Rob is moved by UC’s Birthday!

Dear Rob,

Today is UC’s birthday… I had a bunch of “video chats” over at LTT with the Twi crew (and some others) and what they should get UC for her birthday and well duh we chatted too and here’s how it went down…

ROB! Dude, it’s our girls birthday!

I KNOW… I know, I’m pumped too, but you gotta contain yourself we got some stuff to figure out… like what are we getting her… and by WE, I really mean you.


ROB! Rob. Clearly, you haven’t been over to LTT today because you have some massive shoes to fill… Taylor did a flip, Kellan was pretty much naked and then got Paul Wesley to show up, Nikki Reed did some Deb moves and I can’t even tell you what The Gos did… so I hope you’ve got some ideas…

No Rob. No.

NO ROB!! She definitely doesn’t want that!

Rob, hun… your vagina stomach just doesn’t scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY UC! Ya know what I mean?
Rob: Yes, it does…

So then Rob brought in some reinforcements…

I defs appreciate you and TomStu’s d’s in boxes because there is a wrapping paper and bow element… but maybe let’s keep thinking…
So then Rob throw on his Art wig and sweater… and unibrow…

Rob… UC appreciates two eyebrows and personal grooming…

Ok, ok, ok Rob… let’s pull this together… her birthday is RIGHT NOW. We need your best ideas… and GO…

Yes… why not indeed. Ok, you’re getting warmer here…

Yes, Rob we’re women, you should know better than to offer us that and not follow through. RUDE. So what are you going to get her???

I mean did you even SEE what Ryan Gosling did over on LTT??

GOOD JOB ROB! THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!  I guess if you can’t beat em, join em!


Rob and I love you lots more than gifs can ever explain. We hope you have the best day ever!


PS Go check out the Birthday partaaaaay over at Letters to Twilight!
Share your fave Rob gif for UC in the comments!
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It’s the very important birthday of a very important Rob-blogger

Dear Rob,

You don’t mind taking the backseat today while we celebrate the very super duper important birthday of my most favorite co-blogger ever, right? Good. (Just think of today like any other Wednesday so far in 2012!)

Dear Moon,

In celebration of your birthday today, I thought long & hard (TWSS) about the things you love in life. And I came up with this very extensive list: Hello Kitty, Rob, Music, Your Niece. <– (super impressive, huh?) Armed with my list in hand, I asked the girls of The Flat to create some original creations surrounding your favorite things. This was the result:

Hello Rob




Oh yeah, somehow Jackson snuck in here


We know how you like to Google things

Who doesn't like Mr. Darcy, Rob?

And of course if wouldn’t be from the girls of The Flat without a poem:

We’ like to say this clear and loud,
That you should feel so very proud,
This flat your very own creation,
Forged from your imagination,

You made a home you called Robs Flat,
Where we can meet to sit and chat,
Together we would like to say,
We wish you such a Happy Day!

Your birthday wish inside this ditty,
We hope is filled with Hello Kitty,
Champagne, and wine, and birthday cake,
And gifs of Ron and trouser snake,

Pics of puppies, favourite nieces,
and all the peeps you love to pieces,
And many more pics you can oogle,
Through an image search at Bing (!) or Google,

We wish you sunshine, luck and flowers,
Money, love and super powers,
Hugs and kisses, favourite food,
And funny jokes (both clean and rude.)

Belly laughs, Best Friends Forever,
Memories you’ll always treasure,
We wish you ALL of the above,
From all the Flat ladies, with love.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend & Twilight life partner Moon. May your day be filled with Hello kitty, babies, Rob, music & all the other things I forgot you like like Diet Coke & Taco Trucks. Love from everyone here at LTR (Rob too, I bet!)



Thanks to the gals at The Flat for their help specifically: JodieO, GuitarGirl, AmynKansas, Alexandra & everyone else!! XOXO

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25 things for Rob to do (for us) on his Birthday!

Dear Rob,

I would like the record to show that I had to google your birthday because I didn’t know whether my guess of 25 was right or not, but according to Wiki I was right. So what does your biggest fan (clearly) have to say to you on your birthday? Well I thought about it on my way to work this morning and all I could come up with for 25 is that you’re now allowed to legally, on your own, rent a car in the states. As a lady who is (a tad!) older than you, I’m sad to say this is the last of big milestone birthdays…

So since you’re now past the age of interesting birthdays we’ve come up with a list of 25 things we’d like to see you, Robert Pattinson do in the future…

  1. Have Tomstu help you shot gun a bud light while reading the latest chapter of War and Peace on your iPad. Multitasking!
  2. Write a Rob Pattinson Fan Fic
  3. Date someone interesting. At least for a few weeks, someone who flashes her vajayajay in the camera so we can write about it
  4. Decide to only wear short running shorts for an entire year. This way we can run a countdown till your thigh tan line disappears
  5. Become a big fan of REALLY classy and expensive foods that you have to buy from specialty shops. So instead of pics of you at circle k we see pics of you at the local wine and cheese shop stocking up on caviar and toast points. AAAAAanything so we dont have to write about hot pockets ever again!

    What’s a birthday without Dick?

  6. Take a hint from Taylor Lautner and make Dick Pattinson a producer on all your upcoming movies, insuring that we will see him at all premieres and that his retirement home will be extra posh. Dick is now able to produce movies about the history of hand gestures and classic cars. All of which you are forced to act or appear in, natch.
  7. In a few years when you’re not the biggest deal in the world, go on either Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba and do a children’s song about being “flippy” and uncoordinated.
  8. Begin training in your off time as an extreme down hill skiier/bob sledder/skate boarder/swimmer/ any sort of sport so that we can see you try to complete in next years Olympics
  9. Write a memoir of your short short life thus far. Include stories of how dorky you were in school and how you now crank call all the popular kids. Too bad you don’t realize everyone has caller id now and they know it’s you.

    Wait, has this happened?

  10. Lend your voice to a character on the Simpsons who happens to be an Edward Cullen type and woos Lisa (the Bella-type, duh)..
  11. Begin a Twitter account where you only follow and retweet Justin Bieber and RPattzNews tweets
  12. Convince Sam Bradley you’ve changed your style. Ask him to take you to Claire’s to get ONE ear pierced and then ask to borrow his blazer collection. Get photographed by the paparazzi. Become our hero.
  13. Actually adopt the Sam Bradley style. Make us very sad. Forever.
  14. Take up playing the banjo/mandolin/lap steel. Join some sort of country/bluegrass/Americana band and drive us even crazier.
  15. Start recording yourself doing dramatic readings of Tweets/diiirrrtay fan fics/comments about you. Say UNF a lot and remind us all we look crazy!
  16. Whenever Summit or whoever gets around to rebooting Twilight with a new cast insist on playing Edward Cullen no matter how weird it is or old you look. Tell them you’re Forever 17!!!!
  17. Buy every season of Saved by the bell on DVD then chronicles the whacky mishaps of the gang on your Tumblr: HeckYeaSBTB. Half way through screencapping  the episode where they discover oil on the football field and Becky the duck dies to discover this tumblr already exists: too bad…
  18. Go to local drug stores in whatever city you’re filming in/living, get photographed every day leaving with a bag full of odd combination of stuff: can of tuna fish, Anniversary card for grandparents, his and hers lube, spindle of cd’s, can of silly string and a bottle of peppermint Schnapps. Next day buy the same thing, different store.
  19. Get social ala Jbone- start a Facebook page. Start to poke random fans. Let hilarity ensue.
  20. Legally change your name to “Ron.” It’s just easier for all of us that way.
  21. Ask Kellan to meet you at the Motor Lodge in Studio City. Wear a red wig.
  22. Buy a silver Volvo. Minivan. “It’s so convenient!”
  23. After dressing up as a clown woman for WFE, you decide life’s much better as a happy clown lady with a nipple tassle and you decide to live life as a tranny.
  24. Talks it over with Steph & gets permission to write another Twi novel. 15 years in the future about Jacob & Renesmee. She defs steps out on Jacob with Nahuel for prom though. You’ve been writing the scene in your head for years now…
  25. You decide to finally be honest with your fans. Debbie’s story is true. ALL of it. The beige bra, the Harley, Father Cramer, the bolero jacket and the Twicons. You’re madly in love and DEBBERT LIVES!


They ran outta 5’s at the store. Sorry about that!

Happy Birthday to the 25 year old dude we’ve spent the last almost 3 years of our lives (not) with. Hope it’s happy and fun and you get an updated Jitterbug phone. I hear they have this thing called “texting” capabilities on them now.

Feliz Cumpleanos!

What do you want to see Rob do? What should he add to his bday list of honey’s do’s we gave him?

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Where in the World is the Edward Action Figure – Cha Cha Edition

Say underpants!

Say underpants!

Dear Mini Edward-

If you are anything like me you know the location of every photobooth in the greater Los Angeles area… and so of course showing up to a friend’s birthday party packing an Edward Cullen action figure in your bag wouldn’t be weird at all… especially if the sole reason for going (well besides to celebrate the friend and all) was because you knew you would be able to take pictures in the booth with your friend a fellow Rob fan, His One and Only (who asked did you bring HIM? in hushed tones), and mini E! Nope, not weird at all!

I knew you’d understand!

Location: Cha Cha Lounge, Silver Lake – Los Angeles, California

Where else has the Edward Action figure been?

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