Still waiting on Rob: Is Rob Pattinson doomed to fail?

Guys: I read this letter & literally did a FIST PUMP. It’s like she climbed into my head and made my fingers type on a typewriter (I like to assume that’s what good writers write with) and say all these very eloquent things. THIS THIS THIS! (Warning: Some of  you will not agree)

Dear Rob,

RIP Pattz? He looks alive to me….

It seems that in recent days, you’ve found your way into the middle of a media firestorm (although admittedly, that’s a very dramatic term) regarding the state of your career these days. There was that first article that came out from the Daily Mail. While they finally granted your request to get rid of the “RPattz” nickname, they alluded to the fact that you’ve been given a new one. It’s not too nice. RIP-Pattz. Yikes. Then there was the rebuttal from a more reputable film rag, which your devoted fansites picked up and ran with. The author protested the idea that your career has been sent to an early grave, and contended you haven’t had the proper opportunity to bring in the big bucks separate and apart from the Twilight franchise.

To be perfectly honest, Rob, I have an issue with both articles, and let me tell you why…

Rewind to the summer of 2009. I was in the hot and heavy grips of a full-blown Robsession, and my husband was at the height of his annoyance with the whole matter. He claimed I didn’t truly have any acclaim for you as an actor, and if you weren’t playing Edward Cullen, I wouldn’t look twice at you anyway. He stated, with certainty, that your career would go nowhere past Twilight, and in five years, everyone would have forgotten about you. You were just another pretty boy in passing.

I was incensed. Heaven forbid ANYONE spew such negativity about Edw-, I mean, Robert Pattinson, let alone my nearest and dearest. I tried to fight back. I tried to tell him it wasn’t just about Twilight, that you seemed like a genuine, interesting guy with a whole lot of potential. It wasn’t fair to write you off simply because you’d quickly collected a large and horny fanbase ranging in ages from 11 to 65. Didn’t he remember Leo-mania circa 1997?!?! I said it was simply too soon to tell. I wasn’t ready to call you a legend just because you did Edward Cullen’s blank stare and charcoal peacoat such justice. I believed that time would tell. And I stood there, with full confidence in my heart, that you would prove him wrong. You would step out of Edward’s shadow and his Volvo, and go on to do great things. Just like Leo.


Three years later…I’m just about ready to bow my head in defeat and concede the argument to my husband. Something I am LOATHE to do, for the record. (Please don’t make me do it, Rob – I hate letting him win!) Now mind you, I did enjoy Remember Me, although I remember something you said in one interview about how the screenwriter incorporated several of your personal habits and mannerisms into the character. I couldn’t help but think at times I was merely watching “what Rob would really be like as a college guy” rather than the portrayal of a unique character separate and apart from that. Then there was Water For Elephants. This! This will do the trick, I thought. Oscar-winning cast, NY Times best-selling book… what could go wrong? Well…I’m not really sure, but something did. There was too much of your gee-shucks smiling and over reliance on facial expressions. You were upstaged by a sadistic animal abuser, for crying out loud. And there was the lack of chemistry. There’s been comments about onscreen chemistry before, dating back to Eclipse, when several fans/reviewers expressed the opinion that the chemistry between Bella and Jacob was hotter than the chemistry between Bella and Edward. Ummm, Eclipse contains the LEG HITCH scene, Rob!!! How could Jacob possibly beat you??? Especially since by that point we’d all essentially accepted you were hitchin’ that leg in real life, and there should be plenty o’chemistry to translate onscreen. I wonder, I do.

“You don’t want to me ME in the 1800s finest?”

And now we have Bel Ami and Cosmopolis. I have absolutely no plans to go see them. I just have no interest, Rob. I’m all about indie flicks and little known stories getting some press, but NOTHING that I have seen has sold these movies to me, nothing has sparked even the tiniest bit of interest. And this is coming from someone who once hit “Refresh” for about two hours on end just waiting for the moment you simply WALKED onto the stage of Comicon.

So now let me get back to the issue I have with these recent articles. My problem is the focus they put on your ability to make a buck. That’s all Twilight was about, in the end, right? Low budget flick turned box office gold, with your smoldering glances and stunning jawline at the helm. But to us, your once die-hard fans…that’s not what it was about at all. Ultimately, that’s never what it’s about when it comes to the fans of movies…or books…or music. It’s not about a work of art being a best-seller, and making enough movie to cover the costs that went into generating it.

It’s about inspiring passion in us. It’s about making us care.

I’m sorry, but none of your roles to date, and none of the ones on the horizon, have really made me care. (Again, sorry.) I don’t know if it’s poor movie choice, or mediocre acting, or what. But I know I’m left being forced to consider if my husband was actually right, and the only reason I felt so passionate about you after Twilight was because I was passionate about Edward Cullen and the Twilight story to begin with. I do not say this easily and I do not take this lightly. And I am most certainly not criticizing you. I am frustrated with you, because I still see traces of that genuinely interesting guy, and I would LOVE to see him be successful. I do not want you to end up characterized as a pretty boy in passing, playing the Ryan Phillipe to Reese. (Catch the comparison?) You do not need to have a box office commercial smash to accomplish this, in my opinion. Just make me care. Case in point, Like Crazy. It was just a simple little love story that received little press, but was awesome enough to take top honors at Sundance. Because the actors brought the characters to life and told a story that made me cry. Good movies have nothing to do with facts and figures, and I would love to see you acting well in a good movie. So I’m sorry BOTH articles reduced the argument to a monetary one, because trust me, as an old die hard fan of yours, it has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Make me care. Make me feel. Prove them wrong.

I still believe you can do it…it would just be easier if you were giving me something to work with here.

I hope my honesty is helpful and not hurtful, Rob. Because I’ve always been a fan and definitely still consider myself one.

With Respect,
Still Waiting on You…

SO…. what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Did she read your mind? Do you think Rob’s films HAVE been great? Will the critics ever like him?

Oh… before we forget… we just need to remind you… TN is coming….

45 Responses to “Still waiting on Rob: Is Rob Pattinson doomed to fail?”

  1. Edible art? says:

    Hmmmm yes I can see where you are coming from and don’t worry I am not going to jump up and down cause you said some stuff – let’s get twiphilosophical or whatever it is – what is the question ? Will Rob be successful ? Well how do we define success – I doubt he’ll ever be in another film as big as Twilight and he doesn’t want to looking at recent interviews he seems to be desperate to avoid it, he doesn’t need anymore money. Will he ever play a character like Edward doubt that too he’s a one off like Harry Potter ! Alright a two off ! Perhaps it’s us and not Rob u can’t keep this level of interest up indefinitely – I’m still curious, but I don’t need to know where he is 24/7 and what’s that got to do with his acting anyway ?????

    I don’t know what I am trying to say I haven’t reached any conclusions !!! All I can say is I am still a fan and have enjoyed his other films but I think it’s to early to say – twilight is still too fresh in everyone’s minds but he is never going to just disappear I don’t care what anyone says about his acting, I can’t judge but the guy has charisma on screen and off and that generally is what makes a successful actor. IMHO

  2. Guitargirl says:

    Hmmm, this letter could open a can of worms but I can identify with what’s been said. However, mine is for a completely different reason. You see, I’ve never thought Rob was a brilliant actor (Sorry Rob) but I feel (that despite the shitty special effects including the whole ‘sweaty guy’ sparkle thing) he did bring a certain something to the first Twilight. (The sequels have all been much of a muchness, but the first one was kind of good.) Anyway, I enjoyed WFE and the Bad Mothers Handbook, but I dont think he’ll ever be Oscar worthy.

    In my opinion his appeal was found in his interviews. He was so open, random, seemingly accessible and totally goofy that you couldn’t help but fall for him. He was completely different from anyone else in Hollywood, and he was a breath of fresh air to the movie business. Those were the reasons I’d google for new interviews and I’d revel in the each new goof fest.

    What ended up happening though, was the media became so interested in his private life that the same boring questions started being asked in EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW. He (understandibly) became far more guarded, much less accessible, and adopted his ‘media persona’ to cope with promos and interviews.

    It was ‘Goodbye Goofball Random Ron’ and ‘Hello Hollywoods Refined Rob.’ Now, because interviewers have to stick pretty much to the script, we dont get the juicy little snippets about his favourite breakfast cereal, or funny little glimpses into his youth, we just see him talking about the characters in his films.

    Once you remove the vibrancy from someones inteviews and make them a standard format, then we tend to look at other aspects of our lives for excitement. You can get standard interviews from any pretty actor, but you wont necessarily ‘connect’ with them. Beauty without true personality becomes bland.

    I feel like Hollywood has taken full colour Ron, and replaced him with a black and white image. Still pretty to look at, but once you’ve seen something in technicolour its very different to go back to monochrome.

    • dinogrrl says:

      Yes. I agree with you about the interviews.
      I remember watching interviews in 2008 and being totally charmed by Rob’s honesty and natural charm. I remember calling my husband over and making him watch one of them. I said “Check this guy out. How long do you think it will be until his handlers and the studio ruin this?” Not him but his incredible goofy honest self.
      I still find him charming and every once in a while you can catch a glimpse of his unguarded self in interviews. Usually with an internet or genre interviewer but it is usually the same “canned, prepared” crap. I hate anything with Leno or Letterman, waste of time. I would pay big money to see him on with Craig Ferguson.
      Anyhow…long ramble to say…Yes. I agree with you. I love those old interviews before he learned the hard way to mind his “p’s and q’s” .

      • Guitargirl says:

        The oldies are great aren’t they? I don’t tend to watch interviews really anymore as it made me feel a bit sad to see such a change, even though I don’t blame him in the slightest. Some people took advantage of his good nature, and insisted on prying even though they knew it wasn’t welcome.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Yup. The interviews with goofball Rob was what made me fall. Hard. Not Edward. (Sorry Eddie, love you too!)
      And he sure has charisma, it’s just as if he hasn’t learned how to rein it in and direct it in his acting quite yet?

      If he keeps at it, consider the potential, though…(thinking about Cary Grant and Sean Connery who were still charmers in their fifties, and Leo and Johnny who are still finding out what they can do besides being pretty..).

      • Guitargirl says:

        I agree, Rob is incredibly charismatic, and I think he will always have a good following. In my opinion Sean Connery wasn’t exactly a fantastic actor (he always had the same Scottish accent even when playing a Russian) but he had a certain ‘something’ which I think Rob also has.

  3. Nelle says:

    Also agree in part and disagree in part (although I LOVE the “we all know you’re hitching that leg in real life). I don’t even like to re-watch “Eclipse.” I think it was the worst movie except for a few scenes. How could they make Rob look so bad in so many scenes? But I digress. I thought he was great in Water for Elephants. Personally I think Reese was the failure in the movie. So I just think it is all the vehicle. Rob has got to pick a great role and movie. Movies like Bel Ami with such a great cast appeal to and young actor like Rob. And it was made before New Moon wasn’t it? So awhile ago before he had quite as much confidence and success. I hope the movies he has in the pipeline will appeal to a wider audience.

  4. Lemon Charlotte says:

    It’s a real shame that you don’t want to see Cosmopolis, babe because, truly, Rob is amazing in it.

    I have had my doubts in the past. I agree with what you say about WfE, and Bel Ami was not good overall (though there were elements of Rob’s performance which were good), but trust me, I’ve seen it twice and I was blown away by Rob’s Eric Packer, and so were many critics. I think Rob will steer clear of romantic lead roles for a while, and that’s right, so he should. He’s going to learn more and grow more as an actor if he does that, and we won’t like all his choices. But if he is GOOD, that won’t matter so much. As Rob fans, and movie fans, we should be happy with that.

    • The Old One says:

      I have high hopes for Cosmopolis, and am a little ticked off it won’t open here until August. I know it won’t be a mainstream, big-bucks movie, and for some that means it will flop, but it’s exactly the kind of movie that Rob needs, from what I’ve seen in promos and interviews. I think Cronenberg recognized Rob’s strength in acting is kind of an idiot-savant thing, that is, if he doesn’t TRY to act, and lets his inner charisma out without over-thinking, that is what the audience will respond to.

      Oh, and I think Rob would be very happy to say good-bye to all the screaming Edward segment of his fanbase, and just choose movies that appeal to him, without worrying about the money or the thousands of fans lining the red carpet. He has the luxury of doing that right now, and the four or five movies he says he has in the pipeline sound like exactly what he wants to do. That sound like success to me, not failure.

      • Lemon Charlotte says:

        I haven’t checked the box office figures here but I didn’t expect huge numbers. It’s an art house movie, plain and simple. I think you are right to point out what the true measure of success is. Rob wants to perform well in movies he would like himself. And let’s not forget, that good scripts are hard to come by and even good scripts don’t guarantee a good outcome.

        I am interested in your idiot savant theory. Rob in the past has been guilty of trying to hard. That stopped with Cosmopolis and what happens is extraordinary IMHO. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

        • The Old One says:

          Yeah, some actors are at their best when they get out of their own way, if you know what I mean. I think Rob is one of those. Just let your light shine, baby!

  5. Melissa says:

    i’ve always been under-whelmed with rob’s acting, and kristens. and anyone who isn’t a fan of either would agree. but i am a fan of both, and i have to say while i “like” most of their movies, it’s not because of the acting. i just for whatever strange reason like them both and am not necessarily fans of their acting, if that makes any sense. i think i’d like rob better pursuing music, and i think if twilight hadn’t come along thats what he would have probably ended up doing, quite possibly pretty successfully. but, thats just conjecture about someones life who i don’t even know which brings me full circle about my weird fascination with this guy rob, and which will lead me to buy/watch his films regardless if i think he’s a shitty actor. my curse.

    • niahid says:

      Like you for being honest .

    • Tammy says:

      I would love for Rob to pursue music! I think he has a natural talent that should be showcased. I’m not a huge fan of his acting but like some of the other movies he’s been apart of. I do want to see Comsopolis but if he said he was taking time off from acting to do an album I would die a happy camper.

  6. MariaCecilia says:

    Interesting letter! Well, I both agree and disagree: I don’t know for sure yet if Rob is a great actor or not, and I don’t know if that is because of him or because of his material. (Same goes for Kristen actually, because she’s been type-cast. A lot.)
    I will definitely watch Bel Ami and Cosmopolis as soon as I get the chance, Bel Ami for his sake and Cosmopolis because the book and the director interest me – and Cosmopolis has me hopeful. If he pulls that off, he’s good!

    I think it would be good for him to do a lot of different stuff now, to diversify and find out what he can do. And regardless of what he does, I still wish I could just sit down with him in the pub one day, because he seems like such a genuine likeable guy, just like you say!

  7. Just the tip, eh? says:

    I agree with lemon Charlotte. COSMOPOLIS is brilliant. Makes you use your brain big time. Rob was fantastic. I also agree with missing word vomit rob. That’s who I fell for. I rarely watch his interviews anymore unless I’m told it’s a must see. Now I’m going to go watch hours of old interviews…….. Happy Friday ladies!

  8. niahid says:

    Dear still waiting on rob,
    Maybe you just started to get tired of him. I know i am. I was exactly like you in 2009, an avid net browser of every Rob related things, but it waned off 2 years later. Now , i’m just hot and cold about Rob. But i won’t miss Cosmopolis since i saw the leaked sex scene on youtube
    ( yeah, he still does it to me 😀 ).

  9. Audrey says:

    what an insulting ‘letter’. It’s all Edward for you so that’s fine yet you have the audacity to claim you’re a fan after the insul

  10. Audrey says:

    what an insulting ‘letter’. It’s all Edward for you so that’s fine yet you have the audacity to claim you’re a fan after the insults! He’ll be just fine. He’s a millionaire and did a film for Cronenberg. If it works out, great for his true fans and if not he’ll still be fine. But you can stay away!

  11. Hm says:

    I have to disagree with this letter. Most of the critics loved him in Cosmopolis and he was indeed brilliant in it.
    Bel Ami had its problems, but that was more the pacing of the movie. Rob was good in it.
    He is much more than Edward and Twilight.
    And I loved WFE and Remember Me.
    Before you doom him let Twilight run its course and then people can see if he will fail or not. It is too early to tell. IMHO the same goes for Kristen. SWATH was her first success in five years of Twilight, that says a lot.
    I don’t understand the guarded comment at all. Did you miss all the word vomit during the Breaking Dawn promo. (Just the tip, placenta on the crafts table and what not)? Rob is still the same goofy guy from back then, telling bullshit stories and all.
    The only thing that has changed is that he does not speak about his private life and that is absolutely understandable.
    He is also older now and grew up.
    And maybe I am in the minority here, but I see Rob having a long career, but only on his terms and not necessarily going the blockbuster route.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      I agree about the hilarious word vomit in the BD interviews: He still has his weird sense of humour, and it keeps coming out! The baby looking like a “cancerous owl” OMG. What I wouldn’t give for a peek into that mind..

  12. Kat says:

    My problem with Rob lately is all my fault. I have spent so much of my time stalking the poor guy on line (sorry Rob!) that the mystique is gone. I don’t think anything he does will ever really truly draw me in because I have ruined him for myself. I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to seperate him from any character he chooses to play. It will always be Rob-playing-whoever, instead of some great charachter. It has nothing to do with his acting and everything to do with me being an idiot.

    I’m hoping that since I have stopped watching interviews, youtubing his name, and am trying to get over his hotness (possible?); I’ll be able to watch his films and see his charachters. It’s a shame. Even the Saga’s movies are ruined for me since all I see are Kristen and Rob and not Bella and Edward. Dang it!

  13. Suziekew says:

    I have one word for you. Cosmopolis. Ok more than one, five (my reaction after the film ended). “Holy shit, he nailed it.”

    Please reserve judgement until after you have seen this firm. And you most definitely should plan to see it. Rob’s performance is simply stunning, and has garnered a lot of favorable critical review, largely from men. This is a huge sea change for his career and on the back of it he has landed approx 5 or 6 more roles. I admit I had similar fears about the outcome of his career before this movie, but not anymore.

    • Suziekew says:

      that would be “film” not “firm” Sigh.

    • Guitargirl says:

      I tried to see it this week at the cinema, but it had been and gone from any cinema within a 20 mile radius of my home in less than a week. I may have to wait until its on DVD now.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Well at least you had a chance to see it in a movie theater, theoretically. They haven’t even set a premiere date for Sweden yet. The nerve!!!

  14. marysway says:

    I do think you are entitled to your opinion and everyone deserves there own. Personally I think except for the first Twilight movie (even with all it’s mistakes and very low budget) they all sucked and no one acted great in them. I also agree that Taylor and Kristen has a lot more chemistry than Rob & Kristen……..but why is that all Rob’s fault. It always takes two. Maybe there chemistry is just a strange weird awkward thing. shrugs::::::::::::: As far as his other films Little Ashes was good, RM was good, WFE was good. Christoph has been an actor so much longer than Rob and he plays BAD so well. Have you seen his Nazi loving self movie? Incredible acting. Personally I did not see Edward in WFE at all. I saw a young man. I personally see more chemistry between Reese and Rob on and off the screen than I do with him and Kristen his suppose girlfriend. He’s not awkward or on alert and he is not scowling. He is having fun with her and talks freely and goofs off with her. They are comfortable with each other. He was the old Rob in all there interviews together for the most part. I can’t wait to see Cosmo. I think Cronenburg helped Rob get out of the twilight persona and bring in the actor he wants to be. Cosmo is not a movie that is simple. I”ve read the book. It’s a great book but it leaves you thinking and although I’ve not seen the movie yet (not out here) everything I’ve seen and read leads me to believe that I’m going to love this movie. I can’t wait to see his other projects and luckily for him he can be choosy with them. They don’t have to be big budget films. As we’ve seen with SWATH we know that not all big budget films are successful either. I know a lot won’t agree with me on that and that is fine. I personally have not liked one movie that Kristen has been in. She brings herself into the films instead of bringing a character into the film. Wow that is how you feel about Rob sort of right? See it’s all just personal taste and personal opinion which is fine. We all have them. Cosmo will not be seen in every theater because it’s lower budget so you can’t even compare the two. Bel Ami can’t be blamed on Rob either 100%. There were a lot of issues with that movie. I see a lot of comparing Rob’s future Career with Kristen’s and I see two sides being spoken out and the media even putting there 2 cents in. I think it’s to early to do that. I think it’s shameful comparing the two actors as well. I don’t like Kristen’s acting, but she has a huge fan base and a huge PR team behind her to go forward, so who am I to say she won’t make a lot more films that people will love? Time will tell for both of them.

  15. blvr says:

    I gotta say that I’ve been thinking this as well, although I am reserving judgment until after I see Cosmopolis. Bel Ami is playing on Xfinity’s onDemand and I have a credit on my account to see a movie for FREE and I still don’t want to, so I get this letter. I am excited for the movie he’s doing about the capture of Saddam Hussein…Rob in a quasi-action role, I think he might shine here, in real-life interviews he has great timing, quick phrasing. I really don’t think he’s found his niche yet, folks, and I think he needs to look at some more comedic, modern-day roles. No more period pieces until he’s lived enough to have the gravitas of Colin Firth, ya know?

    I don’t normally stalk Rob or Kristen online, but I do follow most of the bigger Twilight fan sites, so I gotta say I was more worried that he’s out partying with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber than I am about his film career. WTH? Please don’t become the next Lilo, partying it up at the Chateau Marmont every night. Please stay cool, quirky and British :).

    • Hm says:

      He didn’t party with them, they shared a ride after Katy Perry’s movie premiere 🙂

    • marysway says:

      I’ve got to agree with you on the Collin Firth comment. Again Collin has earned his way & is older and been in the business longer. Cosmo and the 5 or so next films he is doing will show what Rob is made of. For any of us to use Twilight as an example or anything he did early on is wrong. Ryan Reynolds did some weird not so great things in the beginning before he became more experienced and found his niche. Twilight books made the cast of Twilight. I think IMHO no matter who would have been Edward and Bella would be where Rob & Kristen are today. The passion for the books is what brought in so much money for the movies. As far as him hanging or not hanging with JB and Company he is bound to be seen or partying with other stars young and old one time or another. He is good friends with Shannon and Katy and in HW it’s like 6 degrees of separation at one point or another. IMHO it’s not much different than the others we’ve seen him hanging with recently except there were no fingers thrown at paps/photographers and no cussing at fans/paps and making a huge deal out of them being there to make it a bigger deal in the rag mags. And just because Salena does not have the best taste in boys (yes I said boys, JB is still a boy) right now she is still cute and funny. I like her. Think she is a good actress. Has gotten in less trouble than a lot of Disney stars have. He was smiling and laughing and having a good time. I’m glad he was able to do that and relax some before he gets back to work. Looks like he is going to be busy for the next couple of years.

      • blvr says:

        Hey, you’re right, I’m really not that snobby. It just took me by surprise. I know it’s a small crowd in Hollywood. (and totes agree about Selena, I dig her too.) So party on, Rob!

        • marysway says:

          No problem. I think it took a lot of people by surprise cause well JB is JB and Salena is his girlfriend and all. I was shocked when I first saw the pics and read bout it. But I’ve always liked her acting and she can sing. I watched cause of my kids on Disney and just loved her character. Related to it the smartass and all LOL. But after the shock if you truly think about it HW is a small world and nothing should come of a surprise. I always look at it with 6 degrees of separation. Look at Katy’s new PR manager and so on and so on…….we could go on forever.

  16. maya says:

    An interesting article, although there are some things I don’t agree with. Three years later after what? Twilight saga is not even completely finished yet. Look at these numbers If Titanic was Rob’s Twilight, it means the year 2012 will be Leo’s 2007. That’s the final year of Twilight. Leo’s first significant and critically acclaimed role after Titanic (the Golden Razzie he won for The Man in the Iron Mask is so absurd now) was Gangs of New York, released in 2002. 5 years after Titanic. That would be the year 2017 for Rob. Even at this point, I think Rob is already in a slightly better position. Instead of one very successful movie, he has 4 of them. Now I know this is a double edged sword but the fact remains he’s already getting certain roles Leo couldn’t even get so soon after Titanic, despite the fact Titanic was only one movie, not a whole saga. That’s why I wouldn’t make any closures yet. Your husband might just lose. I don’t think the problem is in Rob. IMO, the problem is people “overdosed” themselves on him. The higher you get the farther you fall. In other words, it proved to be too much of a good thing. I think you idealized him and never even noticed your idea of Bob is just not him. IMO, now you see him. I think the fair thing to do is let him go so he can connect with the people who are truly interested in Robert Pattinson and his work. Not Edward Cullen. Don’t try to make him choose. IMO, he already made the decision. I don’t think you lost because I don’t think Rob will be forgotten. I think you just lost your illusions about Rob. It happens all the time, especially when the target of your interest changes the direction.

  17. Yertles Mom says:

    I ‘respectfully’ disagree! While agree that Water for Elephants was marred by a lack of chemistry btw Reese and Rob, I’m not ready to write Rob off yet. I liked Bel Ami, again not perfect but I think he has great onscreen presence and I’m eager to see Cosmopolis. I think he is getting better with age and I’m hoping for a long, successful career.

  18. Ana says:

    Fans or not of Rob, you guys are all smart and caring for his carreer, but think… How many “great actor” have done only great films? Rob is special no deniel on that. He will always be “the one” who made our hearts melt and believe again that love is all we want. He personifies love and make us mad about him.

  19. _Lau says:

    In this letter, you contradict yourself. What kind of chance are you giving to Rob if you don’t want to see Cosmopolis? A movie in which he has received good reviews for the first time. The topic of the movie is not my cup of tea as well, and for that I may or may not watch it but don’t questioned an actor’s quality if you don’t study all his work

  20. Pattygirl says:

    First of all I am a movie fan above all, why am I interested in Rob and follow his career and see his movies? I love his pre twilight movie, How to be, Little Ashes etc and that made me see his potential as an actor. In his post Twilight movies ; RM he was more guarded, he improved in WFE, in Bel Ami ( made after 1st Twilght movie) he was promising but the editing and pacing was a problem. I am excited to see Cosmopolis ( coming soon in my country), Cronenberg films has one thing in common, he excels in the casting department , he knows talent and how to bring the best out of his actors. I agree with one critic who says that Rob has great potential and he shd let go and not overthink .

    Bel Ami was only screen in 15 locations in the states, if you are a fan you would have seen it and Cosmopolis was only screen in 60 location in the UK, don’t compare to movies with hundreds of screen.

    RM, WFE and Bel Ami was Rob choice in a hurry because he wants to something in between Twilights films. His choices after Twilght finish are the definition of what he really he wants to do : Mission Blacklist, The Rover etc. He did’t take a long break after BD for nothing but to think thoroughly what he really wants not just do a movie after movie for quota sake.

  21. Jenny says:

    I respecfully disagree with a lot that has been said about Rob and his career on this thread. I loved all the Twilight movies, although my favoites are Twilight and Breaking Dawn Part 1 so far. I think Rob and Kristen have great chemistry on and off screen. I thought their honeymoon scenes were amazing! I absolutely LOVED Rob’s performance in both Wate For Elephants and Remember Me. I have not seen BelAmi or Cosmopolis yet but have closely followed the reviews for Cosmopolis and have been really impressed. While I don’t know what the future holds for Rob I am definitely not counting him out! It’s entirely possible that he has a long and successful career ahead of him. Only time will tell. In the mean time I will continue to appreciate the good work that he has done and keep enjoying the view! 🙂

  22. Willow says:

    Honestly can we all get one thing correct – Bel Ami was made in 2010 just before WFE… Call yourselves fans?Tsk Tsk
    I also have to respectfully disagree with this letter how can you make such a harsh judgement without even seeing the films? Cosmopolis is A mazing Rob shines as Eric Packer. My husband and were only saying the other day, after having seen Cosmopolis and WFE in close succession how different he looks in each film, he really really becomes his characters Jacob Jankowski, Eric, Edward ALL look and are just soo different to each other, I think he is totally amazing.

    Dear Rob
    Keep up the good work
    I think you’re a real star
    Love me

  23. Pattygirl says:


    Rob was great in WFE (thank you Francis Lawrence), the problem with movie was they left the gritty part of the book out in order to get the PG 13 rating. Why are you not interested to see Bel Ami or Cosmopolis? Please reserve your judgment/opinion until you see it , think before you speak or write. Love Me And Rob….

    You should all read his interview in France Premiere, its the kind of interview that Rolling Stone magazine would die for.

  24. Pattygirl says:

    Hey UC, Rob is coming to NY for Cosmopolis Q & A on August 15, are you gonna check it out? love to hear LTR report on this, possibly they will do something similar for LA too.

    Anyway, the only actor that I look up to is Denzel Washington, don’t need six packs or stupid rom com, his presence lights up the screen. My wish list is for Rob to grow and become the actor that Denzel is. (he is 56 now)

  25. GoWithIt says:

    I liked Rob in Cosmopolis. The movie was clunky in a lot of ways and some of the other actors dialogue broke into that oops it seems like you are doing a practice read through right now for me. But Rob was good. How much of that was boy is he pretty in a suit I can’t tell.
    Maybe he needs to ditch the American accent and act in something English? Or just in something that involved a character with an English accent. I can’t really imagine constantly doing movies in a put on accent. I know people do it all the time, but it can’t be for everyone.

  26. a very fond fan says:

    I really dont agree ok so the movies didnt do as great as expected but i loved them and being a fan of all types of movies i loved cosmopolis!! Havent seen bel ami yet though but I will. I love you rob and i would even watch a commercial about hemmoroid cream over and over if you were the one advertising it!! Your amazing!! Besides since your getting a bit of grief over the pond you should come home so i can rent the house next door to your parents and see you all the time!!! Lmao ……Love u lots Rob

  27. a very fond fan says:

    Oh and i forgot to add… someone commented that hes not like anyone else in hollywood but no offence but how many english people have actually made it to hollywood that havent had a load of acting experience. Look at people like Catherine Zeta Jones, Jason Statham, Gerard Butler, Liam Neeson, Sean Connery, Judy Dench and many many more ALL of them either had been in “national” (not international) tv series or theater before hand. What did Rob do really. Wow a Harry Potter where he got killed and a bit of busking and a few acting parts that wernt all that, and i include the deleted shots of vanity fair in that too. Give the guy a chance… Twilight was massive and in my opinion when people see a film with rob in they expect the film to be as great as twilight, when if we’re all honest is anything really gonna top it?? Maybe if Rob is offered to play his fan fiction character…. the HOT HOT HOT MR. CHRISTIAN GREY maybe he’ll get that oscar under his belt. After all GREY WAS BASED ON THE HOT HOT HOT MOTHER F***ING HOT ROBERT PATTINSON. Well thats who I was fantasizing about when I read it!!!
    There (breaths out…) rant over

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