Rob, found at last!

Another edition of Fan letters:

Dear UnintendedChoicetheMoonisDown (and Rob),

Rob DollI had a brilliant idea last night, well it wasn’t really my idea as much as it was the Vicodin I had to take for my sore neck (I think it’s from sitting in the front row for Twilight 15 times), but anyways, since it has been a while that we’ve had any Rob sightings I have decided to dress my very own Rob and stick him in my purse like Paris does her dogs (Paris’s purses are definitely nicer but Rob is hotter!) and take him out and about in San Diego today.

We have a big day planned today. We are going to Border’s to buy another copy of Twilight, going to Blockbuster to return HP Goblet of Fire, getting gas in my Volve, (just kidding I drive a lame mini-van YUCK!) and finally to the grocery store. Oh yeah, Rob, don’t let me forget to get Juice Boxes and Goldfish for my kids snack. And yes, I’ll buy you some Hot Pockets! goldfish2

I wonder if I should cut him out a teeny tiny little beanie…It’s a little chilly out today?!

Love, Vickyb

Vickyb- we’re pretty sure Rob WOULD like a teeny tiny beenie. We don’t want anyone getting sick now.

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Getting lucky in your blue shirt…

Another edition of Fan letters:

Dear Rob,

Rob in "that" blue shirt... sigh

I just got back from watching Twilight for the 15th time (you’re welcome!) and I couldn’t help but notice how well you filled out that blue t-shirt (you know the one!)

Now, I saw a video of you on Mtv when that fangirl/interviewer busted you for wearing a costume you stole from the set.  I know that “stealing” is morally reprehensible, but if you are going to steal something from the set you should definitely go back and get that blue t-shirt. The black t-shirt and black jeans just don’t do you justice.

"That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen"

“That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen”

(You know which blue t-shirt I’m talking about, it was the one you wore when you were stalking, I mean, “watching” Bella sleep, and then again when you came through the window to “try just one thing”.)

"Don't move"

“Don’t move”

I mean, obviously, that shirt is pretty lucky for you.

Even Jasper thinks so because he wore it for one of the Twilight poster photo shoots (BTW, you look so much better than him in it!)

You don’t seem like the type of guy who likes to shop, and if you do, I know you usually go to thrift stores, so wouldn’t it just be easier to raid the Twilight closet? I mean, you already know where it is and you have to admit Edward ALWAYS looked good in the movie.

You have had some questionable fashion-moments since the movie, but we won’t get into that right now because I miss seeing you out and about in LA no matter what you are wearing. As long as you don’t take any fashion advice from Cam you should be okay!

Speaking of missing you…Aren’t you sick of your family yet?? I am sure they are nice people and everything, but don’t forget your sisters used to dress you up like a girl and stuff!  At least when I dress you on-line (and undress you in my mind) I make sure you are wearing something nice.

Please come back to LA soon. I miss you!

Love Me. (Vickyb)

P.S. While you’re grabbing the blue t-shirt grab that gray thermal looked hot in that!


Editor’s note: We loved this letter and all the (hot) accompanying pictures.  Today some “new” promo pics popped up on a few fan sites. Check out my fav site’s post here!

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This is kinda creepy but mostly awesome!

Dear Rob,

picture-72I dressed you today. Wish I could do that everyday. I’m loving the sweatshirt look- and the green henley is quite dashing as well.


Where have you been? Are you hiding in a hole in London? It’s been so long since I’ve seen actual pictures of you from paparazzi-stalkers that I’m resorting to cartoon-ish characters of you to get my fix.

me (xo)

Dress your own Rob here. (Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for the tip!)

Leave us a comment with a linky to YOUR handsomely dressed Rob!

myrobdollPS- *Edit* this is my (themoonisdown) rob doll! Mesh shirt and boxer briefs. SO? I’ve seen him hanging out in West Hollywood, it wouldnt surprise me to see him go-go-ing at the abbey in this get up 😀

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