Rob Porn – The Interwebs edition

Dear Rob,

It’s Friday, no one wants to work right now and you’re somewhere in the south on a roadtrip with your bros. So I can only imagine you want to do exactly what we want to do which is watch crazy youtube videos with your friends? So what’s better than me providing everyone with the links along with a little eye candy by way of some Rob Porn, the interwebs edition?

(The links are the bold text below, they each open in a new window so you can watch the video!)

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Get ready to have your day be 903214932144 times awesomer. Original and Autotune!!!

OMG Double Rainbow

Guido Beach

For UC!


I’ll show you tough!

Get ready to have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers! Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special (possibly NSFW-ish). This is what I imagine the Brit Pack does when they’re together in a hotel room.

Hope this has made your day speed by a little faster or at least gave you a few laughs while you were in a car with your friends driving through Texas to New Orleans… I mean…


What’s your favorite absurd, hilarious, funny, crazy video you’ve seen on the internet?

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