The end is here. We’re here for you Rob

Dear Rob,

We heard the news. And we’ve been preparing for years as we figured one day this would come (but to be honest… we kinda figured you’d mess it up instead of she-who-should-not-be-named (we’ll call her that in case hearing her name is too hard. Also because you were in Harry Potter)) So last night we broke the glass on the Break Up Kit. And we’re excited to share what is inside:

Gosh I miss 2009

First: of course there’s a Hot Pocket Fort. Big enough for the 3 of us complete with a small microwave– a necessity for what’s next on the list

The entire stock of Costco’s Hot Pocket Freezer. We bought them back in ‘2009 but those bad boys have enough preservatives to get us through 2015

There’s a KEG of Heineken chillen’ in my beer fridge. Sad times call for much more than a case of beer can ever do.

The Brit pack are here with their guitars tuned and voices warmed ready to serenade you with whatever you want. (Yep, they’re in our Break up Kit) Looking for something upbeat? Marcus is on it. How about an ol’ Bob Dylan tune? Bobby’s got you covered. And Sam’s even brushed up on the DMB catalog in case things get really rough.

Next up is a stack of print outs from since we know you much you love them (and haven’t had access for a few years)

Michael Oregano’s phone # in case you want to swap stories.

She’s ready for you

In case you want to get dangerous to numb the pain, we’ve even got Tiffanized on speed dial. You’ll remember her as Rob’s M.O.M (Match of the Month back from February 2010) No one could ever forget the sexy woman who posed for you like this <—-

And of course there’s us: UC & Moon, Noreen & Bunny… the girls there to dry your eyes. We’ll let you call us whatever you want because this is our day to celebrate YOUR DAY. And we’re here for whatever your needs are. That’s right– vegetarian for 12 years, but I’ll even try the Pepperoni hot pocket. Cat lover at heart but I’ll walk Bear. Can’t understand a word you say when you sing, but I’ll sing a long to the new song you wrote.

Really. Whatever. You. Need

Hang in there,
UnintendedChoice (with theMoonisDown)

PS: Rob we have some chloraseptic… you know what that’s for


161 Responses to “The end is here. We’re here for you Rob”

  1. Lori says:

    Seriously, I haven’t had THIS much fun with Twilight since….well, I’m not sure when!

  2. Pattygirl says:

    Rob, keep calm and move forward, , the tramp is not worth the shit, she was low class bitch and now add slut to the title

  3. Nola79 says:

    Is it completely wrong that this news made me giddy? I feel terrible that Rob’s heart is being stomped on…but the possiblity that he made dump Scraggly McMullet has me over the moon! Now he can get on to the girl he belongs with..Jennifer Lawrence. Have you seen her interviews? She is goofy perfection.

    Rob needs a cool ass chick, who doesn’t think she is cooler than everyone and has boobs. We all know how much he loves the boobs. Get some boobs in your life, Rob. <3

    • roslynselene says:

      YES about Jennifer Lawrence. DOUBLE YES.
      Jenbert/Robiffer/Pattinlaw/what have you… make it happen!

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Nope, not wrong. Giddy is the correct response. It could only have been better if she’d been caught with a chick.

  4. Nola79 says:

    Really, one more thing……Who the F**K cheats on Robert Pattinson. I mean really?! Move it along skank and make room for the boobs.

  5. mania says:

    I KNEW you were going to be all over this. Ignoring every magazine cover and interview Kristen has done this year and the same day as this shit happens you dive straight in. But as much as I´ve been defending Kristen to haters – fuck her for this. And FUCK that 41 year old, married father of 2 with rabbit teeth who couldn´t keep his paws off a 22-year old. Shame on him.
    All my love to Rob.

  6. RobRomVamp says:

    If you look up skank whore in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of Kristen Stewart. Rob, I have a pair of 38G’s that you can come lay your pretty head on!

    • DTE says:

      It’s pathetic to judge and attack a person – and call her such filthy names, for crying out loud! – because she happens to be famous and HUMAN. This is an ugly story but bashing Kirsten this way because she made a mistake is too cruel. Kirsten doesn’t need your permission to live her life as she chooses, even if it means making mistakes. Grow up, haters. Rob needs your support, not childish attacks on his (ex)girlfriend. HE will decide if she’s a b!tch or not, since he knows more than any of you and is personally involved in the situation.

  7. Michelle says:

    Be free Rob, be free!

    Is it wrong I am most distraught that I will not be able to watch BD2 now happily?! That B*TCH!

  8. onemoreorless says:

    I assume, Rob is going to forward his breakup kit directly to the guys from Summit since they have to work overtime now to come up with a some plans for the bd part 2 promotion. He might keep the hot pockets and smiling.

  9. tiffanized says:

    I use that picture on my dating profile IRL.

  10. Adrienne says:

    Hot Pocket Fort! It’s been a while – thanks for making day!

  11. Pattygirl says:

    Rob :

    1st step : get a restraining order to keep this trash 10 feet away from you

    2nd step : be open for new girl friend oppourtunity

    3rd step : ask Summit extra money to be the face of BD part 2 cause no one wants to see that tramp now

  12. Nelle says:

    This is a sadness.

  13. Melissa says:

    i feel like i woke up in 2009!!!! i keep pushing clients out the door just to refresh my tumblr feed! my manager keeps casting strange glares my way, but damn it i can’t help it.

  14. Edible art ? says:

    What every Summit exec has been dreading has come to pass…

    I have defended her a few times on here as I thought a lot of the stuff said was mean and un fair – not this time ! What I find more shocking than someone cheating on Rob (maybe he is a jerk in real life – YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!)Is the bloke 41, married with 2 kids – mid life crisis or what sad and such a cliche. why why just why would you do that the irony ….you can’t get a picture of R&k snogging for love nor money !!!

  15. roslynselene says:

    LAWL Why did everything become hilarious and interesting all of a sudden? Nothing this shocking has happened in the history of the Twi / Rob fandom. I can’t remember being this surprised since… since… *5 min later trying to think of something* …like… EVER. O.O

    Someone PLEASE make another batch of popcorn and pass it around.

  16. Katester says:

    “Good. Now you’ll find someone who deserves you.”

    (what my mother said when I called, sobbing, and told her my “true love/first love” fella broke it off with me after dating from age 19-25. I was so angry I hung up on her. Of course, she was right – I met my someone a couple of years later, got married, had beautiful incredible kids. So, Rob: “Good.”

    p.s. OK, I hung up – badass me – but called her right back and acted like the call got cut off …

  17. Twiprof says:

    I Love the hot pocket fort!

  18. Venom says:

    RobRomVamp beat me to it but I have boobs too Rob. If Gs are too big mine are perky Ds! Pillow shade.

  19. Katester says:

    Imagining BD2 red carpet scenarios? Me, too.

    1. Rob pulled out of rehab for the premiere. Looks it.
    Kristen – no real difference in facial expression or attitude – nervous, twitchy.

    2. Rob – angry. Kristen – no real difference in facial expression or attitude – nervous, twitchy. Wipes out several times cuz angry Rob isn’t looking out for her.

    3. Rob – Hollywood. Aloof even, until incredibly beautiful new girlfriend just makes the film because her flight bringing her to states after latest stint with Doctors Without Borders was delayed. Then all smiles. Kristen – no real difference in facial expression or attitude – nervous, twitchy. Hangs with BooBoo and the boys cuz everyone else is fascinated with new girl and asking about Doctors without Borders.

    • Shockedandamazed says:

      Publicity stunt if I ever saw one, but for who? BD2 won’t benefit from this circus. Like others before me have stated, it’ll be hard to watch the bitch if all this is true. SWATH doesn’t benefit, it’s out of theaters in my area. So who? What’s the point? Puhleeeze, somebody explain this. And if this is true, KStew is the dumbest non-blond chick I have ever seen. Who cheats on Rob? If it’s true, dump the skanky whore. I’m sick of all the tabloids saying she’s young and was taken advantage of by an older man. Maybe they should go with this: KStew got high and screwed the director. That would at least sorta be an excuse and most likely the truth. We could understand that. As we say in Texas, BULLSHIT! This whole thing stinks like two foot up a bulls ass.

      • Renie says:

        Advantage to Snow White and the Huntsman is newly released photos will be included as a Special Feature in the DVD edition with an explanation of how the Paps knew where to hide to get these classy shots.

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      You mean Moon just comes from the plane from Kenya ( where she’s helping kids in a non-doctor but still very relevant way)?

    • I volunteer for scenario #3!!!

    • milfy goodness says:

      LOL – your description of KStew’s “varied” reactions – no facial expression, twitchy – killed me.

  20. […] Have no idea what Moon is talking about? That’s cause you haven’t read our interview with Kellan, Ashley & Jackson with our fansite pals at Comic Con. Check it out below. And then when you’re done, make sure you don’t miss our coverage of the EPIC online reaction to last night’s BIG NEWS. (And read about the Break Up Kit we created for Rob!) […]

  21. Michelle says:

    Anyone else afraid Mr. Sensitive (which I love…) will become a drunken addict manwhore now? I’m scared.

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      Why, would that be so bad? Don’t we love drunken Rob here?

      • Michelle says:

        Jelly…you are correct. Drunken Rob is awesome. I’m talking about drunken addict manwhore. The whole schabang. My life is over…my true love screwed me over…blah blah blah. Must…hope…for…the…best…

  22. kat says:

    Assuming this news is true: Is she fucking BLIND? You’re going to cheat on Robert-the walking orgasm-Pattinson? Damn. I didn’t even know that was an option.

  23. Nola79 says:

    Oh it is true. Public apology from Crispy Crusty herself
    “”I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday.

    • purplescool says:

      She loves him…REALLY? ‘Cause last time I checked, real love didn’t include cheating on your significant other – with a married father no less!

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      What a completely shitty, self-serving apology. She’s sorry she got caught, sorry she’s screwed up BD2 promo and sorry that her fans are seeing her true self (the smart ones, anyway). And she pulls an “I love him!” out of her ass when she desperately needs it lolol. Because she does need him-without his charm and class she’s just an egotistical, no class Hollywood brat. Oh, and a homewrecker.

      • Nola79 says:

        Rob is the person she respects the most? She was respecting the $**t out of Rob while that married dude was downtown. This has seriously given me a headache. I must step away.

    • Renie says:

      The only thing she, who won’t be named, is sorry for is realizing she put a bullet in her career. Her fan base surely won’t be supporting any future projects with her in it. Any attempt at a reconciliation is suspect.

  24. southernbelle says:

    I used to kind of like Kristen but I’ve lost all of that after hearing about this news. Then she made a public apology today. It sounds so awkward that it really does sound like her! She’s a cheater and a bitch and Rob deserves better! Now she declares her undying love for Rob? I hope Rob dumps her ass. And that Rupert man, I hope his wife dumps his ass too! I hate cheaters.

    Poor Rob and Poor Liberty and the 2 children. Kristen if you know what’s best for you, just go and disappear for a while. No one wants to see you or hear your lame half-ass apology. I’m no longer your fan.


  25. niahid says:

    Although this can not turn my attention to the horrific colorado shooting. My heart goes to the victims and family. God bless them.
    Rob will find someone who deserves him and he deserves her. Good woman for a good man.

  26. Wannaeffrob says:

    She’s an idiot. Plain and simple. Who cheats on the hottest man on the planet!? Really, really stupid

  27. Alice_NaA says:

    Yay for Robsten gossip!
    On a different note. It really bugs me how this director’s wife is dishing Kristen on twitter. I find it so tacky to blame the other woman instead of your own man.

    • Nelle says:

      Really. And I’m not defending her- but she is still relatively young while that a–hole director is 41 – old enough to know better. And married with children.

  28. Tink says:

    I’m sorry, gals, I haven’t been back in months because frankly, things were just so damn boring….hey, it’s great to be back with some excitement once again! Love the HP fort, you make me laugh so much. I have to admit, Rob was gettin’ pretty boring, so let’s see single Rob out there like in good ole days…2008? He’s too young to settle down (‘cept with one of you ladies)

    Anyway, I knew I could come here and find plenty of snark…

    • ForkHead says:

      I don’t know whether I believe any of it or not. But Rob needs another road trip with his boys They can cruise through my neighborhood, I’d give them a couch to sleep on!

  29. melanie says:

    i why like to know why, if she was gonna cheat with any one on that movie set, wasn’t it Thor?? or even Charlize?? i mean she cheated on the pretty!!

  30. melanie says:

    i would* not why!! this is how distraught i am over this whole thing!! #ivemissed2009fandom

  31. mine!mine!mine! says:


    *pulls up chair, gets comfy*

    i haven’t been over here for a while, and have just become aware of this bit of interesting news. You could have knocked me down with…..well you know how it goes. All i can say is how the arsing crap can someone be that fecking stupid and how for the love of all things holy did she manage to get caught when you can’t find a flipping picture to save your life of her and Rob even holding hands never mind kissing and groping. AMAZING!! and kinda ironic.

    Anyway once I heard I hotfooted it over here to see what was going on and to get the latest news. I have to say i’ve missed this site, it kept me entertain for months at one point and was directly responsible for me lose at least one job!

    Note to self: remember to visit on a more regular basis.

  32. dazzledtodeath says:

    I’ve been waiting YEARS for this bitch to stop sucking the life out of Rob (no sucking jokes pls) but I never dreamed she’d fuck herself over as thoroughly as she has. The fandom IS fun again!

  33. pukesten says:

    aaaaaaand we’re back …..

    couldn’t have written this more perfectly if I had a pre reader and beta…. this is brilliant (except for the wife and children whose world has been devastated, but let’s be real we came to LTR to talk about SWSNBN….)

    I think everything’s already been said but I just want to point out how in her statement she confirmed the relationship for the first time ever…. after years of insulting our intelligence and treating him with borderline disdain at times in public too keep her “private life private,”… now she decides to make public that which she’s claimed for years was none of the publics business …. the irony and hypocrisy is astounding!!!!


  34. pukesten says:

    aaaaaaand we’re back …….

    couldn’t have written this more perfectly if I had a pre reader and beta…. this is brilliant (except for the wife and children whose world has been devastated, but let’s be real we came to LTR to talk about SWSNBN….)

    I think everything’s already been said but I just want to point out how in her statement she confirmed the relationship for the first time ever…. after years of insulting our intelligence and treating him with borderline disdain at times in public too keep her “private life private,”… now she decides to make public that which she’s claimed for years was none of the publics business …. the irony and hypocrisy is astounding!!!!


  35. Silverdragon says:

    Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU LTR and all you awesome commenters, for making this awkward and also a little bit sad day sooooo much more fun.


  36. purplescool says:

    For someone who so stridently avoids being photographed like its the plague, why on earth would she be so damn stupid as to be with this man in a public place where she had to know there could be papparazzi (there could always be papparazzi)? Unless perhaps she was hoping to get caught…I mean really, in all these years we don’t even see one picture of her and
    Rob standing too close together, yet she makes out with some man in a car?! What the hell is that?!… And what the crud is this 41 year old BOY doing?! Yes, mister you’re a boy…real MEN – married men with kids, no less, don’t fool around with girls who are young enough to be their daughters. Uck…the whole thing is so gross…

    • pukesten says:

      exactly she’s handed it to the media/pubic on a plate!! she must subscribe strongly to theres no such thing as bad publicity ….

      • ForkHead says:

        This is kind of why I think the whole thing is fakish. Is she that stoopid? I remember on one of the MTV award shows Rob kind of reached for her hand and she shook it away but then this? Did they do it on purpose?

      • purplescool says:

        And one last thought…for someone who wants privacy and doesn’t want the papparrazzi following her, she made sure they’ll do just that forever. They’ll want to make sure they don’t miss out on anything – she made that photographer’s salary for the year.

        • Thec says:

          I haven’t been reading LTR for awhile,but the minute this sh*t hit the fan(s),this was the first place I had to be!!!! I haven’t laughed this hard for a very long time (3yrs maybe),the truth is out and Rob can actually be a real person again!!! Hang in there Robby there is light at the end of the twilight tunnel and please make sure that “she” moves all her stuff out of the beautiful house that YOU bought and will you be taking applications for a new cook soon????

  37. kandnandb says:

    *peeks in*

    IT’S OLD HOME WEEK!!!!!! HUGS FOR ALL. Totally gonna party like it’s 2009. (Doesn’t quite have the same ring as 1999 but whatever.)

    I don’t even think I have a comment, just wanted to take in the deliciousness.

  38. Amanda Propaganda says:

    Did you see in her “heartfelt apology” that she said her picture being splashed all over the magazine making out with the director has “jeopardized” her relationship with Rob. “Jeopardized” it. Not destroyed it. Not ended it. Her cheating has put her relationship it “at risk.” ?!?! That means when her people were told that she just made the news for cheating on him in public place (Jesus, you’re Kristen Stewart…you didn’t know the paparrazzi follow you around? REALLY?!?) and she told Rob, he didn’t leave her. He may leave her. Yes. It could happen. But he hasn’t already.

    What could possibly, after this, keep him there if he isn’t ass over teakettle in love with her?

    They may not ultimately survive this, but for unknown reasons, Robsten still is. Believe it.

    Rob, my love, please. Let her go. You can do so much better. Trust me.

  39. purplescool says:

    I realized why this whole thing bugs me so much (aside from the obvious reasons), and it’s that every interview I’ve ever seen of her, she goes on and on about being genuine, and real, and true, and honest, and yet here she’s done something so dishonest and false.

    • Amanda Propaganda says:

      Hey purplescool…I know this might be a newsflash, but I’d bet money she cheated on Oregano too…possibly with Rob. Once a cheater… Also, I don’t believe for half a second this is the first time she hooked up with that Rupert guy. Did you see the pic of him kissing her shoulder?!? Please. They’ve totally been doing it for a minute. The touching between them–when she treats Rob like he’s got cooties–is FAR too intimate. And whose to say this is the first time she’s cheated on Rob? It’s just the first time she got caught.

      Finally, we can trash Kristen on this site. I’m back after a long absence cuz I got sick of getting thumbed down for trashing her. Cuz she totally deserved. And now you all see.

      • purplescool says:

        I hear you…I guess I naively bought into the whole “I’m so not into the Hollywood fake-bullsh*t-I-need-attention-lifestyle-cause-I’m-a-real-down-to-earth-person” persona she put out there, when in reality, she’s as fake as everyone else. For someone who wants to keep her private life private, she sure slammed him publicly.

      • GoWithIt says:

        Amanda Propaganda I like how you upgraded it from a “fleeting moment” to “doing it for a minute”.

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      Well I have just read some article from a month ago where she was complaining about how boring her life was and that she just wanted something bad to happen because you learn from bad things and that she wanted to get f**ked over (i’m para phrasing now though she did say she wanted to get f**ked over|) well I supposed she got her wish, daft bint.

      • purplescool says:

        Didn’t read/know about that interview, but she certainly got her wish. Stupid, stupid girl. Too young and inexperienced to know that this is not the right way you go about getting excitement in your life (or maybe it is…I guess it depends on the kind of excitement you’re looking for).

        Once I complained to my mom that my life was “boring” and she replied “boring can good…it means everyone you love is healthy and your life is peaceful.”

      • Jamie says:

        Oh god, I remember that interview! My first thought after reading it? Efffff you ya spoiled little princess! There are so many people in this world that have spent their lives suffering because of situations beyond their control. Those that complain that their lives have been too easy need to trade places with someone for a week. Go live at a womens shelter for a few days, suround yourself with the abused and starved woman and children. Go for a month with a maximum income of $500, and get all your food only from food shelves. Then go back to your perfect little world and see how amazingly lucky you are.

        Fun fact: my boyfriend knows there are only a few actors/actresses I cannt

      • Jamie says:

        Oh god, I remember that interview! My first thought after reading it? Efffff you ya spoiled little princess! There are so many people in this world that have spent their lives suffering because of situations beyond their control. Those that complain that their lives have been too easy need to trade places with someone for a week. Go live at a womens shelter for a few days, suround yourself with the abused and starved woman and children. Go for a month with a maximum income of $500, and get all your food only from food shelves. Then go back to your perfect little world and see how amazingly lucky you are.

        Fun fact: my boyfriend knows there are only a few actors/actresses I cannot stand. He asked me why I dislike her so much. I tried to explain her personality but ended up just saying “here, let me show you.” Looked for an interview and clicked on the first one I found, which happened to be that one. His responce? “Wow, I totally get it now.”

      • neneluvsrob4ever says:

        I read that article while shopping. I thought about buying it, but I thought, nah, I’m not going to spend $6.00 for a magazine with just Kristen without Rob.

    • blvr says:

      Agreed! I kind of respected that she was so different from young Hollywood, but turns out she’s just another cliche. I’m not going to hold this against her, sh*t happens, people make DUMBASS choices when they are 22. But I’m sure not going to be admiring her independent spirit and genuineness anymore. But hey on the flip side, she really can act!

      • purplescool says:

        I agree with you. And you know what else? No one will remember this Rupert guy in 5 minutes, but she will forever be the girl who cheated on Robert Pattinson.

      • Amanda Propaganda says:

        Yeah…see…I think her acting is horrendous. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. I’ve yet to see her be good in anything. I thought she was god awful in SWATH. They say she’s good in On the Road. Skeptical. How would she all of a sudden pull good acting out when it hasn’t happened before? Doubtful.

  40. Janetrigs says:

    Two Words: DRUNK RON

  41. mine!mine!mine! says:

    just been looking around the little shop and having a good old giggle re. some of the t-shirts and other stuff. I do like stuff!

    My fav is still the BIJ t-shirt and I still want the ceramic coffee mug and now i want the boy shorts. Oh goodness I’ve missed this site.

    BIJ….Best. Picture. Ever…EVER!

  42. southernbelle says:

    Remember, was it a month ago or so when Kstew said in an interview that her life was so perfect and wish it would fuck up because she has everything so easy? Well there you go Kristen, now you’re fucked up and in so much hot water.

    • Kat says:

      My only hope is whether he forgives her or not…he still
      MOVES ON! He deserves better than a fake and a homewrecker.

      Jeez, she acts like she can’t hardly stand Rob in public then makes out with her boyfriend in the middle of the day in a car??????? Didn’t want to fork out the money for a hotel, there Kris?

      I swear she did it on purpose. She will probably come back in a week or so and say it was all some type of social experiment or something. Disgusting.

      • southernbelle says:

        Rob better move on because if he doesn’t, then I am done with him too. There’s only so much excuses I can make. He’s an adult and he’s responsible for his own life.

  43. OhRob says:

    Oh, God, I miss 2009. Best year ever. Well, first part of the year anyway. Before the Robsten.

    But, it seems little bit fishy that SHE got caught with this guy, and there is not THAT much PDA evidence with her and Rob in the last 4 years!
    (maybe they really were just friends…lol)

    Now I’m thinking it’s all staged up. Because, let’s be honest, R/K became really boring. or Maybe SWATH studio is paying them to do that, to gain popularity for SW2. She already got all the money from the Summit, now she needs to get some more from that other studio… (also, up until now nobody knew about this Rupert guy

    Also, KStew and the public statements don’t go together.
    She never publicly said Rob is her boyfriend but now says she loves him, loves him. (puke)
    (I know her PR wrote that but still)

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks…

    • roslynselene says:

      ^THIS. Exactly what I was thinking. I cannot wait to see what happens next. OMG this is better than Twilight. I did not see ANY of this coming.

      BRING IT, BD2 PROMO. I wasn’t going to be there but now you can bet your ass I will watch every. single. interview. Which is what I’m guessing Summit wants, right?

      • ForkHead says:

        EXACTLY what they want!

      • Amanda Propaganda says:

        You think she would agree to let them destroy her publicly to promote a movie?!? Especially when she can’t be bothered to ever properly promote a movie without flipping someone off or scowling or dropping f-bombs galore. People are calling her a slut. On a global scale. I can’t imagine why she would allow this or sign on for it.

        I can’t see this as a publicity stunt. For what? To sell a movie that’s sold, Breaking Dawn 2. To sell SWATH2? The first old sold fine without all these shenanigans. How does this benefit anyone? He comes out smell like roses (though now people are saying she’s his beard…cuz her controlling behavior during that relationship have been sooooo emasculating for him) and she comes out smelling like…well, like herself. I think she just got caught. And the apology where she admits she loves him? Baffling. And the most self-serving apology ever written. And baffling.

        • roslynselene says:

          Well, she clearly does not give a rat’s ass what people think of her. She’s said it before, I think. And to be honest, I’m not here to explain or try to even but my head around what happened. I’m just here for the LOL’s. 🙂

  44. Rob's Zombie says:

    Hi everybody!!!!!!!!! This is so weird, I feel really bad for Rob!! I also feel happy that maybe he can start to be himself again her surliness seems catchy sometimes;( he needs a girl who smiles giggles and laughs!!! He’s too sweet to waste on her have y’all read the interview in sept Blackbook mag? Go take a look at the pics too;) y’all van thank me later! Kisses xo

  45. ForkHead says:
    Team Emma- this is who he should be with (only because I am already married)

  46. JenlovesRob says:

    Oh how I’ve missed you all!

  47. Pattygirl says:

    If anyone going to make excuses or in denial for that tramp, look at the pics than comeback. They hump while in the car and while standing up by the fence, I am suprised they were not caught with their pants down, or US weekly has 13yrs rating?

    This is the 1st time they got caught, hyprocite bitch, don’t bring Rob name to your mess.

    KS = slut , skank, whore, ho, trash ,tramp, bitch…………..anyone can fill in the blanks…

    Rob, time for your team to introduce you to that pretty victoria secret model that had a crush on you

    • southernbelle says:

      I agree on the choice pickings of names for Kstew! Kslut!

    • southernbelle says:

      I bet there are more risque pics but was never posted. And btw, one of the pics inside the car looks like Rupert was sucking on her breasts! Sick and disgusting. Imagine Rob and the wife seeing those pics.

  48. itsaboutthewords says:

    Gosh, I was just starting to like and respect K.Stew and all of her f*** superficiality baggage…but now this.

    I can’t get my head around the fact that her public image just took a complete 180 – first she prides herself on not giving a f*** (cuz it’s K.Stew and she secretly wants to be a sailor alongside Johnny Depp) about the press and then she uses it to possibly send a message to Rob, that she could have just sent with a sad face in a text message like the rest of us.

    Then, there’s the fact that those pictures aren’t THAT incriminating (except for the “I think I dropped my chopsticks between your thighs, let me go look for them” picture) and don’t warrant an apology from her. Ok, I take that back maybe those photos really are incriminating.

    I just hope Rob decides to take you girls up on your offer or heads home to London. What Kristen is really putting at risk is not necessarily her relationship with Rob, but the potential future-daughter-in-law of Dick status. Why would any sane person give THAT up?

    • Tink says:

      Yeah, who’d give up being Dick’s daughter-in-law for God’s sake???? I love my own, but Dick…he seems like a charmer!

      Yes, I, too, hope our beloved gets the hell out of Dodge (LA) and returns to the streets of London, where he belongs. LA Rob just doesn’t seem happy and I’m sure he’s even unhappier today.

      So, Rob dear, Go home, find a nice girl who IS NOT AN ACTRESS, and make a new life. Go on vacation, sit on a beach in Greece, comb the bars of southern Spain. JUST GO. FAR FAR AWAY from the stupidness of LA.

      That way, when you come back rested and tan, we’ll be so happy to see you survived and thrived. DON’T BE THE VICTIM here, just leave her ass behind. Better things are waiting for you. Make her squirm (and not in a good way, either!)

      My fear is that he will forgive her, take her back, and then he immediately becomes another cuckolded Hollywood man, held at bay by some chick’s hoohah.

      You’re a better man than that, Rob Pattinson!

      • Thec says:

        Do you think Vegas will start taking bets on “Will he or Will he not” take her back? You guys should start a pool…..I’m in for 5 bucks he won’t….

      • OhRob says:

        I’m afraid that if he takes her back I will loose respect for him. I mean, how can he thrust her ever again?!
        And they seemed so happy lately. She even starts smiling like she means it. No more sourpuss.

        We were all wrong about one thing: she IS a very good actress. Looking at very recent ComicCon and TCA videos, who would suspect there is ANYTHING wrong in Robsten world?

        I was surprised seeing picture and videos of her from Cannes red carpet, especially in her red dress…half showing her breasts, all confident and like looking from above, full of herself. I thought “well, she surely grew up, doesn’t give a shit of what anybody thinks (but this time really), she is proud she is there and with ROB, they are now like a golden couple…”
        But is seems to me now that that CONFIDENCE didn’t suddenly come from Rob and their relationship but from the boost she got from another man.

        Not related, but I’ve been thinking sometimes what Rob thinks of her moms tattoos, (#That’s Normal > me going there not her tattoos!) knowing he once said to a fan about getting a tattoo “Don’t do it!”

        And, who for God’s sake cheats on HHH?!

  49. emt says:

    My only concern is if Rob gets to keep Bear.

  50. ItsJustMe says:

    Well shoot! I hate being wrong about them faking their relationship until the BD2 premiere.

    I have zero respect for married people who cheat on their spouses, and I have zero respect for people who get involved with a married person. Sheesh, they didn’t even try to hide it…

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