SO jealous of you Rob and it’s not because of your People’s Choice Award

Dear Rob,

Last night I was feeling bad that you had to sit through crap like the people’s choice awards then I saw this…



Now, I hate you and I don’t feel bad at all!!!1!!!11!!!!

I’m also insanely jealous that I wished I’d sent my Golden Girls koozy with you to be signed (it’s a real thing). So uh, thanks for telling me you were about to realize one of my life long dreams when you got to sit next to and meet one of the two remaining Golden Girls in the world! Hrrrrmmmpphh. JEALOUS.

The only thing that would make me feel better is to know you spent every commercial break singing the theme song to her and then telling her how you loved the Miami jingle episode or the one where Rose was trying to say the light house or the one where Rose’s boyfriend turned out to be in the witness protection program. I also want to believe that she regaled you with stories about when she lived in St. Olaf but I can’t think about it any longer or I’ll get jealous again.

Oh and we’ll talk about that thing you’re calling a hair do later… in fact UC and I have scheduled a time especially devoted to talking about it. Get ready.

And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew… you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card atttached would say: “Thank you for being a friend”

Did anyone actually watch the People’s Choice Awards? I didn’t even know it was on till I started seeing tweets and FB updates. I’m pretty sure the above gifs were the best part of the night

Snagged from AwakeMySoul, RPattztilldeath

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19 Responses to “SO jealous of you Rob and it’s not because of your People’s Choice Award”

  1. stupidshiny says:

    Nope, completely didn’t know they were on (and god knows when they would be showing them here in Oz anyway!?) I only found out when my friends posted about Rob’s hair LOL

    I just have to say, I don’t mind the hair -can’t believe I’m saying that (I know right!!!) If you’d asked me if I would like it I would have said Hale NO! But here it is and it’s actually OK. I must be dedicated…

    I loved The Golden Girls, that was family viewing in our house. Rob is one lucky man, I hope he gave due respect…

  2. allryans says:

    I watched them! I don’t think he even sat through one commercial break, so there was no time to swap jingles, stories, numbers or spit. Alas.

  3. Tammy says:

    I love the Golden Girls! So yes Rob was very lucky to sit next the awesome Betty White!
    Thank you being a friend….hands down best them song next to The Facts of Life.

  4. Nelle says:

    I watched. Sorry to say only because I knew Rob was going to be on. Terrible show. Terrible awards. Rob actually gave a decent speech when Water For Elephants won Best Movie Drama -good movie but certainly not best so only won because of Rob of course. And they had to have known ahead of time because thats the only reason he could have been there.

    But check out how buff Rob is. Look at some pics of him standing up etc. Along with the strange hair cut he has obviously been working out. The arms! The shoulders!

  5. suzyb49 says:

    I heard about them the day before and that Rob would be on so o set the DVR(the only way to watch award shows). Forgot they were on til o saw pics on the net yesterday. Went home fast forwarded thru almost the whole show except Rob. He did pretty well very short appearance not muchumbling and only 2 awkward giggles. He didn’t suffer thru the whole thing tho. There was a blond in his seat in the beginning and then a guy in his seat after he accepted.

    One funny thing was that Paul Wesley from Vampire diaries called Ian “Smolderholder” when they were up!

  6. marysway says:

    It was not a great show. Rob’s speech was humble and sweet. And yeah i agree he looks like he is bulking up there. It would be nice to know if this if for a new project. I’m jealous of him too sitting next to Betty White. That lady has more class and talent than most of HW.

  7. The Old One says:

    What a cute couple!

    I’m dying to know what they said to each other–they sure seem to be grinning a lot! Maybe because she knows what he said about her, and he knows that she knows . . .

  8. Robsessedgirl says:

    I watched them for pretty much no reason but HIM and after shedding a few manly tears over his hair being gone, I realized I love it. I’ll miss his hair so much of course, but hot damn he looks fuckhawt. also, betty and rob’s ship name is bob and they are my new broTP

  9. Oome22 says:

    Who is the other Golden Girl left? They are all gone except Betty……..

  10. maggie says:

    Terrible show. Only about a minute of Rob, but ya gotta sit through this shiz if you want a flash of The Pretty. I’m sure he arrived 2 minutes before his award (and threw some clothes on from the laundry pile on his floor probably 10 minutes before that). Rob looked hunky and meaty and yummy. The hair?…..hmmm….. Rob, we need to talk…

    As to Betty White, I FLOVE that woman and have been waiting ever since Rob was on The View to see the two of them together. Do you all know that she has his quote about her being the sexiest woman in America on the jacket of her book? I can ony hope that if I should live to be 90, I hope I’m half as vivacious and fun as she is.

  11. ER says:

    BTW, Betty is the only Golden Girl left.

    • jodieo says:

      I’m thumbsdowning you only because it is a great sadness that Betty is the only one left. Even Miles passed away last year.

  12. Melissa says:

    Pretty sure she is the only remaining golden girl in the world. Rue Bea and Estelle all went up to that golden palace in the sky.

  13. LadyN says:

    Poor Rob, had to hear Devil Lovabo sing. *cringes*

    Rob and Betty look soooo good together! man, i’m jellus too!

    I realized, as I watched him give the award speech while combing my fingers through my unruly hair and blushing (really, it’s TV, LadyN! Gosh) how much I effing missed Rob’s face!

    aww, I wan’t to rub that bald do in many places.

  14. roslynselene says:

    I love Betty White! I loved her as Rose from St. Olaf! She’s my second favorite Golden Girl after Sophia, of course.

    Just watched the youtube clip of Rob accepting his award for WFE (which is pretty awesome btw). Forget the hair, why are only the top two buttons on his shit buttoned? He looks like an LA cholo. O.o

  15. edible art ? says:

    after reading the post I was concerned – have things moved on so much we don’t discuss his hair anymore ??? relived to see that’s not the case and that Moon & UC are setting aside time for a “special” conversaion about it !!!

    I love rubbing my hand over a blokes head after it’s been shaved – the feeling is so urghhhhh !! so lets take a moment to imagine rubbing your hand over Rob’s head in it’s current state – that’ll feel good am I right or am I right ???

  16. niki says:

    Sadly Betty White is the only remaining Golden Girl left.
    Not sure why you thought there were still 2 of the old girls alive.

    BTW – what the hell happened to his hair? Did he need to eradicate a lice problem?

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