not been the same since I made the decision to click on that link.
Snowwhitedrifted: January 2010
Janetrigs: February 2009
Allryans: April 2009, actually since THIS post.
Operarose: August 2009
TeamSeth: September 16, 2009

And if you don’t know me, I’m Brookelockart and have been starting trouble since March 2009.

Which posts have made you snarfle your drink while reading?

Read_or_sleep: Four Words.  WE ARE THE ROB.  What happened to that song? When UC, Moon and special guests broke down the Details pictures.   Most sites were basically just drooling and LTR made it look as if they were seriously analyzing the pictures.  That time UC (I think) made the mother trucker profile for Ron when he was on the road trip from CA to NOLA.
Cazza: Pattinson Pants lady at ComicCon “she lives”….she was a celebrity in her own right but just didn’t know it!!!
LonestartKendall: Ahhh, the list is too long. TOO LONG. Anything by the Quad – those were always amazing,
Alice_NaA: What’s Remember Me about. I actually found LTR that way… by googling “what’s remember me about”. No lie. I then spent the entire day giggling about the city housing code loophole and recreational vehicles part. I also learned many fancy words here at LTT/LTR, it’s all about education.
SHM: Creepy Uncle Rob.  I may have peed a little.  That’s when I knew I had found my people.
Allryans: I have a continuous heartquake. I’m pretty sure that I could not hold it together watching this video of your incognito dramatic poetry reading.

Like most passionate relationships, there’s a little bit of love and hate. Which post made you love him or hate him more?

Read_or_sleep: I wouldn’t say this post made me love Ron any more or less.   It just left me feeling confused,
Rachel B: I love the “jumping Rob” because that picture gave us endless hours of photoshopping entertainment!
Alice_NaA: Hate -> the time he was driving a green Porsche. Love -> That it’s normal to disrespect Rob nice and slow.

not hot, nope.

Bella_NaA: Hate -> the wonky Cosmopolis hair. Was he trying to one-up TomStu and his monkey beard?
SWD: The epic Chart-O-Robs. I like having a choice.
JanetrigsPSA I have been Cyber Bullied, – This made me HATE Ron because it showed me how there was this crazy rift in the once powerful singular unit known as Twi/Ron fan. This meant that my friends may or may not hate each other over reasons that seem ridiculous, and thus I hated him for causing the rift, because it’s always the man’s fault. I loved Ron again, not after a LTT or LTR post, but when I saw DTR or Dirty Train Ron filming pics of Water for Elephants. There is something about DTR.
Allryans: HATE: (the real hate, not the Janetrigs kind).  Not only did Rob completely botch this joke in the most unfunny, unendearing way ever, but REESE had to save him from it, and no one is worse than Reese. NO ONE.
Teamseth: This post made me love Ron more or this post made me love him less. I did my duty. Rob is not for me.

Great picks! I love Photo-shoot Ron (think GQ), but real life Ron may not be for me!

Sometime UC and Moon post letters that show Rob’s fans in all their glory (read: crazy). Which posts do you hope that Rob never reads? (because we’re delusional ladies who think he’s on this site)

Avert your eyes!

Cazza: Hope he never reads the analysis of Ron’s jeans….is he carrying the jitterbug phone in there or is he just pleased to see all of us (er, no link, no time)…oh and also, the post about is he going bald?  I mean, how much time can sane, educated women spend analysing things like this……
LonestarKendall: For the manips alone. Holy moly: The Next Sully
Bella_NaA: Haha, I think Ron has great sense of humor. The weirder, the better. I hope he made the crossword puzzle we made for him two summers ago. Actually I bet he was the commenter who pointed out there was a mistake in it.
MrsKowski: As for being second hand embarrassed for Rob to see any of the posts ..again, I don’t think there are any that he wouldn’t laugh his ass off at.  I’m more 2nd hand embarrassed that there are rob fans out there that wear Pattinson Pants ), or the fandom movement to Respect Rob or more recently the crazy chick who recreated all of his pictures – wtf! Rob, I’m sorry
SWD: Not embarrassing, but I’ve never forgotten the reference to his chicken arms.

Jane trig's dream date

Janetrigs: : The Deal Breakers for Ron, where incidentally we may have first starting using the term “jorts” regularly. The manips in this one are crazy and I am kind of embarrassed for Ron and these ghastly creations. Also, The famous Trucker Passions profile created by UC. There’s creating a fake FB account, and then there’s creating a MOTHERTRUCKINBRIT persona.  (I died laughing tho) Also every single crazy Letter from those poor souls who believe that Letters to Rob actually allows one to get Letters to Ron.
Allryans: This post was so 2nd-hand embarrassing that you prayed that Ron would never know this existed. Nothing NOTHING will ever be, could ever be, more humiliating than Debbert. I couldn’t even read the thing for fear of my face melting in second hand embarrassment, so I’m ever so grateful to TxLiLi for breaking it down. Please, let Rob never have seen this.

What events on twitter or on the blog will you never forget?
LonestarKendall: When the world became divided…or at least when I became aware: this side, the sane, who can have harmless fun and the other side, the crazy and more crazy who are dead. serious.
Alice_NaA: No charity song was ever so compelling and touching like “We are the Rob”.  Bridges were built, mountains moved, oceans crossed and NReed and KStew made out.
Bella_NaA: The time Alice made Rob bake me cupcakes on LTR for my birthday! I will never ever EVER top that birthday gift. Ever.
Janetrigs: September 29, 2009 (yes on my effing birthday on effing Twitter): After asking a certain Twitterer to stop her Dear Rob site that said, “send Letters to Rob in 140 characters” and getting into a legal debate about libel and about a million zillion other things that were ridiculous, the twitterer threatened to sue me for defamation. Amazing. Oh and she had her husband join Twitter just to get online to call me a yeasty bitch….so what, I like Beer and LTT/LTR, get over it!

Janet, I think you win at life, especially for that selection! Ok, now onto one of my favorite topics: Fan Art or Manips of Rob.

Now this is how you dress for a party (source: Robsbuttonsbabe)

Read_or_sleep: Seriously, can you not look at the manip of Rob as a sparkly unicorn and not giggle?
Rachel B: THIS!!!  bahahahah
Alice-NaA: Rob with a parrot!  A genuine LTT classic.

Rob, I hope that you appreciated this walk down memory lane and please, reread the list of deal breakers. Definitely rules to live by.

Happy Blog Anniversary to the bestest friends a girl could meet on the internets, UC and MOON. MWAH!



Have you checked out LTT today? I’m running rampant all over the interwebz.

What are some of your favorite posts? What made you tinkle in your pants, or Love/Hate Rob more? Share in the Comments!
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36 Responses to “Heinekens all around! It’s LTR’s 3rd Anniversary!”

  1. absolutelyvlc says:

    whoa, things look different here. It’s been a while since I’ve been around (been hanging out in the forum too much I guess). Just wanted to wish UC & Moon and everyone whose lives they’ve touched a very happy anniversary.
    Thanks for the mammories! 😀
    Abs. (lurker since Aug. 2009 ish)

  2. Robjunkie says:

    Maaammarieeees, like the coooorners of my miiiiiind!!!

    Happy Anniversary UC and Moon. A bajillion thanks for creating this amazing blog. You are two of the nicest and most level-headed fans in this crazy fandom and I’m ever so glad that I found myself in this corner of the fandom.

    Sigh, I remember chancing upon the blog after googling twilight and vanity fair to search for the vanity fair youtube vid. And lo, there it was: “Breaking it down Vanity Fair style”. I laughed, I cried, I praised Jesus and all the Saints that I had found a place with like-minded people who were similarly obsessed, but in a normal way, as we adamantly kept telling ourselves. The saying “thats normal” became a lifeline and a mantra.

    The posts never failed to make me laugh, or cringe in 2nd-hand embarrassment. And the best part? The comments. Dude, the comments slayed me. And gave me the warm fuzzies to know that I was a part of this community of funny, sarcastic and batshit crazy women.

    Smooches and bewbie gropes for eeeverybodyyyyy!

  3. Happy Anniversary girls!!! Thanks again for the this wonderful place. And I can’t believe I’ve been here for two of these now! So many great memories 🙂

    For some reason, the posts I don’t want Rob to read are mine! lol But thanks for posting them anyway!

  4. Nelle says:

    Thank you Moon and UC, other contributors and bloggers. I discovered LTT/LTR when Smeyer picked you for her interview. I think the first post I read was the one about the Bree book (BrookeLockheart?) and I howled at the letter and the responses. What a pleasure it’s been to converse with you all. I have recently discovered that my closest friend at work is almost as fanatical, I mean normal, as I am and it’s so much fun to have that in addition to you all. Heading soon to see BD for the 5th time. I THINK that should do me until the DVD comes out. Love you all.

    BTW- its going to take me all night to read all the posts you all refer to in this walk down memory lane!

  5. Katiebird says:

    Wow!! It’s really been three years!?!? I think I’ve been reading their posts since the spring of 2009. I still remember the first letter I read too. It was a letter to Xavier (Riley) explaining the “relationships” in the set of New Moon. I was at work actually, and couldn’t hold back my laughing. I was hooked, and started reading past posts to get caught up. I loved it here. 🙂

    The highlight of my Thanksgiving that year was when I was mentioned for the first time, in a letter to Rob about what I was thankful for. *happy sigh* Since then, a couple of letters of mine have been used for posts. It’s a dream of mine to meet UC and Moon in person one day, just to thank them for bringing such joy and laughter in my life.

  6. Robsessedgirl says:

    I’ve been reading LTT and LTR since 2008 and my world has not been the same since. You guys don’t know how much I appreciate your posts. They’ve gotten me through so many bad days and so many good days and (I suppose I’m the youngest reader on here) but you have also gotten me through high school. without you, I’d still be the girl who was picked on for loving something that people tended to make fun of( I guess that’s still me but I’ve learned to think of appropriate comebacks) because, let’s face it, I’m surrounded by idiots at school. so happy anniversary UC and Moon, you guys are literally the best. and thank you.

  7. MrsKowski says:

    I think Rob loved the story of Debbert. I bet he wept a single tear at the end. I know I did!


  8. DEBBERT (i can’t make myself re-read it but really need to), The TRUCKER profile, We are the Rob: http://letterstorob.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/wearetherob.jpg , Moon’s letter about The RObsten love house (WHAT was it called..? OUR Home.. omg..) and so much more… I can’t even believe all the FUN we’ve had over the last 3 years… THREE YEARS… we’re like an old married couple by now!! LOVE YOU MOONIE!!

    Love all you girls who participated in this- especially Brookie for putting it together. If Ron knew you existed (I mean he does) he’d let you go down on him FOR SURE.

    omg… I’m the worst/best

    • Bea says:

      The trucker profile made me laugh so hard I cried. The only moments that compete are Jumping Rob and the Rob Unicorn. Thanks for all the fun!

  9. The Old One says:

    I remember a time, after watching Twilight in 2008 and before I discovered LTR in 2009, when I was just “meh” about Rob. I’m shaking my head in disbelief too. But I was loving LTT A LOT so I would occasionally check out LTR–and it was Moon and UC’s posts about Rob that made me see the light! My world was never the same. My obsession scared me because I was doing things I would never ever do in a million years: I wrote silly letters that were actually posted here for the entire world to read. I sent cards and gifts to Rob at his agent’s address. I hoarded his movies and magazines in a secret stash. I visit tabloid websites to find the latest sightings. Such is the power of Rob, my own personal brand of heroin I guess, but the fun times and all the people here are my enablers. Thanks!

    • katiebird says:

      That’s why I love this place. I feel so much better knowing that there are people who feel the same way I do about Him. You make me feel “normal”. 🙂

    • sjaantje says:

      I have all of Rob’s movies on my iPod and all the magazines in my bed side table. See this is why we all gather here, to know we are not the only ones who do this. We need LTR shirts that say “LTR: Robward hoarding is normal”.

  10. che says:

    HAPPY ANNİVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Melissa says:

    I started reading L t r a LONG time ago. I won the pocket Eddie in the valentines contest in February 2009 lol time FLIES. Happy anniversary ladies!!!!

  12. Alice_NaA says:

    omg I can’t believe I missed Debbert. I just read it now.


  13. sjaantje says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    I look forward to your blogs and have shared them with other Twilight fans so I hope that has gained you a few extra fans in return. Your posts are brillant, thanks for laughs ladies!

  14. edible art ? says:

    Happy Anniversary !!! Have had a lot off fun over the years reading the posts and the comments – Particulary memorable the day we all wrote Haiku poetry for Rob. I believe you must have a wealth of material that could be put in book for us all to keep when this is over !! Am I showing my age by wanting a hard copy ???? lol cheers and long may you continue xx

  15. Blondieinco says:

    Happy Anniversary LTR! Thanks to this site infiltrating my brain, I actually thought of Rob when we were out for a hike and saw a mother and baby moose. The baby was so little and I actually said “it’s legs are all wonky” – and thought of you LTR.

    And also thanks for posting the Rob as Unicorn pic – hadn’t seen that before and I can’t stop laughing…..

  16. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Dear LTR headquarters!

    There’s so much win in these past three years it should be published as a coffee book.

    Rob being special, Rob being banged behind the dumpster, Rob playing air guitar in Vancouver, Moon’s post-coital letter to Claire, the first time world has ever seen shirtless Rob….
    Best three years of my life.

  17. Janetrigs says:


  18. BrookeLockart says:

    love you all.

    Thanks to those who participated today and to all the commenters.

  19. PurplesCool says:

    Happy Anniversary, Moon and UC! My absolute gave post was two of your members breaking down a fanfic … Debbie, Rob, Stryper and the beige bra. Priceless! Oh and Mothertruckinbrit, that killed! Congrats girls!

  20. roslynselene says:

    I love you guys! I know we were all meant to be together. The humor here is what kept me coming backIf not for the funnies, I’d probably be writing Debbert fanfic or worse…Robsten fanfic. :O 😉

    I know this place isn’t for everyone, though. I tried to get my RL twi/rob-friend to read this site but she didn’t laugh, can you believe?! I was like,”What a pity. We can’t be friends. It just won’t work out.” Not seriously, but inside, I kinda was.

    Anyway, can’t wait for more LTR to come. Every time I come here, I’m hoping to god you don’t post, “Kthnxbai, y’all!”

  21. onemoreorless says:

    Since I am newly robsessed I discovered LTR and LTT just a couple of weeks ago. Since that moment of epifany I laugh my ass off every day (I´ve got so much to catch up on). I finally feel not alone at all with my strange (but totally normal) kind of mid-30-2kids-always dtf Rob-uhhh he is so hot!!!!-crisis (a crisis, that is meant to be long lasting, according to your anniversary). Thank you and happy Anniversary!

    • Robjunkie says:

      Newly Robsessed? Another one bites the dust. LOL. Honey, pull up a comfy chair, there’s no going back now….. Muahahahahahaha! But seriously, that’s normal. You are going to have so much fun reading all the old posts.

  22. onemoreorless says:

    You´re right! And I sit in a very comfy chair ….reading the letters is like joining a self-help group.

  23. […] WAIT, THERE’S MORE! don’t forget to check out the special LTR today! Yesterdays LTR  & LTT anniversary celebrations from our awesome friends/readers! The Forum Celebration  and […]

  24. rebarr says:

    Hours of enjoyment….thank you for posting!

  25. stupidshiny says:

    OMG just read the ‘Debbert’ fanfic and every time I even THINK ‘love faucet’ I Laugh Out Loud!!

  26. Anabel says:

    I’m late to the party, but I want to leave you some love anyway. This site has made wonders for my sanity and self-esteem. I live in a far away land, where Twilight is a phenomenon only among teen girls and the name of Robert Pattinson is known only among this age group. Imagine my isolation: being a Rob fan and a Twi fan at my age is akin to a taboo. I was starting to doubt myself, but you guys -and your motto “but that’s normal, right?” – have helped me to realize I’m the sane one (and that all the haters are the crazy ones :)). I’ve spent wonderful times here laughing with you and enjoying the funny and intelligent comments. For all that and much more, I leave the cave of my lurking-dom to say THANK YOU! Happy anniversary! (please take it easy on my grammar and sintaxis. English is not my first language – I don’t want to end up like poor Bianca)

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