Stuff my guy says about Rob

Dear Rob,

Tonight I was creating the perfect birthday card for my girl Cole’s 30th birthday, and it included my all time favorite picture of you:


As I was printing out the card, Mr. D (my husband) said “Ew, he looks gross.” To which I reponded, “WHAT? This is my favorite picture of Rob.” Then he said, and I quote:

He looks like a “Knight-Rider-era” David Hasselhoff

I about died. And immediately googled the following image for your enjoyment:


I’m not seeing the similarities and no matter what your German fans tell you, that’s a good thing!


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Stuff my guy says about Rob: Julie-style!

Dear Rob,

Julie has to be the luckiest girl around. (Of course, she’d be even luckier if she actually had YOU, but her husband seems really great.) I don’t think you guys met- he did sound mixing for Twilight, and the day you went in to re-do your lines, he wasn’t working.  And you also seemed to miss out on meeting him (and Julie!) at the cast & crew wrap party AND the cast and crew screening! (Um, how did you miss both of those events?)

So, bummer that you and Julie’s hubby didn’t become BFFs because Julie could’ve introduced you to me and theMoonisDown and everyone else, but I still think her husband seems really great. I mean, he took this picture for her!

Julie's sweet husband, holding up the sign!

Julie's sweet husband, holding up the sign!

Okay so Julie said he actually QUOTES Edward’s lines to her, plus does an impression of YOU singing! *Swoon*! I think I’m gonna start a “letterstojulieshusband” blog soon!

Read more about what Julie’s guy says about you after the jump! Continue…

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Stuff my husband says about Rob

Introducing our new series: “Stuff my husband says about Rob.” Mostly because, well, they just don’t get it, do they?

Dear Rob,

After explaining my very hilarious post about Rob and Sam Bradley to him, Mr. Choice (who is my husband, of course) asked who Sam was. I answered “Rob’s best friend.” He responded:

I thought Krum was his best friend?

OMG. I momentarily forget my obsessi, er love for you and laughed so hard at his cute, sweet face.

rob-and-krum-bffsIn his defense, we had just watched The Goblet of Fire so it wasn’t so random that he made that connection!

He wants me to specify that I found this picture online and did not create it myself.  I think he’s worried that I come across as too obsessed with you (shh, it’s our secret just how deep my love runs. What’s that? Oh yes, how deep OUR love runs, sorry sweetie)

me (UnintendedChoice) xo

What funny things have your husbands/boyfriends/lesbian lovers had to say about Rob? (by the way, I don’t know if we have a lesbian Rob fan yet.. so if you’d like to be our first…) Comment below or e-mail us and maybe you’ll be featured in a future post! 

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