Dear Rob,

Our friend Bethany (I hate when blog friends become RL friends because then I forget their blog name. Oh well) sent us a super important piece of journalistic work entitled:

Robert Pattinson Enables Kristen Stewart’s Potato Chip Habit

which claimed that you talked to the SUN newspaper and shared that you bring back the Space Raiders “crisp” for Kristen every time you return to the states from England.

Because there is absolutely nothing on God’s green earth to write about I am, too, a fan of chips, I had a few thoughts:

1. Why are you talking to the Sun. About chips? Did they mess up their “Source” again and actually mean that one deranged, crazed aunt who is no longer to come to family get-togethers? (The same aunt that leaked your baby pictures?)

2. No American girl, with all the delicious, greasy, baked/cooked/fried/whatever you want chips available at her fingertips (or at the local 711) would ever choose British “Crisps” over our fattening favorite. Trust me. I’ve had your “chips.” And they’re not good. Neither are your English Muffins. They don’t taste like the ones Thomas makes. And don’t get me started on the Hob Nobs. I forget who, but some amazing blogging friend sent us some. And they were gross. We may have pretended to like them at the time because it was so thoughtful of our friend, but we were lying. They tasted like elitist cardboard.

3. Have you & Kristen already hit that point in your relationship where you go away for a few weeks and all she can think of for you to bring her home is something you can pick up at Heathrow right before you board the plane?

4. Do these “Crisps” help when the munchies hit? You know the kind…

5. Whenever a tabloid newspaper approaches you or your aunt in the future, instead of providing some ludicrous story about chips, could you instead just pose like this:

The SUN Peeps: “Rob Rob ROB! Before you go, can you just tell us a little tale about what you’ve been up to lately.”

You: “No, but I’ll stand here and look so sexy you’ll drop your crisps all over the street.”

More posing and less talking about chips. Thanks, love



SPEAKING of Chips, my sweet little sister who ALSO loves chips, but the normal American kind (I have 3 little sisters- this is the 2nd youngest), Rachael, is currently in Costa Rica working for a non profit called Abriendo Mentes. I’m not really sure what she’s doing but I know she goes to the beach daily, catches tarantulas in tupperware containers & occasionally teaches English to kids and then tweets & blogs & runs social media for the organization (I’m so proud!)

For the next week there is a GREAT online store called Fresh Words Market with really cool products & prints giving 50% of each sale directly to Abriendo Mentes. If you need a gift- for you or someone you love or maybe even hate- buy it from this store because #1 they have great stuff and #2 it will help a great cause & #3 my sister will be really happy with me. And I’m kinda afraid she’s gonna send me that tarantula through the mail if I don’t get her some sales.

Shop Fresh Words Market for a Great Cause!

Thanks to Robsessed for that hot as crap pic of Roberto

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  1. stupidshiny says:

    I don’t really care about the potato chip thing but HOT DAMN that pic of ‘Roberto’ (yes, I like!) is making all sorts of things happen all over my body…

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Soo, are the thought of potato crisps giving you a rash, or… could it be that Rob’s stare has made you pregnant?

  2. MariaCecilia says:

    Hey, I gave up eating potato chips years ago, but if the bag of crisps came with a picture like that of Rob on the packet, I’m sure I would stack my cupboards full of them.
    *munch munch* “It’s for a worthy cause, dear! Look at those pleading blue eyes! Noo, this IS our dinner!”
    (Lucky Kristen, she gets to munch her little heart out with the Real Thing.)
    And please, don’t knock Hob Nobs! I’ll take them right after I finish my chocolate covered Digestives..Tea time!

  3. Nelle says:

    Those smoldering eyes! Oh wait. I was going to say something about crisps. I actually love Walkers roast chicken dinner flavor. Ron, please bring me a few bags after your next trip. I’ll pay you for them. Thanks.

  4. Anabel says:

    I will return to read the post later when I finallydisconnect from RL chores. But Sweet Mother of All That’s Holy, that pic of Roberto!!!! Moon and UC: wouldn’t you like to reconsider your decision of going meh regarding Bel Ami? It seems quite promising…

    • Anabel says:

      And might I add that I’m considering taking the pill again?? DuRob is giving us a major impregnating stare and I want to look at it over and over again with no nasty consequences.

  5. maggie says:

    Here’s a new version of the poster. I like this pic better. Someone has to photoshop the ladies out of it for us. Who cares about the fat in chips or crisps? Eat grease and be merry, I say. Roberto is going to kill us all next month in Bel Ami, anyway.


    • roslynselene says:

      Boooo! We’re not getting BA till Sept (if at all) apparently. Couldn’t someone whose already seen it just record it on their camera and share with us? Just look at me, piracy is what I’ve come to.

  6. Pammy says:

    No doubt Anabel!! If he looks and smolders like that in Bel Ami then I’ll….. Wait where was I?? Happens when DuRob has got me in his stare! Thanks for that pic UC!!

  7. Edible art? says:

    You don’t like Hob Nobs !!!!! That’s it this time you’ve gone to far – I am never reading this blog again …….:-)

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      Yes, please don’t hate on the Hob Nobs! They are especially good dipped in a cup of tea. Then the chocolate melts a bit (practice your licking skills!) and the biscuit part softens. MMMM.

      Hob Nobs Rule.

  8. Do these “Crisps” help when the munchies hit? You know the kind…
    LMAO!!! Nice.

    And yes, DuRob is lookin mighty fine right about now!

  9. lovehigh says:

    my panties just spontaneously combusted… no really.

  10. Michelle says:

    Okay, Summit blows. THATS how hot Edward should have been on the posters. Idiots.


    DuRob for President!

  11. Valerie says:

    “Crisps” sound like a cracker full of too good for you ingredients that you eat when you’re dieting. Lol Not a good thing to bring your gf.

  12. roslynselene says:

    LOL I wrote an LTR mentioning that aunt of his waaaaaaay back when I first got here. You said you would use it for future posts! I haz deh sadz :'( Just kidding, don’t post it. Ever.

    • Just wondering…is this the same aunt who wrote the blog about the Pattinson family? She didn’t learn her lesson the first time? Or if not her she didn’t learn anything from the other aunt’s mess?

      • roslynselene says:

        Idk if it’s the same one. All I know is that the one I wrote about AGES ago was named Diane or Diana. *shrug*

        But I heard about the pattinson family blog drama and when I got to it, it was deleted or something. Poor Aunt Diane. I’m guessing she got a ton of death threats.

        • Ali says:

          I think Diana was the one who leaked all the pics and stuff and the other one with the blog is named Monica (she said it was all PR stuff).

  13. twiprof says:

    yeah, the munchies, you know the kind….I know Kristen knows the kind…you remember that pic a few years ago on the steps with Oregano? I wonder if our precious rob indulges….ya know, in order to get the munchies…oh dear, youth and recklessness…

  14. LadyN says:

    *stares at picture*
    I’ll just need a moment….brb

  15. Look who else shaved their head!!! Is this the new Britpack look?! (this is a brand new vid)


    • roslynselene says:

      First it was TomStu shaving his beard, then Rob shaving his head, and now SamBrad shaved his. Lol It’s like they all have to go with a certain look like in “Mean Girls”.

  16. Anabel says:

    UC, I returned to the post and visited the website of Abriendo Mentes. Your sister is doing an amazing job, and the art they sell is very sweet. I’ll buy some for my daughter.

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