Rob Shave His Head? Whaaaa?

Well what the HALE do we have here?

Dear Rob,

Did you shave half of your big ol head? If not, I am very confused because from different angles it looks like you either got into a hair cutting fight or you have a secret case of alopecia. OOOORRRR your rumored male pattern baldness got out of control on the Comospolis set, so you took to wearing an Eric Packer wig while this is what’s been under that fabulous hair doo all this time.

Ok, so maybe there are more rational explanations for this new look than the disease that Kaitlin from the OC’s horse had. Or maybe Nikki Reed was moving again and needed more boxes and your help…

  • Did you lose a bet with Dean on how many pairs of underwear and hotel keycards would be left at your trailer? You guessed 9 and Dean guessed 910239124344. He won by not going over. You lost and felt the cold steel of a clipper on your noggin.
  • You bet Sam Bradley that his moles had not moved his you last saw him. He bet they did. You lost, they moved 2 inches. To be closer to the hoop earring.
  • You bet your non existent publicist that Star/OK/Gossip Cop/E!/Robsten/Nonsten people would not come up with any crazy stories about you and your personal life during filming. You bet no. Your non existent publicist won. Do you even read this site??? Do you even get DM’s from Gossip Cop? No? You’re better off.

You missed like 23 spots

  • You bet us that you could explain the origins of the bear skin rug, Dick, Jumping Rob, Big Daddy and Jorts using LTR/LTT  faster than we could. We lost… you know these sites better than we do but you shaved your head any way just to give us something to talk about. THANK YOU!

But really, why the lopsided shave? And  why were fans waiting till 5AM??? I mean I love you and all Rob but REALLY?? No. I don’t do early mornings.

Happy Monday to us all!

Would you… or HAVE you waited to 5AM to see Rob? Why the weird partially shaved head? What bet do you think he lost?

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