A.R.T.- A Robert Tribute

Dear Rob:


Byrdie hoping to see Robbie!

It is true – I just traveled 1000 miles in some wild hope that you would turn up to the San Jose Cinequest Festival’s screening of How To Be.  How very clever I thought I was by calculating the exact dates of your west coast travel:  Feb 22 – Hollywood California – Oscars.  Feb 28 – San Jose California -Cinequest.  March 3 – Vancouver Canada – pre-production for New Moon.  Made perfect timing, perfect sense, and something you would certainly do to help a fellow brit director out, right?  You are just that kind of classy guy.  Even when you unexpectantly zipped off to Japan for a Feb 27 Twilight Premiere hooha, I knew the International Date Line was working in my favor and you would catch that Narita-SFO nonstop flight touching down at almost the same time my little plane from Seattle did on the 28th.  Of course, we would bump into each other at the international terminal where I would promptly bum a ciggie from you outside baggage claim, but that is another story…

htb-marqueeCut.  Exterior scene.  Crowded line queing beneath a flashing marquee.  Inside, I pick the perfect location by the exit door where certainly you and the director would be entering for the Q&A after the screening.  Just like Austin.  Lights dim, film rolling, music starts and there you are:  A.R.T.

I say A.R.T. because this movie was a tribute to all things Robert (A. Robert. Tribute.) – all those quirky things we absolutely adore about you – your alter ego:  shy, awkward, messy, clumsy, bumbling, giggling and just looking to be loved.  All of my favorite scenes reinforced this very fact:  when your girlfriend dumps you a second time in the bathroom, when you crawl in bed with your parents, when you get an erection (yes, ladies, it was in there) and those girls walk away, or when you give yourself a pep talk in the mirror.  You just wanna be loved, and I’m totally up for the job.



Cut.  Enter director.  Lots of screaming.  No Rob.  More screaming.  Hushed silence.  Director speaks.  Audience asks questions.  Nobody dares to ask the one question we all want to know  – WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH ROB PATTINSON?  Final call for last question.  Brave woman asks the question – WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH ROB PATTINSON?  Crowd goes wild.  Director speaks:  After searching for Art for more than a year, we knew Rob was right for the role because of his uncontrollable giggling. Of course you were.  Who the hell wouldn’t fall madly in love with you the second you started giggling?!? This is what makes you real, Rob, a real piece of A.R.T.

So, let’s see, next trip heading east this time:  May 7 – Vancouver Canada – close local set for New Moon.  May 8 – New York – US Premiere of Little Ashes.  May 10 – Volterra Italy – New Moon European shoot begins.  I’m banking on a 3000 mile trip this time, and I’ll bring the ciggies.

Forever smitten – Byrdie

Um, he gets an ERECTION? That’s a Saturday am Delight right THERE!
But seriously, it wouldn’t be Saturday without an unbelievably hot vid of Rob, so we thought we’d share one Robsessed posted this week. We’ve been loving the girls at Robsessed from afar for awhile and after flirting with them on Twitter this past week, we decided to take the plunge and solidify our friendship yesterday. Rob brings people together y’all (and if he pays any interest to any of you and not me? Well, let’s just forget what I just said about being brought together- you’re going DOWN)


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