These “Confessions” make me wonder, laugh and worry

Dear Rob,

Oh hey… long time no see. I heard you left your hidey hole to make your way to jolly old England this weekend, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. You see, as you probably don’t know cause you have a life and I sure hope you don’t troll sites when you’re bored, there are these two tumblr’s called Robsten Confessions and Nonnie (Nonsten) Confessions. Which, as the name would suggest is confessions from Robsten and Nonsten folks. Now I pretty much die laughing, nod my head a lot, or shake my head when I go there because I think 4 things…

1. These are REAL
2. These are NOT real and Robsten and Nonsten fans are now totally self aware and this blows my mind
3. Robsten fans are sabotaging Nonstens by sending in fake confessions. And vice versa. They do this shit to incite each other
4. These are HILARIOUS!

Rob, do you know your fans spend this much time on you and your relationship?

Robsten Confessions

I sometimes wonder if you guys even car or if you “plan” this stuff.

This makes me rethink the last (almost) three years of my life if this is “destiny.” Do you believe in destiny Rob or was this just what happened because your mom was a model agent who sent you on a Harry Potter audition call?

Wow, let me introduce you to a few things that register higher on my prayer list…

“Breath Me” will do that to you….


This would be one of the sabotage ones I was referring to…. because “less hobo-ish?” that’s pretty much a backhanded compliment, right?

What’s gonna happen when all this is over? I worry about stuff like this because they won’t be in the spotlight 24/7 like now and as much as we have loved and enjoyed Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Twilight, and we are thankful for how it helped a lot of us (us included) out of some terrible funks, it can be a crutch and I hope everyone remembers this is a happy moment in their life and moves on to do great things! (*wipes a tear*)


PLEASE GOD, if you love us, make this so!!!

Dear God I hope not because this just makes me wonder about how much of these “confessions” from both sides are really deep personal issues and ideas people are wrestling with and fans have just projected what they want onto you and Kristen, when no one knows you.

Case in point.
This makes me sad.

Nonsten Confessions

It wouldn’t be Twilight (or the story we all fell in love with) without Taylor or the love triangle he creates.

Do you ever feel the same way for Van Morrison, or your friends music, or even KOL just because you went to their concert?

Now that you mention it…. hmmmm…

Does it bug you that some of your fans (us included) sometimes think or wish you were gay?

They aren’t. Reading the books reminds me of this.

After all this how could you not be confused. What’s real, what’s not. Is it really “smoke and mirrors” like Kristen says or is it a real relationship? At the end of the day why do we care that much? And THAT is the most interesting question to me.

I just hope some day there’s a tell-all book or True Hollywood Story and we finally learn what really happened. And I hope it’s so boring. I truly do, I think our imaginations about your Rob, are way more powerful and interesting than the real thing. It’s probably part of the reason you like being an actor, you like telling stories… stories that are usually fiction.

These are my confessions,

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Confessions: Robert Pattinson’s lady boy hands freak me out

Dear Rob,

I have a confession to make. *cue Usher music* While this will be considered blasphemous to like 99% of the fandom and I may be ousted for it I just have to share. Ok, here goes… I don’t find your hands sexy. That sound you just heard all the way up there in Vancouver was the sound of a billion Rob fans collectively gasping and clutching their hearts. I know, I know everyone seems to come at the mere mention of your hands let alone the sight but I can’t. Sad. The ladies like to talk about pictures like these…

mic fondling

and this

finger biting

and this

hair grabbing

and this

ok… I see why this one is great (titled robhjhands)

and when he does stuff like this


But truly, I don’t get it. It’s been brewing for a long time and I just never said anything but after a few recent incidents I decided it was time to come clean about my non love for your digits.

Let’s start with this…

This has been the image on my desktop for the last few months cause it’s hot, right? Well one day I happened to be…uuuhhh… staring at it and I noticed your hands… let’s zoom in shall we?

No really, were you unavailable so they had an old grandpa sit next to that elephant and they photoshopped your face on his? Cause WTF is up with those hands?

and then there’s this gem from last week’s Vanity Fair cover…

he’s hot and all but  let’s zoom in shall we??

Upon closer inspection it looks as though you have finger nails like a coke dealer or pimp from the 80s or the weird guy who hangs out at your corner bodega. Sorta long and lady like with a long nail on them. I shudder thinking about it. Now I know that it’s probably just guitar hands and you have nails for picking but it’s gross. Use a pick not your nails. YUCK!

So ok, to me you have lady boy hands and it kinda creeps me out when I think about it or when I see the old grandpa hands on my desktop (taking suggestions for a new wallpaper in the comments). I guess I’m just more into guys having man hands that look a bit more rugged. Now they don’t need to be like holding hands with the sand paper bin at Home Depot but don’t make me wonder whether I’m holding a guys hands or my grandmas. That’s just weird.

These are my confessions!

Do you have a thing for his hands or are you like me and don’t get the love? Spill! And really whats with the weird grandpa hands in that WFE pic?

Have a confession? Do you have a thing for how he says certain words? Want to confess your distain for his shoes? Whatever’s on your mind it’s time to confess! Email us your confessions!

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