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We’re just two friends on opposite coasts. Themoonisdown (Moon) lives in the west and UnintendedChoice (UC) lives in the east. One thing bridges the gap of ALL that divides us and that is our love obsession acute fondness respect for Robert Pattinson!

In December of 2008 after confiding in each other about our extreme and confusing love for the Twilight books, the led actor in the movie adaptation and after having watched that hour long Vanity Fair behind the scenes video together, we decided it was time to take our thoughts to the internet. And a blog… nee, a movement, was born!

We decided to write a letter every day to Rob to show our own unique take on this obsession that so many people were just starting to feel about the guy who happened to play Edward Cullen in Twilight. We’d frequented many fan sites but never found anything that spoke to us and our sense of humor because, let’s face it, a couple twenty-somethings obsessed with a sorta dirty dude from Britian and a young adult novel about vampires is a bit odd. So we decided to share our special brand of humor and snark with the world because we knew if we were obsessed than there had to other “normal” girls (and guys) like us out there.

And there were. First just a few at the beginning and then a few more and then as the months went on we found a following of funny, awesome, like minded readers who “got” what we were trying to do. We are a blog that writes about Robert Pattinson from a different point of view. We are not a fansite that delivers just the news or has a big photo gallery. There are many fansites out there who do that better than we ever could (check out our special friends). We’re here to write about our thoughts, our feelings and our crazy and sometimes unexplainable love of Robert Pattinson and here we are over a year later still writing about him every day.

Themoonisdown and UnintendedChoice

Do you want to write a letter?
Write something funny- or make it serious. Or maybe it’s just really sad, depressing and super obsessive. It can be about anything Rob-related. Do you love that torn up Stoli shirt he’s sewn together with a hotel sewing kit? Do you want to tell Rob he should only be seen in top hats and black v neck shirts (been there done that!)? Have a bone to pick with him for leaving Tom Sturridge all alone in England by himself? Whatever you wish- we wanna hear it! Send all submissions to letterstotwilight@gmail.com for consideration. Oh, and do you have a deep love/hate for those Twilight books? Then visit us at letterstotwilight.com

Don’t forget to check out our FAQs for all the answers to life’s most important questions!

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