#DiorRob is here and we broke it down…

Dear Rob,

We saw #DiorRob was Trending on Twitter the other day and thought two things:

1. WTF is #DiorRob

2. Whatever it is we have to Break it Down, Vanity Fair Style

So we did. Over on That’s Normal, of course.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Dior Rob That's Normal

Bekah: So I legit have no idea what you’re talking about. Is Rob the face of Dior…. cologne? women’s perfume? Clothing? Underwear? Are they starting a condom line?

Nikki: Apparently. Maybe Dior’s janitor clothing line? Fragrances for those who shower every other week and like the smell of warm trash?


Nikki: SOOOO Yes, I think like 10 years ago Dior decided to make Rob the new face of their fragrances or whatever they’re hocking. According to the twitters and Rob fans it’s been a long time and it’s FINALLY OUT.

Bekah: Good timing Dior.. AFTER the Twilight craze.

Nikki: Right, nothing like being AHEAD of the trends. #Fashion101

Nikki: SO of course since it was trending it was like the old Rob bat signal was shining in the sky (looks like: Oscar the Grouch in a trashcan with a baseball hat on backwards)

Bekah: You did what any normal person would do. You went to Robsessed. to find out what was going on

There’s much more where that came from. Read the whole Break down on That’s Normal

Miss you, Rob!


UC & Moon


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