Day of Rest

Dear Rob,

In the 554 days since we started LTR (I counted. Without a calculator) we’ve only not blogged, ummm never. Well, except when we started Open Weekend Posts where we only post once on the weekends. But we have blogged EVERY OTHER FREAKIN’ DAY. Except today. Unless you count this announcement of how we’re taking a very much needed

Day of Rest

Let me tell you how this works. Tomorrow Moon & I have one of the most incredible opportunities of our lives- it’s literally what we set out to do when we started LTT. We’re meeting Stephenie Meyer & SO FREAKING EXCITED about it! But we’re a bit stressed. We can’t say much because we’re not really allowed to talk details until after the interview (4 hours after, approximately) but we have a lot to do to prepare & we need some time to do it! I’m also MOVING on Saturday. Did I mention that? But it’s ALLLLLL worth it!

Anyway, our day of rest means I went into the OLD Letters to Rob, found a post from February of 2009 and I’m copying it RIGHT HERE for you to enjoy:

Dear Rob,

You have a cute butt. It makes me want to dry hump.*












*First person to comment with what that quote is from gets an awesome fake prize.

Pictures all from Robsessed

The fake prize is that you are allowed to help me move on Saturday. Actually that’s a real prize. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Enjoy our day “off.” Comment & chat as per usual. We’ll moderate comments throughout the day, but we won’t be around too much!!!!! THANKS for understanding!

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