This day in Rob in 2010

Rob, one year ago

Dear Rob,

Yep. It’s me again. You’ve got to be SO tired of me- especially after all the weeks we “had” together when Moon was gone. But today Moon is covering LTT (<—I can’t promise she posted yet today! She may have gone home with Big Daddy!) cuz she was at the Abduction premiere last night & has MANY stories to tell, so I’m DOING ROB again (you remember how that’s our favorite joke that hasn’t gotten old yet, even 2.5+ years in, right?).

And I got thinking “What was going on in “This day in Rob” one year ago? Cause I bet it was more interested than THIS DAY in Rob, today!” And it turns out that September 16, 2010 was one of our “off” days because we had switched to every other day posting by then. So I guess it was more boring. BUT on September 14, 2010 we had one of my favorite letters ever: What if Rob wasn’t Famous: The American Trucker Edition, where, inspired by your roadtrip with your “boys” to Lubbock, TX and a guitar & your fluffy beard, I decided you’d most likely be a trucker if you weren’t famous. And what does a trucker need? A profile on Trucker Passions, you know.. the social networking site for horny professional truckers. So I created one. A real one that was left live for approximately 2 days until the site owners, surprised by the sudden increase in web traffic, did some research & found their latest, bad-spelling trucker looking for love resembled that “vampire” from the Twilight movie. Sad for Rob the Trucker, who just wanted to “driv on da rode”

Try not to laugh at this, again (click to make bigger)

My rig is Big

Um “My Rig is Big!?”  I think that was the best thing I ever wrote. (I just read that out loud to Mr. Choice and he said “those were the glory days” True. They were)

And in case you’re feeling REALLY nostalgic, here is what Rob was up to in 2009. Apparently us begging you to come & do something interesting or “Bring back that lovin’ feeling” started way back even 2 years ago!


Yep. That’s ALL I got. Sorry, but when I researched a year ago, I laughed SO hard re-reading “What if Rob was an American Trucker” That I just HAD to re-post. We could ALL use some laughs at Rob’s expense again!!!

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