Someone like Rob

Dear Rob,

Todays’ Rob Porn for women is inspired by my favorite song until it became the most overplayed song:

Happy Friday!


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23 Responses to “Someone like Rob”

  1. Sue G. says:

    That was great! Nice job! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Claudia says:

    Gracias x publicar algo tan lindo! Apenas para este viernes 😀

  3. Cazza says:

    Vanity Fair Ron….still gets me every time.

    A one fingered salute Adele style……..


  4. Sjaantje says:

    After the horror of the picture that was shared last night, this makes it all better.

  5. Kelli says:

    U have made me so sad with this post. This song makes me cry every time and I am happily married…..but I love Rob too….

    • MariaCecilia says:

      So true. And just look at that picture from the Twilight cast days, when his hair was all over the place and his eyebrows were still manscaped, and that tan…oh, he just looks so young and carefree. I hope he still has fun!

  6. Debbie says:

    That was perfection… *sob*

  7. twiprof says:

    well done UC! well played….it is very bittersweet…..

  8. maggie says:

    I think that song and this post exemplifies the longing so many of us feel occasionally when we look at/think about Rob. (sigh).

    Great, great post.

  9. MariaCecilia says:

    Oooo, I missed my Rob-porn! Thank you for bringing back the good times! *sigh. wiping tear from eye* I have to say, though, that I doubt that I’ll ever find a good copy – the original is just too hot to handle.

  10. Old Enough to Know Better says:

    Good job, UC! You made my whole weekend!

  11. rebarr says:

    That song is so SAD…This made me think of Rob’s music. Imagine a Rob album of Rob written-Rob sung Robesque songs….we will be crying and longing forever. Not sure we could withstand it.

  12. PokeyMomma says:

    Does anyone else ever think of Nikki singing this song and thinking of Rob?? The lyrics are perfect for her situation…

    I read
    That you’re settled down
    That you
    Found a bitch
    And you’re
    shagging now

    Never mind, I’ll find an American Idol,
    I wish nothing but the best for you, and my back stabbing ex-best friend too,
    Don’t forget me bitch
    I remember you said,
    “Sometimes it lasts in love,
    But sometimes it hurts instead,”
    Sometimes it lasts in love,
    But sometimes it hurts instead

    Oh, are those not the actual lyrics? Poor girl

  13. LadyN says:

    wow. this was….beautifully depressing. That song just KILLS me. Sigh. He has moved on indeed….and I’m still here….commenting to his pictures.

    WHY GOD?! WHY?!? *sobs*

    *runs to take it all out on Ben & Jerrys*

  14. Brenn says:

    Dear Rob-

    UC made me miss you so much. She did a great job on today’s post. Send her flowers and deliver them personally, mmkk?


  15. wannaBhis says:

    Now I feel quite depressed!! lol How is it possible to be as smoulderingly sexy, perfect, unique..? aww man….he is sooo my fantasy man!!

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