It’s the very important birthday of a very important Rob-blogger

Dear Rob,

You don’t mind taking the backseat today while we celebrate the very super duper important birthday of my most favorite co-blogger ever, right? Good. (Just think of today like any other Wednesday so far in 2012!)

Dear Moon,

In celebration of your birthday today, I thought long & hard (TWSS) about the things you love in life. And I came up with this very extensive list: Hello Kitty, Rob, Music, Your Niece. <– (super impressive, huh?) Armed with my list in hand, I asked the girls of The Flat to create some original creations surrounding your favorite things. This was the result:

Hello Rob




Oh yeah, somehow Jackson snuck in here


We know how you like to Google things

Who doesn't like Mr. Darcy, Rob?

And of course if wouldn’t be from the girls of The Flat without a poem:

We’ like to say this clear and loud,
That you should feel so very proud,
This flat your very own creation,
Forged from your imagination,

You made a home you called Robs Flat,
Where we can meet to sit and chat,
Together we would like to say,
We wish you such a Happy Day!

Your birthday wish inside this ditty,
We hope is filled with Hello Kitty,
Champagne, and wine, and birthday cake,
And gifs of Ron and trouser snake,

Pics of puppies, favourite nieces,
and all the peeps you love to pieces,
And many more pics you can oogle,
Through an image search at Bing (!) or Google,

We wish you sunshine, luck and flowers,
Money, love and super powers,
Hugs and kisses, favourite food,
And funny jokes (both clean and rude.)

Belly laughs, Best Friends Forever,
Memories you’ll always treasure,
We wish you ALL of the above,
From all the Flat ladies, with love.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend & Twilight life partner Moon. May your day be filled with Hello kitty, babies, Rob, music & all the other things I forgot you like like Diet Coke & Taco Trucks. Love from everyone here at LTR (Rob too, I bet!)



Thanks to the gals at The Flat for their help specifically: JodieO, GuitarGirl, AmynKansas, Alexandra & everyone else!! XOXO

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

30 Responses to “It’s the very important birthday of a very important Rob-blogger”

  1. JodieO says:

    Happy birthday, Moon! Someday you’ll come East and maybe we’ll meet!

  2. Cazza/Laxplays says:

    Happy Birthday Moon! You’re still younger than
    me – what a biAtch!


  3. Katiebird says:

    Happy Birthday sweetie!!

  4. LadyN says:

    Happy birthday, gal! Go and get a cocktail asap!

  5. misty says:

    Swooooon….Mr. Darcy Rob *sigh*

    Oh yeah Happy Birthday Moon!!
    From a long lost stranger!

  6. Sue G. says:

    Happy Birthday Moon! Loved the Hello Kitty pose!!!!!

  7. KeishaBird says:

    Happy Birthday, Moon!!!!

  8. Nelle says:

    Nelle is just my pen name. This is really Rob. Really. And I want to wish you a wonderful birthday Moon. Here’s what I’m thinking. You, me, Heinekin, hot pockets and bearskin rug.

    KStew who?

  9. Alexandra says:

    Happy Birthday Moon! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Bea says:

    Dear Moon- Did you see that ridiculous piece the other day about Rob being obsessed with Diet Coke? It’s obviously meant to be. Hope you have a super day! Champagne wishes!

  11. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Happy Birthday Moon!!!!


    All the Hello Kitty! I DIE….


    this is amazing. thank you!!

  13. The Old One says:

    Awesome pics and even awesomer poem! Such talent we have here… have a good one Moon.

  14. Guitargirl says:

    Happy Birthday Moon! I would have got here sooner, only we had a power cut and were without electricity (more importantly, the internet *shock*) for bloomin’ ages. Obviously the power company here in the UK doesnt realise just how important today’s date is. Have a wonderful day, and may it be filled everything that is fun and fabulous.

  15. northernlights says:

    Paljon onnea vaan,
    paljon onnea vaan,
    paljon on-ne-a, Moon,
    paljon onnea vaan!!!

    Wishing you many, many happy years – with Rob.

  16. Lori says:

    Happy Birthday, Moon!

  17. amynkansas says:

    *clinks diet barqs can with your diet coke can*
    cheers and best wishes on your birthday!

  18. Blondieinco says:

    Have a very happy birthday Moon!

  19. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Rob, remember when Moon owned the red carpet?

    Happy Birthday, girl!

  20. Maggie says:

    Happy Birthday, Moon. Hope you had a great day.

  21. Pattygirl says:

    Happy Birthday Moon, love Rob and hello Kitty, so I guess we got good taste!

  22. nola79 says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Moon! I can’t wait to see the break down of the French Premiere Photo shoot. Should. Be. Epic.

  23. Venom says:

    Happy belated Bday Moon! Thanks for weekly laughs.

  24. MariaCecilia says:

    These are hectic days: Moon’s birthday, Cannes about to open, Rob’s birthday, Internet fail at home…I’m flustered. And late to the party. Many happy returns of the day, and may you have an interesting birthday month, Moon: it looks promising!

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