Share you Holiday wishes with Rob (and us!)

Remember this classic?!

Dear LTR-ers,

Did it make you sad this year when you were mailing your Christmas/Hanukkah/ Chrismukkah/etc cards and the one you addressed to Rob didn’t have an address? Well, have no fear because we TOTALLY DON’T have his address and we’re going to forward on your holiday wishes to us him. Inspired by the “Wish the Obama’s Well for 2012” and our pal Bella Not an Addikt, we’ve created this totally fake AWESOME form for you to send your Holiday Greetings, thanks, and New Year’s hopes to anyone in the Rob Universe!

Been dying to wish Rob a year full of Heine’s or tell Marcus Foster how much you want Marsten to be a reality or how you wanna eat eggrolls with Dick and Clare? Well here’s your chance.

If you really make us laugh or cringe or cry we may feature your holiday wish next week here on LTR!

[gravityform id=1 name=HolidayWishes]

Per tradition, here is our 2011 LTR Christmas card! Perfect for printing… and then making into a dart board.

(click to enlarge)

Merriest EVERYTHING! Have an amazing holiday season from our blog to your home! See you next week!
Moon and UC

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4 Responses to “Share you Holiday wishes with Rob (and us!)”

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  2. MariaCecilia says:

    Dear Rob, I hope you get lots and lots of presents under your tree, and many little bottles from your favourite Buttcrack Santa. I think of you while I decorate my tree and raise a glass of bubbly to thank you for a great year together! Nothing keeps me supplied in smiles like LTR and LTT! Happy holidays to everyone!

  3. Merry Chrismakkah gals!! Hope that you both have a wonderful holiday season!!

  4. Megan says:

    Is that picture of rob for real?!? If so, awww, he’s so skinny and yummy! If not, thats some impressive photo shopping! I’llcontinue to believe its real 🙂

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