Stuff my guy friend says about Rob and Twilight

"themoonisdown loves wee men" (guys friends caption)

"themoonisdown loves wee men" (guy friend's Facebook caption) and of course only a GUY could get that ghetto action figure to stand up

Dear Rob-

Apparently, lots of guys have seen the movie Twilight and are reading the books now… unfortunately, they’re just not talking about it like we are here at LTR and LTT. You think you and Chris Weitz and the Summit marketing dept could have a little heart to heart before this all starts again and butch it up a bit this time around to let dudes know it’s ok to watch this movie? Let ’em know that it’s not all screaming fangirls and lovely dovey teen romance moments?! Sure WE, the girls, love all that stuff, but what about the werewolf action, the vampire hunting, fixing up motorcycles, cliff diving and hot chicks driving PORCHES for God’s sake? Show THAT stuff in your trailers, movie posters and talk show clips, and the boys will gladly tag along, I swear!

Also, could you please talk to your friend KStew about her acting skills? After chatting with my guy friend, and without ANY prompting from me, he says that she totally bombs her performance, citing the “blinking and stuttering.”

So, if you have a few moments, maybe you could bring up some of these points with your studio bosses and director… it would be really cool to take my guy friends with me to see New Moon… and I have a lot of dude friends, so more money in every one’s pockets! We all win! Oh, and you should meet this guy friend, you’d be good pals I know it!

"the hot future seeing chick and her boyfriend" - my guy friend

"the hot future seeing chick and her boyfriend" - my guy friend

So… just to set this up below here, Rob, cause it’s a smidge long, my guy friend was in my office and saw the Edward doll and proceeded to take pictures of it and posted it on my facebook. It actually turned out really neato and this was our resulting convo…

SEE Rob, guys really ARE talking about you and Twilight!
Me (themoonisdown)

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You, on my bed

eyes have been obscured to protect the innocent/slightly embarrassed

eyes have been obscured to protect the innocent/slightly embarrassed

Dear Rob-

You’ll never guess who I got mail from today… ALICE CULLEN. Seriously, I know, I was surprised too, who knew a fictional character could send mail to me and who knew said character was also miraculously living in the same town as ‘unintendedchoice!’ Crazy coincidences I know, but that is neither here nor there, what really matters is what precious jewel ‘alice’ sent me.

YES, it is a pillow with your face on it. and YES, it is totally creepy. AND YES I’ve already stuffed it with a pillow from my parents house and taken pictures with it. No, you should not be alarmed. Just mildly wigged out and freaked that your face has been licensed for use on home goods such as PILLOWS. You might want to re-read over that portion of your contract. Just FYI.

Can you imagine waking up to this thing? I mean you’re not going to be doing a ton of sleeping on this thing as it’s fabric is about the consistency of a stiff parachute. 180 thread count the packaging reads… uh not something to be proud of Twilight merch makers! It makes me feel a little weird… I can’t look at it in the eyes too long before I either get freaked out or start laughing uncontrollably. I am now the owner an Edward pillow and I am an adult.

Also this leads me to the introduction of a new reoccurring post here on ‘Letters to Rob’ which shall henceforth be named “Where in the world is the Edward pillow?” Sung, of course, to the tune of “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego.”

This week… PHOENIX, ARIZONA… where it all began (Twilight that is)!

XO and scratchy dreams!

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