We’re so glad you found us here at Letters to Rob. We like to think you’re here because of the humor we, theMoonisDown and UnintendedChoice, bring you every day, but we realize it may have a little something to do with a guy named Robert Pattinson. It’s okay. We’ll survive. However we’re pretty sure that you won’t survive without knowing some really important things about our site. And if you’re new, you’ve missed out on some jokes that were started long ago (if you don’t have a life and like to read the archives, there’s some pretty hilarious stuff there) Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions, and we’ve included a glossary at the end that links to the first time we mentioned something that we now mention a lot. Happy Rob-loving!

1. Does Rob read this site? Yes*

2. My best friend Samantha told me Rob Pattinson is her boyfriend and they went out on Saturday, but I think she’s lying because my friend Andrea told me that her friend Kristen said she was at Caroline’s sleepover. Can you just tell me if Rob Pattinson is going out with a girl named Samantha? Sure. Rob is going out with your friend named Samantha. But tell Caroline to tell Kristen to tell Andrea to mind her own business. (we didn’t make this up. We’ve received this e-mail at least 7 times)

3. Why are you the coolest Rob fan site out there? Because we’re inspired by kittens. (Don’t get the joke? Go here) oh and because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We laugh. A lot. And get 2nd-hand embarrassed

4. Are you fans of Robsten? Hell no. Or yes. Or maybe. We dunno- we don’t care. Rob’s too hot for someone not to be f*cking him (that’s “flicking” him. We’d never say that other word…)

5. How much money do you make running your incredibly professional blog? We support ourselves full-time by running this little site. It’s a hard sacrifice to make, but we both pull in roughly $89K annually. Actually that’s not true. So far the blog has cost us money. But it’s okay. We do it for fun, not money. You will see ads from time to time on our site. But those just cover the costs of running our two blogs & forum. We are always looking for advertisers so if you would like to advertise on our site, e-mail us. Seriously. Please. We haven’t eaten in like 3 days and are really getting hungry…

*We have no idea. Rob, if you read this site, please call us so we can give you a list of things you should be doing other than reading our site…


  • Breaking it down Vanity Fair style: Sometimes you just gotta have really serious conversations about really non-serious stuff. Like a new trailer for one of Rob’s movies, or a picture of Rob picking his nose. We call this break down style “Vanity-Fair Style” because breaking down that 1 hour long shadily-recorded video of the first Twilight cast (and specifically Rob & Kristen) Vanity Fair photo-shoot was how we got our start with LTR
  • Dadcase: Ever seen those pictures of Rob with that huge-as-crap briefcase? Besides Rob has the only man you’ve EVER seen with a briefcase that big been your DAD? Well, that’s where we get Rob’s Dadcase from!
  • Dick Pattinson: Rob’s dad, traditionally known as Richard Pattinson, but we gave him that pet name. Cause when the nickname for “Richard” is “Dick,” you know we can’t let that one slide.
  • LTR: stands for (wait for it…) Letters to Rob
  • Robert Pattinson: Um, go away if you really don’t know.
  • RobPorn: Have you seen that book, Porn for Women? Yeah, it’s that idea except with pictures of Rob where he’s doing stuff like vacuuming, planting flowers and ironing- you know all kinds of things that turn old 68 year old women on. We actually stole the idea from the BEST SITE that has ever existed: Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling. We bow to their genius.
  • TammyO: Tammy is the one and only commenter we banned. She said some pretty awful things to our readers & we don’t stand for that. So we give her what she wants- attention- and talk about her all.the.time. She’s kind of the mascot for haters.
  • That’s Normal: A phrase we accidentally came up with but have adopted to justify our lifestyle. EVERYTHING is Normal on LTR… well, almost everything.
  • The Jitterbug Phone: Old people have one, and apparently so does Rob. If that’s not a jitterbug phone, the last time we saw a phone that big was in 1996
  • TomStu: Tom Sturridge- Rob’s soul-mate in a man.
  • Roblosophy: The philosophy of Rob Pattinson. We wear tweed (Edward’s serious outfit in New Moon) and get serious.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Email us!

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