It’s time to find out how Normal you are: That’s Normal is here.

Dear Rob,

Are you like us? Is the internet more than just a place to Google where your Britpack friends are since they’re not returning your calls or find the best Robsten fan videos so you can send them to your sisters to gross them out? Yea, us too. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a good sepia toned video of TRUE love as much as the next Twi fan but we also love pondering the relationship status of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes or discussing the how awesome/awful Hannah from Girls is and of course there’s nothing like Googling awful Games of Thrones fan art.

I know. We just said “Game of Thrones” which you have to know by now has hunky, young guys such as yourself that girls are now dreaming about. Yep. Competition. And you thought your only worry these days was Channing’s ass in Magic Mike.

Well, the time has come. Many have been asking.. and many have not been asking. No, we’re not talking about UC and Moon’s civil union ceremony.  We’re talking about our latest blogging venture. It’s called That’s Normal because as we’ve come to find out over the last almost 4 years (!!!) nothing we do is ever normal but we found people out there (YOU!) who like the same bizarro crap we do. So because of that and because we have so much more to talk about than just you, Rob, we are happy/excited/scared/ecstatic to announce our new blog –

That’s Normal!

Yup, you know why we chose that name, it all started here. That’s Normal is full of the same stuff you’ve come to love here at LTR and LTT but now we’re branching out into everything! TV, film, books, weird stuff on the interwebs, why that Carly Rae Jenson song is infectious and so annoying at the same time and pretty much everything else we find interesting.

We’re currently in the construction phase of the brand spanking new blog but you can find a taste of what’s to come over at our Tumblr.
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Does this mean the death of LTR?? HALE to the nah. We still love you, Rob. But we’ve missed talking about super relevant stuff– and you ARE relevant…don’t get us wrong.. but just not as often as you were before. So we’ll talk about you when we feel like it (our mantra for the last year+!) and also talk about Channing Tatum’s ass over at TN when we feel like THAT.

We hope you’ll join us as we roll out this new chapter in blogging because we love ya so much and we knew we just couldn’t quit you!

That’s Normal (duh),
Moon & UC

9 Responses to “It’s time to find out how Normal you are: That’s Normal is here.”

  1. Sue G. says:

    Is it normal that I kept trying to figure out what TN stood for?

    • stupidshiny says:

      Totes Normal Sue G. (See how that also abbreviates to TN – I’m so clever, well not really, but anyway….) I was the same :-/

  2. Edible Art ? says:

    I have liked you on FB ! thats as technologically advanced as I go ! great news I didn’t want you to disappear after BD2

  3. Venom says:

    I love bizarro crap. Bring it on bitches! I mean ladies.

  4. I hear you – as someone we all know and love might say, “It’s time! It’s time!” – hope we’ll be right there with you to connect up again with our “next phase” blog (also in the works, still won’t be as funny as yours). xo


  5. itsaboutthewords says:

    So happy I can now follow you on Twitter and not have the interwebs silently (or loudly – the trolling is at new great heights these days people) judge me for frequenting Rob-related content. Also, the new blog is hilarious but really, did we expect anything less?

  6. Alex says:

    Dear Rob

    I love you with all my heart (I am a girl ) and I hope you get really far in life just remember you are still young you will never get old to me I have twilight everything and you everything I love you xxx

  7. Emma C. says:

    I haven’t been on here for ages and am so glad to find you are setting up a new blog. I’ve liked it on Facebook.

    to be honest, I was expecting you all to be blogging about Mr Grey. I have just downloaded it to Kindle as some of my friends were raving about it and I wanted to know what the fuss is.

    It’s very like some of the fan fiction that cropped up after Twilight, and I understand the author based in on Edward and Bella.

    It’s a wee bit predictable but then again I’m not exactly 21.

    See you all soon here or on That’s Normal!

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