A Faux-Rob Pattinson sings on video

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Dear Rob,

Maybe it’s because we’re in a MAJOR Rob slump or maybe it’s because I’ve had a few glasses of wine, but I laughed WAY TOO HARD at these two videos of a guy (pretty cute guy, if I might add) mocking you.

#1: He sounds remarkably like you when you’re doing the “mumbles” (aka singing)

#2: I mean.. You had that haircut once

#3: He puts STARS on his face in the Meadow

#4: He’s actually a good guitar player & singer

#5: He kinda looks like a less-moley version of Sam Bradley

#6: I had a few glasses of wine (did I already mention that?)

I missed this one back in 2010

This is a new release from December & features a cameo from “Kristen Stewart”

You’re laughing, right?

Mostly these videos reminded me of how long it’s been since I’ve seen the original Twilight and/or listened to the soundtrack. So then I found this:


Real Rob singing plus hot pictures? Yes please!

Happy Friday to us all!


Big thanks to LadyN for sending the 1st two videos in to us!!! XO

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20 Responses to “A Faux-Rob Pattinson sings on video”

  1. twiprof says:

    oh my I am laughing so hard I am crying! what a character…I mean, the stars plastered to his face….funny funny sense of humor…thank you for sharing UC! You made my day….

  2. JustthetipEH? says:

    Omg. Did you guys put him up to this? It’s like he knows us. I laughed so hard when he started singing in the first video! He also looks so much like my WORST ex boyfriend I did a double take. And therefore I hate this guy. Sorry guy.

  3. Michelle says:

    I lol’d so freaking hard. The stars on his face!! CLASSIC. Whoever this guy is…kudos dude. Thanks for the laugh. 😉

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Remember, this is where you saw it first: the man-sparkle. You’ll know it’s official when you’re down at the pub next Friday and the guy ordering a pint next to you is wearing tiny silver stars in his three-day fuzz. (Hey, if they can manscape their eyebrows and put gel in their hair, why not add the final touch to the Edward ambience?)

  4. Michelle says:

    PS – I was thankful for words on the last real-Rob video. To this day the only words I could make out in that song were “I will wrap you in my arms” and “let me sign”.

    Mumble on, sweet Rob…just give us a lyric sheet.

    • Are we sure these are the real lyrics? Some of them are pretty hard to make out.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Could we have a contest here? “Best alternative Pattinson lyrics”? Go for a fonetic interpretation, the way I did with pop songs when I was a kid? (Or search for hidden meaning: “Stig has been dead for ages, honestly.”)

  5. LadyN says:

    I would take the credit but my friend sent it to me (SavMed) but my pleasure! 😉

    *SNORT* The stars are my fav. I died. Ded.

    Just don’t watch this at work. Never a good idea. Ever.

    • LadyN says:

      Oh and Vantastic (my other friend) now i can’t remember who send me it. Oh well. fawesome stuff.

      He IS a cutie isn’t he? so, so cute.

  6. stupidshiny says:

    OMG! the stars on his face, the running (hilarious), the knife and fork!! FTW!
    3rd one very nice to watch – funny that they used footage of him singing a different song but it kind of works! LOL

  7. roslynselene says:

    This might sound really offensive but the guy makes it sound like he has mental retardation when he mumbles. And the worst part is that he did a really good job at mimicking Rob’s singing style. LOL Sorry! I was legit laughing out loud but at the same time saying, “This is horrible”. XD

  8. Finally was able to watch these and yes laughed. But what was with the barking at the end of the 2nd vid? He’s not a bear, I mean a wolf.

  9. In case any of you want more hot pictures of Rob while singing check out this vid by our very own Maggie:

    (and it looks pretty popular! Way to go!!)

  10. Kate says:

    I found these lyrics:

    Oooh Oooh Oooh
    She was standing there by
    The Broken Tree
    Her hands are all twisted
    She was pointing at me
    I was dammed by the light coming
    Out of her eyes
    She spoke with a voice that
    Disrupted the sky
    She said “walk on over here to
    The bitter shade”
    I will wrap you in my arms
    And you will know you have been saved
    Let me sign
    Let me sign

  11. The Old One says:

    Finally had a quiet moment to enjoy these. Sorry, Rob, you’re singing style is so distinctive = easy to mock. That guy has obviously done his research. Stars and all.

    • GoWithIt says:

      Just joined the party and got a minute to watch too. That was well worth watching through instead of just peaking. Super funny.

  12. MariaCecilia says:

    *sigh* The original will always have me stuck by the computer dreamy-eyed, no matter how sarcastic-funny the imitators may be…
    Rob, come back, all is forgiven! I will forget about your hair if you will take out the guitar again and record something to put up on MySpace..Pretty please? A cameo on the next Bon Iver album? A tribute to Whitney Houston? Hell, will you NEVER sing in public again???

  13. Old Enough to Know Better says:

    Love, love, love imitation Rob! Especially his sparkles and the runnning around in the forest. I’m just impressed that anybody can make out original Rob’s words to try to sing, mumble, mutter, whatever through this song. I’ve tried to find official lyrics online to no avail. Thanks for a good laugh.

    Hey, Rob, you know we’re laughing with you not at you, right?

  14. Newkindofunicorn says:

    Wow, he does and awesome impression of Rob singing, but so hilariously. The stars, ROTFLMAO.

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