Dear Rob Please Don’t Look like This at Comic Con

Dear Rob,

It’s always so suspenseful: WILL HE OR WON’T HE? (Look like a complete idiot) or HOT OR NOT. Or rather ALWAYS HOT BUT REALLY MAKING ME QUESTION THE “ALWAYS” PART OF THAT STATEMENT RIGHT NOW.

What will you look like today at Comic Con? What WILL you wear?

Let’s hope it’s not like 2011:

Someone’s high


Even you are questioning your hair choice here

I’d take 2009 Comic Con Rob with your scared puppy dog look & flannel shirt, even though the floppy head of hair isn’t my first choice of hair for you (I’m picky after all these years)


Uhhh yum

But mostly I’d just prefer one of these Robs:

and especially GQ Rob:

WHICH ROB WILL WE GET!? Can’t wait to see!


Has GQ REALLY not done a new photoshoot with Rob since my favorite of all time? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM!? 

Moon is at Comic Con, y’all– Make sure you’re following us on Twitter for all the good news.

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