Rob Pattinson & a Whole Lotta Rosie

Rob, it’s the holidays. Which means I spent yesterday driving 120 miles for work, then shopped for SIX hours. That means not only have I only seen the Water for Elephants trailer ONCE, but I haven’t had time yet to “Break it Down” yet with Moon. And that’s a travesty. Because your soft floppy hair must be discussed. Listen in as Cath & Draska take the reigns today:

Um, hot

Dear Rob,

We have been seriously swooning over the just released Water for Elephants trailer. That movie is going to be soooo good. We had already high hopes based on all the great set and candid pictures that came out while you were shooting it (well, except for the black socks and sandals combo). But sadly we’ll have to wait up to four months until we can see it in all it’s glory in the theater. So to soothe the waiting, we’d thought we’d talk a bit about your favorite co-star Tai, who plays Rosie, the elephant love of your life. (Dear Reese, we realize you’re his romantic lead, but this is Tai’s moment in the sun. Sure you don’t mind!).

As regulars at LTR may know, we have a history here in commenting about the great grey giants in the past. We even created Bobo (a hybrid between Bono and a baby elephant – please don’t ask-) and we christened the Details elephant Karla; we wish we’d remembered why…So obviously we love elephants and we’re very excited that you have an elephant co-star in this movie! By all reports she’s described as sweet, smart, talented, and gentle

A comment by an actress in WFE, Jackie Zane, a few months ago, really caught our attention. She said how nice you were (we heart that, although she left out the being incredibly hot part…but scroll down- she even mentions your giggling.). She also said that Tai seemed smitten with you and she sniffed your face with her trunk while you gently petted her. We do relate Tai, we do relate. We’ll leave it to that, before these double entendres get (any more) out of hand.

And then this!!! The lion was licking your arm?!? You must be some kind of wild animals (*cough* women *cough*)  whisperer….

But all jokes aside, of course Tai is smitten with you; she’s a smart girl! She knows something good when she sees it. And that lion, too; we’d lick your arm if that chance was offered to us…Would like to say that we were above that, but I’d be lying!

And see? Also a woman whisperer: Even in Polish. Your power rules over language barriers. We’d happily follow that request, anytime. Trust.

Also we couldn’t help but remember the infamous Details interview and what you described as ‘the best day of your life… beautiful, beautiful day’; when an elephant vacuumed your foot, purred at you, laughed and imitated horses, chickens and monkeys, wrote a screenplay, put your whole body upside down in her mouth and searched your pockets for peppermints (see pp. 5 and 6, of the article). What do you mean, that seems unrealistic??? You didn’t exaggerate quite so much??? Okay, we hear you. Don’t feel bad for being so enthusiastic about your new friend.

[BTW, I asked a zookeeper friend of mine about the sound and it’s more of an ultrasonic rumbling feeling than a purring sound, but what the heck, whatever you say Rob, purring it is –drsaka].
You loved that day and the elephant. Okay, we’re still jealous, but really impressed with your elephant experience.

In the meantime, please, please, please say that there is a picture out there of you like this Rob, please!

Can we see it? Pretty please It make the waiting seem shorter. AND we’ll sing you a song if you show it to us. Our own ode to the amazingness that’s your sweet and gentle co-star. (She’s our favorite too…) We hope that you enjoy it Rob!

Feel free to sing along:
Original music and lyrics to ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ by AC/DC. Gentle modifications by us.

Let There Be Ellies!!!

Wanna tell you a story
‘Bout an elephant I know
Ah, come to sweetness
Ooh, she steals the show
She’s really gentle
With trunk to your face
Searched your pockets for peppermints
You could say she’s really the very best.

Never seen an ellie
Never seen an ellie like Rosie

Doing all the things
Doing all the things she does

Ain’t no fairy story
Ain’t no tall tale

But she gives it all she’s got
Your best, nicest co-star yet

You’re a whole lotta ellie
A whole lotta ellie
Whole lotta Rosie
Whole lotta Rosie
Whole lotta Rosie
And you’re a whole lotta ellie

Yours in vintage 1930’s style clothing (or out of it),
Cath and drsaka

How excited are you all for this movie? Doesn’t Rob look amazing in the trailer? Almost as good as Tai?  Would you lick his arm too or would you snuffle him elephant-style? Were you jealous of the Polish lady in the interview? Or of Tai or Reese, maybe even of Christopher Waltz??? Tell us!

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