Tuesday: Obsesssive Cullen Disorder

Dear LTRers,

With filming starting for Breaking Dawn, there’s definitely been a buzz in the fandom again (no, not enough to tempt us to post Letters daily again, sorry!) and we’ve had an influx of emails, news bits & fun things we want to share occasionally on our “off” days!

So to start, with the holidays coming up, we have many Rob & Twilight-themed ideas to bring you much holiday cheer- like today’s special deal. Remember our friend at Lobotome? She made that Edward Cullen notepad you keep stashed in your purse so you can doodle on Robward during traffic. Well, those notepads are 50% off through the end of the month.

They make PERFECT stocking stuffers for your friends, sisters, kids & kid’s teachers (you know they all like R0b. If not- find your kid a new teacher). Stock up today! Use the promo code BITEME50:

Get Shopping Now!!!

And as the holidays creep closer & closer, we’re looking for more shops to feature! Do you or someone you know have a shop or company you want to advertise? We have many options such as ads or contest & give-away sponsors, so contact us today if you or someone you know might be interested!!

UC & Moon

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