This week in Rob Gifs: Letters From Dick… Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Sure, parents can be meddlesome, naggy and offer up advice when we don’t want it but sometimes we need to be reminded of how right our parents can be. So this week’s Rob gifs courtesy of my tumblr obsession feature ALL Dick… all the time…

I think he just had a premonition of your MTV Movie Awards speech for Reese Witherspoon. #hollywoodsbestmothereffer (yea, I just hashtagged a blog post).

I’m pretty sure Dick kissing your hand would impress just about anyone… I’ll also go ahead and say you can try to impress me by kissing my hand… that would be a great start to helping me forget stuff like: homeless looking Rob and chubby husband Edward Rob and whatever other atrocities you’ve committed in recent memory… yea a kiss on the hand would help impress…

OK OK so it won’t be all Dick in the Rob Gif’s of the week… here’s what we all want…

yuuuuppp… what…we…all…waaaaant….
and then this is what we get…

HAHAHAHA I love you Rob…

This has been this week in Rob gifs!

PS A big hug and bon voyage to the lovely JAG at Random Acts of Rob… or as we know her from LTR comments so many moons ago we can’t remember, Just A Girl, with the black n white avi and that blowin’ hair in the wind! Enjoy your new found blog-less freedom and you’re always welcome back here to comment or just lurk. She Came, She Saw, Rob Conquered!

Sources: Move the Earth, Rob 24/7, Mi Tesoro, SoCalMom2four

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