Special Friends

These are people or sites that we just love SO much- some of them have even become dear bloggy friends. They didn’t ask us to link to them, and they might not even be linking back, but we just can’t help ourselves. Go ahead. Fall in love with them. We have.

ROBsessed Pattinson Pattinson Anonymous

My Robert Pattinson Rob Nipulations

The Pattinson Project Spunk Ransom Twi-Mobile

Robert Pattinson Facebook Fanpagerobpattzlovers

Other Great Sites

Allergic to Robert Pattinson
HitFix: The Twilight Saga
Pattinson Patrol

Sites we Miss

Random Acts of Rob Rob My World

We’d love to link to your Rob-centric site. Throw one of our buttons up on your site & E-mail us and we’ll add you!

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