Open Weekend Post: Hosted by Rob, Kristen and Stroller Dad in the airport

Dear Rob,

I’m sure at the time being followed to the airport and having a camera shoved in your mug was annoying. Then seeing Kristen almost fall took a Herculean effort to suppress the inappropriate giggle that always comes from those situations but what about the totally unassuming Dad with the stroller? He just volunteered to take the baby for a stroll while the wifey got some mags from the newsstand and whammo he’s in the middle of Robsten Airport gate… his reaction is pretty stellar. Of course this is all made better by some funny person who put this all to the Benny Hill music. I found this over in the forum the other day and thought even you could get a kick out of it.

Now I’m off to camp in the great wilderness of California. Stop laughing! It’s true!

PS if you’re not a member of the forum you should be, you could be seeing gems like this every day!

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Mile high club

Dear rob-

My plane’s delayed at the airport and I can’t help but think & hope you won’t be by yourself on xmas in la. If you are, proceed directly to the burbank airport and go home with me. My family will make you laugh, and my mom will feed you amazing food till you explode and I will deny ever writing this blog. No harm no foul right?

So what do you say? Bring your one jacket and that silly hat and let’s leave this sad little town for beautiful sunny arizona- land of swimming pools and retirees.

Merry xmas-

Ps i’ll meet you in the plane bathroom

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Back together at last

Dear Rob-

I hear you’re back in LA now (we were at LAX on the same day, we shoulda carpooled!)… just so you know don’t be alarmed if you hear any kind of scratching noises outside your window… that’s just me trying to break through the screen.

Sleep tight!

PS wanna go with me to laugh at Jackson‘s band play the 24k on Tuesday?

pics at Just Jared

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