1 Picture, 4 Takes of Old School Rob

Dear Rob,

Moon & I were emailing with our good LTR friend JodieO yesterday & she decided to brighten it with a good ol’ picture of you (we can’t remember what it’s from) and a take on an old LTR tradition:

1 picture, 2 4 takes

Seriously. WHY was it a rerun?


THANKS JODIEO. I LOVE YOU A LOT. AND WAIT.. is that even your LTR name?


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21 Responses to “1 Picture, 4 Takes of Old School Rob”

  1. JodieO says:

    No, JodieO is the special name I use for our private chats and you’ve RUINED it! *runs away sobbing*

    Hrmmm… I’ll see what I can do with this photo… =)

  2. JenJadeEyes says:

    Caption: “Yes, it’s the Brown Bubble Jacket. No, I didn’t put it out to stud like JenJadeEyes thought!”

    [see I wrote an LTR ode to the Frankenjacket that mentioned the BBJ! http://letterstorob.com/2011/01/10/what-the-frankenjacket/%5D

    Or “What? It was a dress-down party! And I was drunk when I got dressed!”

    I thought for SURE that the BBJ had been lost… but NO, here he goes and FINDS the stinkin’ thing! I still contend the man needs someone to go through his closet and make a Goodwill pile – and then ACTUALLY donate it TO GOODWILL!

    Gotta go breathe…Calm and peace, calm and peace…

    • The Old One says:

      The problem is, someone did donate the stuff to Goodwill, but he saw it there and bought it back. “Hey! I was wondering where that jacket went!”

  3. stupidshiny says:

    “Must you take my picture when I’m stoned AND wearing my mother’s burgundy leather jacket from the 80’s”?

  4. Edible art? says:

    Rob’s thinking “hmmmm now is paddle boarding an Olympic sport ?”

    If it is he’s entered for London 2012 !

  5. Elle says:

    Yes, you’ve caught me… I fucking burned a hole in my shirt trying to fit in to Kristen’s jacket. Because I CLEARLY get dressed in the dark. Also my bong water spilled…

  6. sjaantje says:

    *in the best of snotty French accents*
    “So! That is Robert Pattinson? I don’t see what my mistress sees in that man! He wears old unfashionable clothing and a awful American hat!”
    Or did you mean that I was to caption Rob? Sorry, I captioned the guy behind him.

  7. cyberclaudia says:

    great! first the bar is full of transvestite lindsey lohan look alikes, nw i comeoutside and the paps are here AND its laundry day!

  8. Goldberrybecca says:

    Rob wears crap to prove to Kristen that he needs her you guise!! She likes to be needed and he clearly cares about her needs.

    • roslynselene says:

      …but… she wears crap too. Who they REALLY need are the guys from “What Not To Wear”. Hell, even Helen Keller had better fashion sense…

  9. TroysMyAngel says:

    no just let me be in my members only jacket in peace!


    you asked for it…her comes the smolder *slaps on sexy face*


    oh no I tore a hole in my favorite shirt opening beer bottles again


    oh no he’s back!
    random creeper valet: hello Robert *demon face*

  10. LadyN says:

    Sit on a pie bwahahhaah
    I’m cracking up at Panera bread eating my dinner. And that pic is better than the cheese and brocolli soup I’m having. SRSLY! Bwahhaha.

    He looks soooo effing cute!

    He’s gonna make sin on good Friday.

    Can’t think of anything witty but and immature fart caption for that. I’ll leave it to you brilliant ladies! 🙂

  11. LayAtHomeMom says:

    “Why yes, I am the new face of Mugatu’s Derelicte spring line…. Only someone who is really, really, ridiculously good looking can pull off hobo chic. And yes, I can Derelicte my own balls…”

    Seriously only Rob and Derek Zoolander can pull off homeless this effortlessly. I should probably check into counselling since I still find him ridiculously attractive even in this get-up…

  12. Venom says:

    “hmmm…does my fart smell like breakfast or lunch?”

  13. Guitargirl says:

    ‘Oh Christ, I can’t believe blue jacket guy has just tried to ‘dazzle’ me and called me Edward. FML!’

  14. MariaCecilia says:

    So this was the Good Friday version of Rob Porn Friday? Hmm, I guess anything works really, as long as it’s got Rob’s face on it..
    Caption; *singing* Baby, this is me croooning..and there you are, swoooning..


    • MariaCecilia says:

      Btw – you asked where that first picture is from: my theory is it was part of that Vanity Fair shoot when Rob was snuggling with an alligator. That looks like the shed behind him, and the clothes and hair are just about right. And the expression on his face is clearly because the alligator just bit his bum. Lucky animal.

  15. Pattygirl says:

    Damned , I thought I disguise myself pretty well, even with my clothes off and on and they still recognized me!

  16. I've been Robbed says:

    Rob: I better…send… Kristen…a text… before I fall… asleep (Dean has to catch him before he falls over)

    Guy behind him: (in an evil voice) Yes, my pretty, poppies will make you sleeeep!

  17. Southernbelle says:

    Caption: “I hope the hole on my shirt and the ink stain is not so obvious.”

    As far as I’m concerned I don’t mind. He still has a hold over me. 🙂

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