Is there no more good-bad Rob art out there!?

Dear Rob,

Do you know what I miss? Really bad fan art. Where did it go? We RARELY see those gems anymore. What happened to all the bad artists? Are they “over” you? Did they find out we’re making fun of them here on LTR? Did they move on to Justin Bieber fan art? But don’t they know how artsy crafts & household items are just begging to be crocheted upon with Jumping Rob? I spent a good 1/2 hour searching for “Really bad, absolutely horrid, Laughing my ass off hilarious Rob Fan Art” online and just didn’t find much.

My one January wish is just for one big LOL art piece like this one from last year:

Why aren’t people photo-shopping you as a fat guy anymore? Do they think we’ve seen it enough we’re no longer laughing? False. We’re laughing. Give Rob big cheeks & small eyes any day and you’re going to hear me laugh out loud. You know how I really want to see you, Rob? In Braces- I DARE one of you 9th grade art school drop outs to put some braces on Rob’s chompers.

Well, my search wasn’t completely hopefully. I did come across a drawing of you channeling a closeted lesbian from the 1800s.

And of course anytime someone draws you as “Drag Queen Rob” it brings in the major laughs:

and I can’t figure out what happened here. It looks like you but……I’m pretty sure this is after you went gay & became the headliner on the Gay Christian singing tour (it exists. Moon went to a show):

And while Etsy’s collection of Rob Pattinson crafts is now down to only TWELVE (twelve!? Was there a big flea market at the Catholic church lately and you all ran out of crafts? Come ON people!), there are still a few gems: Got a new sweater for Christmas? Here’s the PERFECT accessory to Jazz it up!

Do you have deep dark secrets that are only fitting to scribble in a creepy journal? Are YOU the one who keeps sending flowers to Claire Pattinson on every holiday? Did you somehow end up with a 2010 Pattinson family Christmas candid shot with the help of a ladder, mirrors & a black mask? Then THIS journal is for you:

(in other news, THIS journal of hers I actually like!)

And my personal favorite of the finds: I call this one “Rob Pattinson does Coccaine”

And of course this one is called: “Mommy needs to keep the pencils away from her child when she’s talking under her breath about how “If Mr. Pattinson was your daddy, he would always do the things you’re REAL daddy doesn’t do” and thinks her child isn’t listening”

While the aren’t the gems of 2009 & 2010, really bad Rob art is still out there for our pleasure, thankfully!


Have I been in a black hole? Or is Good/Bad Rob art really harder & harder to find? Have YOU seen anything good/bad lately?

Oh ps, I found all of this by googling “Rob Pattinson Fan art”

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