Have we seen the end of Dorky Rob?

Dear Uber-Dorky Rob,

I miss you. I didn’t know you for long, maybe a month or two in 2008, before the craziness of Twilight really hit and life was simpler- you could go into an In-N-Out without being accosted and no one cared who you were dating. Then you hooked up with Nikki Reed and she introduced you to The Wasteland- the trendy thrift store in LA. After you and Nikki fizzled out and you no longer had the guidance of a female, you mistook the Salvation Army- and I mean the one where the actual homeless shop- not the one the suburban mom, looking for a deal on baby books, goes- for a proper place to get cool clothes on the cheap. Mixed with the pieces of Edward, Tyler, Grandpa Edward & Salvador Dali’s wardrobe you stole off set, your homeless-wear plus the set costumes sure gave us a lot to talk about over the last year and 1/2.

But something seems to have changed. I heard rumors that you were seen with an iPhone 4!? WHAT!? I don’t even have one of those. And I’m the coolest cat around! (Meow) What happened to your Jitterbug phone? Does it know you’re cheating on it? How many times have you had to call Nick to ask him to remind you of your password to get INTO your iPhone?  And it seems like lately you’ve put a little more effort into dressing- and that’s not like you. Take for instance what you were wearing when you went to hear Sam play at Hotel Cafe last week:

Nice dark blue jacket- Check
White t-shirt with a monster on front- Check
Rolled black pants- Check
Black Shoes- Check
No Socks- Okay, whatever.. we’ll let that slide.

Notice that wasn’t “Navy blue parachute pants with clashing black shoes” CHECK or “ripped tshirt with jacket from 1984” CHECK! It’s like you’ve taken some of those millions you’ve made and discovered online shopping or something. And NOT from Craigslist.com where you can find 3 trash bags full of old clothes for $30.00 (Don’t get any ideas. I just made that up- it probably doesn’t really exit…) [Sidenote: What are you carrying in this picture? Did you bringing something for Sam to sign? It is your high school yearbook!?]

Confession time: I like a guy who dresses decently. I’m not saying I want my man to look like he stepped off the runaway, but something that matches, isn’t too ripped up or dirty and was purchased in this century is always nice. So while I appreciate the sentiment behind the dorky clothes of your past (the “I really don’t care about dressing nicely because I Have no idea how attractive I am” sentiment), I wasn’t one of those who was freaking out over every new picture when you showed up to a bar wearing a snuggie & a pair of snow shoes (It COULD happen!) Okay the blogger in me was freaking out because everytime the Dadcase comes into the picture or something new is worn from the last trip home to London when you raided Dick’s closettda it gives us so much blog fodder to laugh over, but the person, UnintendedChoice, who is attracted to you first and foremost isn’t super excited. I’d rather not be reminded of my nerdy cousin when I see new pictures of you out on the town.

But I’m wondering, what’s next? Are you trading in the DADCASE for a sleek “Skin” to carry your macbook Pro? Or no- don’t tell me.. you have an IPAD don’t you!? And WHERE is the Bubble jacket? Don’t tell me you gave it back to Dick when he was in town for the Eclipse premiere. You can’t be too good for the bubble jacket!

I don’t know Rob. I get attached to those things we’ve seen you in for these past 2 years (although considering you still own hand-sewn clothing you wore back in the Harry Potter days, I’m gonna guess you’re more attached than I am) And despite the fact that I’d love to see you out and about in a sleek pair of skinny jeans, a tight v-neck Tshirt (love a man in a v-neck. When Mr. Choice puts one on, GAME OVER) maybe in a metro-sexual, girly color like pink or purple- I know deep down Dorky Rob is still inside of sleek, cool Rob. Inside of THIS:

Yellow can look good!! Who knew!?

is THIS:

“American Flag wearing Rob.”

God bless the man who wears an American Shirt

and “Is he mentally-challenged Rob”

We always knew he should have played Corky…

and “Gift-bearing Rob”

Step 3: make her open the box

I’m just wondering when we’ll see uber-dorky Rob once again. Just promise me first you’ll kill me with a pink v-neck! Target has them on sale this week….


Thanks to Robsessed for always being the place where I can find pictures!

Also happy happy birthday to wonderful LTR-reader JULES from all of us here at LTR! XO

What do you think? Is fame & money changing the way Rob dresses? Do you think someone is buying clothes for him? DO you think DEEP DOWN THERE our Dorky Rob is still around? Or do you think he’s closer to the surface and maybe even this week he’ll be back with a home-sewn t-shirt paired with a pair of Jorts & a trench coat (OMG Rob in Jorts- I’d die. Seriously. LIfe over. Dream Came True. No need to continue to live!)

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is this the end of Dorky Rob?

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