Rob wears bowties now. Bowties are cool

Dear Rob,

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you, you’ve been busy, I’ve been busy, that’s just the way life goes sometimes.  Recently I thought I’d check to see how you did at Cannes with Cosmopolis.  When I saw you in the bow tie I had to think you were pretending to be The Doctor:

I know you know exactly Who I’m talking about.  Being a good English lad I’m sure you grew up watching him.  You probably even pretended to be him when you were out on the playground at school.  It made me wonder what other times you were channeling Dr. Who.  I scrolled through my RobOdex and came up with a few Click a pic to scroll through the gallery:

I know you’re too big of a star now to play Dr. Who, but you can’t blame a girl for dreaming about it.

Wanting to ride in the TARDIS with Rob,

Thanks again to PinkPixieChick for all her helping pick out just the right RobWho moments!

We’ve missed your letters, Zeph! Have a letter for Rob you want me to post at a random time b/c we’re getting CRAZZZY around these parts not only posting at 8 am? Send to!

Thanks to Robsessed as always for many of these FAB pictures

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