Rob’s PG-13 Hands and stuff

Dear Rob,

Yesterday we received the following e-mail for you:

Dear Rob Pattinson,

I know you have probably received millions of letters on this subject, but let me add one more to the pile. You have great hands! Take care of them.

I am not a fanatic, in that I don’t know everything about you, likes and dislikes, hobbies, favorite foods, etc., etc. I don’t write to profess undying love or anything. I am just a fan who would like to thank you and your castmates, for providing several hours of entertainment, which takes me to an imaginary world where I can forget my own worries for awhile. (All in PG-13, too!)

I’m not really sure, but I think she was confessing to fantasizing about you with PG-13 fantasies. I assume that’s stuff like dry humping on the couch with her parents right upstairs. Or you caressing her lady parts over her clothes or something. Or maybe I’m reading it wrong & she’s saying she fantasizes about you and your castmates in PG-13– so you caressing Ashley Greene’s lady parts. Or maybe you & Jackson getting hot & heavy during a lunch break.

Either way she’s right. You do have great hands. So what did I do? Found a couple videos made by people with obvious hand fetishes to celebrate your hands and all the PG-13 fantasies they bring us. SPOILER ALERT– there is an EPIC slow jam in one of these videos:



And something REALLY special– the 2011 Remake of the first video!!!!


Take care of those hands, Rob! Keep them soft & moisturized with your cuticles cut. I don’t want some nasty hang nail, sandpaper-feeling hands ruining my PG-13 fantasies now!


What sort of PG-13 things would you like Rob to do to you with his hands? Open up a can of spray cheese & lick it off your chest overtop your tank top?

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11 Responses to “Rob’s PG-13 Hands and stuff”

  1. Robsessedgirl says:

    All of my Rob hand fantasies are R rated, whoops. 😉

  2. JodieO says:

    Of course it’s over the clothes! What are you, UC, some kind of whore??

  3. Venom says:

    I must be a whore! Clothes?

  4. Rob's Zombie says:

    Let’s just say I’d bathe his hands like a cat!!!!;) so sexy like a true artists hands those loooong fingers gah!!! Love em’ !

  5. amynkansas says:


  6. Emily says:

    Hands are great and all, but are there any songs dedicated to jaws;)?

  7. Howtobe says:

    Is it just me or do I see the beginning of wrinkles on Ron? It must be all that cigarette smoking…

  8. Pattygirl says:

    everything about Rob is beautiful (legs , eyes, eyelashes, hair…). Rob knows his hands are pretty, he bought it up when interviewing Haley from Paramore during Twilight promo and recently on Jimmu Kimmel while on BD promo

  9. MariaCecilia says:

    Oh, I see this could turn into a series, now we just have to look up the YouTube clips to go with the adoration of the jaw, the eyes, the hair, the legs..and all the X-rated parts too.
    What I would like is of course for Rob to play the guitar and the piano, before he plays with my hair: that should get me about as much hand exposure as I can take without having a heart attack..

  10. LadyN says:

    I feel like I should be doing Jazzercise to that first song.

    So romantic these are….

  11. […] other week I’m happy err sad to say I started it. It began with posting one of those embarrassing Rob’s hands videos I talked about the other week on Moon’s […]

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