It’s been 3 years of Letters to Rob. Hip Hip Hooray.

Dear Rob,

To celebrate our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY yesterday, Moon & I did what we do best: Broke down YOU and the past 3 years, Vanity Fair Style:

To Rob’s Ex Girlfriend: Beat ya

Moon: so we’ve been in a relationship with Rob longer than anyone…sorry kstew! better luck next time…3 whole years.

UC: SERIOUSLY… i love that. I think we even beat that girl from this letter: To Rob’s Ex-girlfriend: I hate you a lot but also want to be your friend! Oh man.. that’s still one of my favs. So is the one where I told Clare Pattinson, who I would see 2 years later, eating an egg roll at a movie premiere after-party, “I want to bang your son
Moon:OMG can you imagune saying some of that stuff to them?!

Big surprise- my FAVORITE pic of Rob!

UC: “Hey Dick! (Oh, by the way, can I call you, Dick?) Hey Clare! Having fun at the party? These Egg Rolls are delicious, right? Hey- can I bang your son? See you on the dance floor, Dick!”
Moon: It’s been 3 yrs of his weird hair cuts and even weirder outfits and even weirder behavior
UC: Amen. SO weird at times! And so has OUR behavior!

The Perfect Rob

Moon: Ok so if you could have a PERFECT Rob what would it consist of:
UC: Okay…. Him in tight fitted clothing – a la GQ business Suit Rob. He doesn’t always have to be business time, but I like that better than hobo-Rob
UC: Or maybe Rob doing that mumbling music thing
Moon: My perfect Rob is: air guitar Rob, brit pack Rob with all his friends, musician Rob singing “never think” and “let me sign”
UC: Man.. do I sense a theme? IS Moon into musicians?
Moon: IMAGINE THAT ME INTO MUSICIANS!!! SHOCK! Plus… all of Rob’s sunglasses

UC: YES… he does have the best.
Moon: Rob who loves his parents A LOT… every time he’s mentioned them on a late night chat show
UC: Yes! Rob feeling comfortable enough to be being dorky but FUNNY. Not the Rob on stage with Reese making horrible jokes!
Moon: I like that he’s not afraid to be himself (aka weird & odd) and telling super awkward weird stories in public
UC: Yes.. back before he had to worry about everything he said
Moon: yea the Twilight and even New Moon press tour is like a treasure trove of Rob-oddities.

Real or not Real?

Rob Pattinson: Keepin' it real since '08

Moon: I feel like Rob would just slip right into my group of friends- I think thats why I like Rob the most. he seems REAL. And THATS why i get why people like him.. not just the looks
UC: Yes….. He IS real. Even more than.. Ryan Gosling… who just seems too perfect to be true… I’m not saying I’m choosing Rob over Ryan. no no no… don’t quote me on that.. I’m just saying.. Rob is different
Moon: yea Ryan seems way too good to be true. Rob seems like the cute guy in class who you might actually talk to if you got paired up on an assignment. Ryan is like the hot english teacher where its NEVER a possibility
UC: but you will think about it EVERY NIGHT while you drift off to sleep (i never do that)
Moon: HAHAHA Ryan or Rob? Or BOTH?? As a hot english teacher?
UC: both duh! (but i mean Ryan)
Moon: HAHA! Isn’t it funny we blog about Rob but we don’t even think about him like that a lot??? Maybe he became TOO real to us
UC: Yeah… that’s interesting. I haven’t thought about that in awhile or ever
Moon: the end
UC: Don’t tell Clare!

Did you, Rob? Become OUR Jacob? After 3 years of blogging almost daily (well we did for 2 years!), seeing you multiple times, fawning over, dreaming of, giggling over, laughing at & with, getting frustrated over, feeling confused by, missing you, wanting you, wanting you to shave, wanting more, and then less…. have you really just become that guy who is a GREAT package and most would KILL to have around… but… is just the FRIEND? Have we lost the magicness? The pull? The romance? Is there any fantasy left?

I don’t know. And, frankly, I don’t care. LTR was never really about you. I mean, it WAS of course. It started all about you- about your good looks, awkward ways & all around awesomeness. Whatever that THING was that attracted us & so many others on a level than WAS different than the ones who came before. Most everyone we know who has ended up at LTR has obsessed in a way they never had before- devouring interviews, saving images (some needed second & third harddrives), learning your quotes & your lyrics and following your every move. So many of us were doing it that at the same time that it HAD to be normal, right? RIGHT? (Don’t answer that) But eventually the obsession morphed into something more- something… beyond you. And here we are, 3 years (and 1 day) later, celebrating that LTR has become a community- a community first bonded by a mutual acute fondness of YOU, but turned into something much more meaningful & important.

So thank you Rob. Thanks for being so freakin’ hot. Thanks for being so adorkable. Thanks for being different than any guy we’ve obsessed over before (like JT for Moon and JTT for me) so that we felt the need to start LTR and meet everyone who has made such a difference in our lives.

Love more than Kstew, the ex girlfriend, Dick, Clare, The Britpack and Bear combined,
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Three years! We can’t believe it. Thanks to @Brookelockart for organizing our amazing anniversary letter yesterday and for all the friends who participated & commented!  We’ll never be able to express how much you all mean to us! Please be sure to see what @JodieO and the girls of the Forum did for us, too! Happy Anniversary LTT. And Moon, well, you know everything already… but thank you. For it all xoxoxoxo

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13 Responses to “It’s been 3 years of Letters to Rob. Hip Hip Hooray.”

  1. Sue G. says:

    Moon: so we’ve been in a relationship with Rob longer than anyone…sorry kstew! better luck next time…3 whole years.

    So true…so true!

  2. HowToBe says:

    “Rob seems like the cute guy in class who you might actually talk to if you got paired up on an assignment. Ryan is like the hot english teacher where its NEVER a possibility”

    I love ^ this awesomeness

  3. Katiebird says:

    I know that I commented already on yesterday’s post, but I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh and feel “normal” for over 2 years now. One day we will meet and I’ll buy you both a drink. 🙂

    Oh, btw, I stole “acute fondness” from you. Use it all the time.

    Here’s one of my favorite Rob pics. Rob sitting at a piano is always a win.

  4. The Old One says:

    Yeah, I feel the same way about Rob becoming like Jacob—he’s always there for me when I need him, I’ll always love him, but I don’t necessarily obsess like I once did. Thanks for holding my hand through it all, girls!

  5. Robjunkie says:

    Rob, lord knows I’ve tried to quit you, but you just won’t stop with the awesomeness. So really, you only have yourself to blame for the fact that 3 years later, I’m still obsessing over you, still feeling the giddiness and butterflies whenever I see you in video interviews, whenever I read your print interviews. I feel that if my acute fondness for you has not waned by now, not even a little bit, IT NEVER WILL! Mostly I’m okay with that, sometimes I just feel like a total lame-ass. But I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we’re in this for life Rob. There will never be anyone like you. Nevaahh! And I know that I could possibly be classified as clinically insane, but I’m okay with that too. It’s toasty inside my straitjacket.

    And don’t even try to tell me that it’s Edward I’m fixated on. Whatever makes you sleep better at night. But, I’m sorry, No, just no. It’s ALL YOU buddy. So, you know, just deal.

    Hey, does anybody else ever wonder whatever happened to Nina, the ex? Do you think she cries into her Edward pillow at night, thinking of what could have been? Do you think she’s a hard-core nonsten?

  6. emeraldjo says:

    Moon & UC,

    Thanks for 3 years and 1 day of laughs and love, though I only found you around March 2009. I believe it was the letter to Clare, actually!

    I, too, wish to buy you each a drink (or ten) one day, just to toast PE’s in the meadow and the many other amazing moments you’ve shared here.

    Dear Rob,

    My ‘acute fondness’ of you has now lasted a bit over 3 years. That’s over 1/4 of my marriage. I think my husband is past being suspicious and has now come to accept that you aren’t going anywhere. He did buy me a new computer with more memory and an external drive, ‘for my pictures’, bless him! Though he may have meant pictures of the kids… nah.

    You’re not my Edward (never really were…) nor my Jacob, but you will always be Rob, the sexy, funny, adorkably un-filtered man of a million dreams. Thanks for the dreams!

    luv, ej

  7. Lay At Home Mom says:

    Happy Anniversary LTR! And Moon and UC – thank you so much for creating this community! When I want to feel better about my parenting skills and need an “overall you’re a good mother” pick me up- I turn to Teen Mom 1 & 2. But when I want to robsess with like-minded, crazy funny, alarmingly creative yet amazingly sarcastic individuals – I turn to you…. Every post is enlightening, hilarious, and makes me feel absolutely normal unlike my RL friends who look at me as though they are going to contact A&E for my intervention episode at a moments notice….
    The Perfect Rob is DETAILS magazine dirty, dirty dish-rag Rob. His eyes are saying “Hey Girl, what’s your favorite fan-fiction – cuz I’m dirtier that that Edward”… (*fans self and flutters eyelashes like KStew in first Twilight*).
    And as for him becoming my Jacob – (insert Dana Carvey George W voice) “NOT GONNA HAPPEN”. I am just too far gone, and nothing can be done…

  8. Robjunkie says:

    ZOMG! Just re-read the letter to Rob’s ex, his great love story for 3 years. So he’s a 3 year hit it and quit it guy. Which must mean that he’s nearly dunzo with KStew, right? RIGHT? (crosses fingers, a girl can dream). I mean, it’s not like I have delusions of him being with me (I totally do). I just want him with someone who doesn’t constantly give him the side-eye when they do appearances together.

    I love LTR anniversaries! To relive the magicness of all the hilarious posts.

  9. TwiSherry says:

    You girls almost always say exactly what I’m thinking….only much better than I could ever say it. I’ve been wondering when in the world will this obsession with Rob be over, I mean I’ve never been like this with any other celebrity, even thought I’ve liked them & read about them. Getting extra hard drives to save the pics & interviews is solely for Rob. But, I think you’ve nailed it as well, that it’s the community.

    I don’t get to comment here or on the forums like I used to, but I’m a Twitter H00r for sure, and I always lurk in the forums & read the posts. I miss the interaction on the forums .. waaaaaaaa. I digress, it’s the sense of community .. but mostly knowing you are not alone in this.

    So, thank you LTR for being a great place to share not just a love for Rob but everything really….because can’t we relate everything somehow to Rob? I mean that is our gift, right?!? Hehe

    Happy Anniversary LTR .. you girls Rock!!!

  10. ana says:

    Congrats girls! You guys are awesome! I’m addicted to LTR almost as much as to Rob.

  11. minuit passé says:

    I missed the LTR anniversary!
    Happy beleted birfday (I don’t know exactely what this was about but i just love it) and most importantly long leave LTR. I don’t have the time to be around anymore but it feels so good to know you’re always here and I can come anytime! You were my life!

    PS My Rob is Moon’s Rob, the Brit music guy who would be one of the friends you go out with for drinks, so basically my Jacob. Oh wait did I just break up with a guy who was never into me anyway?


    PS2 You (all of you) are brilliant! Now that I have spare room in my head, i can start fantasizing over meeting at least some of you.

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