The crazies and Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

One of my favorite things about running a blog called Letters to Rob is that we get just that. Letters TO you from special people.  When we receive one of these not-too-rare emails, after being passed around to a group of people including Moon & whoever is having a bad day and needs something to cheer them up, it is immediately filed into a special folder called “Crazies.”

Today I’d like to dig into the “Crazies” folder & share some of my recent favorites. And of course include a response that I wish I had the balls to send back.

just incase this could go to Rob, Kristen and Cast of Twilight.  Prince Edward is going to in Greenville South Carolina  This Friday and Saturday.  Thought I would extend an invite to them.  Seems Like Rob would like to see someone from England.

Hey- I know that guy! He was in that British wizard movie!

Oh how well you know me. What gave away my homesickness? Was it my crying into the British flag I keep padlocked in my car on the way home from the set the other day? I thought I saw a camera flash. Was it that you can’t find a single hob nob in the city of Los Angeles & you assumed I bought them all (I did) I would LOVE to see someone I don’t know from England. That would be the cure all for my homesickness. I’ll be there as soon as somewhere tells me where South Carolina is.

Long live the Queen,

A note to Stephenie contained a little section about Rob

Just one more thing.  My son Rob, is 6’3-1/2″ and bares a striking resemblance to your Rob.  My son Joshua reminds me of Taylor. Twenty years ago my daughter resembled Bella.

It is too weird, just call me Esme II.

Mostly sincere,
Crankie Frankie

Crankie Frankie,
Does “mostly sincere” mean your sorta kidding. I’d like that to be the case. But in case not, I’d like to see a picture of your son, to see if I have competition. Did you include one in your original letter to my Stephenie? Also, Esme was the mother to Edward not me, Bella or Taylor. So while calling yourself Esme II seemed like a good idea, it doesn’t make any sense.

Hob Nob Rob

Dear Rob,
OMG!! You are the best actor ever!! And I Love You Soo Much!!
I absolutely love you in The Twilight Saga and Im just bouncing in my seat thinkin about you! I cant wait til I go and see it in Bluewater on the 10th July!! You we born in the coolest place on Earth (London), Your a fantabulos musician and artist and I Love You!!
To be honest Ive got a a small case of the green eyed monster because Kristen Stewart gets to have you when she is playing Bella and in real life!! Where is the justice in that?!! Okay I say a small case but actually its the size of the Universe and always growiing!! I scream at the television and laptop when you share as much of a touch! And I am not ashamed to admit this! I would love to meet you and I talk about you 24/7 and I think my friends are sick of me. Im sure I dream of you well I fall asleep dreaming of you but you know dreams, their incontrolable little suckers!
I couldnt think of anyone better to play the most sexiest, talented, intelligent Cullen… Edward, and my favourite quote in the  films has to be when Edward says to Bella : ‘So the lion fell in love with the lamb’. I cant stop thinking about you, you are my life, my air, my food, you are what I need to survive! As I have said I love to meet you and you may never know I might bump into you when your in London one day (I live there)!

Te quiero mucho usted con mi corazón. Usted está mi vida ahora y para siempre chalota estar.
‘I love you lots with all my heart. You are my life now and always shall be.’
(I come from Latin descent)
Lots of love, hugs and kisses your number 1  super mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega fan,

This is me in Mexico! Ay Carumba, no?

Hola mamacita! You’re not the only one with a case of the green-eyed monster. It’s true- Kristen really does play Bella in real life too. She falls a lot, she puts fish fry on everything. She painted our kitchen cabinets yellow and the other day she ate a dozen eggs herself (you should’ve smelled her gas!)

Latin decent! LUCKY! Although Sometimes I wonder if I come from it too.. I really, REALLY love Tacos. I used to think I was allergic… but now i know I’m not…

Yo quiero Tacos muchos,

mucho mas after the jump! Continue…

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The Rob Pattinson Theme Park

Rob- I was up till 3 am making the new LTR pretty Sunday night and out late last night with Papa Choice celebrating my birthday on a boat (that didn’t move) so Cath and drsaka saved the day with a letter to you!

Dear Rob,

We’ve noted that there is now a Harry Potter Theme Park.

Of course, we‘re hoping that a significant portion of the park is devoted to your excellent, rosy cheeked English school boy character, Cedric Diggory, and his ‘wand’. We plan to visit soon to explore this possibility! However, this gave us this idea and hope: A Twi-theme Park! We’re very excited by this idea: imagine, being able to have a full sensory Twi-experience! It’s the realization of our acute, fond hopes.

So for our wish that this concept will be realized, we have suggestions for this park. The park will be comprised of different areas devoted to aspects of the Twilight Saga, and naturally Edward will have a big role in the park.

In the interest of full commitment to the dream, we have commissioned a team of artists and craftsmen to design and produce animatronics or robots of the beloved Twilight characters, especially Edward. We will spare no expense to avoid the animatronics looking like this:

or like this:

We hope that your Twi-theme Park experience will give you a Cullen smile!

Interactive Twi-Rides and Experiences:

Our interactive rides are designed to give you a unique Twilight experience. Rides that we offer are:

The Spidermonkey: Racing up and down trees on the back of a robot Edward.

Haunted Volterra: Travel underground through scary passages under Volterra while interacting with beloved members of the Volturi.

Volterra Labyrinth: Experience Bella’s heart-pounding two-minute journey to save Edward by finding your way through our replica of the city of Volterra in a yellow Porsche. You will arrive in the square just in time to save Edward (available every hour on the hour- reserve your experience now!).

St. Marcus Day Festival: Experience the exuberant atmosphere of our St. Marcus Day celebration. Red cloaks available for all.

Cullen Bumpercars: Have fun with your friends on the bumpercars (little silver Volvos, red Chevy trucks, red BMWs, and yellow Porsches).

Rollercoaster at Vampire Speed: Experience the thrills of traveling at the speed of vampires on our rollercoaster in cars each with a replica of our beloved vampires!

Forks Prom: Dance with Animatronic Edward at the Forks high School Prom! Huge number of twinkle lights extra.

We are proud to announce our three exclusive Wii™ Twilight Experiences!

Vampire Baseball: Engage in the American past-time with our exclusive Wii™ Twi-vampire baseball game! Be Team Edward!!!

La Push Surf: Surf with the gang at La Push Beach in another Wii™ experience. Surfer-stoner van and licorice extra.

Wolf Pack: Run with the wolves through the Quileute Reservation in another exclusive Wii™experience. Special feature: you will be able to hear the pack thoughts!

Sparkling in the Meadow: Relax in the meadow with animatronic sparkly Edward! Odd, wonky leg positions are included.

Imprint Inc.: Experience to thrill of being imprinted on by a random stranger (stranger will accompany you throughout the park closely for the rest of your visit and possibly for the rest of your life.


This will be our most popular attraction! Experience the legendary leghitch with an animatronic Edward. Alert: the animatronic Edward attraction is often unavailable due to repairs; call ahead to avoid disappointment. Due to unfortunate occurrences  during the testing phase of this attraction, real actors portraying Edward will no longer be available due to liability issues and pending legal action.


A replica of the Forks diner will be available for your dining enjoyment of steak and cobbler. Also on the menu are garden burgers, Italiano, including mushroom ravioli, spinach salads and edible art. Specials will include chicken and biscuits, Nando’s chicken, In-and-Out burgers, meat filled Hot Pockets, microwaved carrots and HobNobs. We offer one beverage, Heineken. For purchase, miniature replicas of chocolatehead Edward will be available


We are pleased to offer a one-stop center called ‘Shopping with Alice’. Personal shoppers portraying Alice Cullen, will assist each and every patron until they drop from shopping. Pea coats, giant mittens, prom dresses and tuxedoes are available. We specialize in tweed couture.

For party and wedding preparations, we offer each client a Personal Alice to plan single every aspect of your event. without consulting you. Twinkle light in trees available. Bows are extra.

LTT/LTR Shop: Thanks to UC and Moon, we are proud to offer exclusive merchandise from the LTT/LTR store. Do not pass up this opportunity to own these wonderful items inspired by the contributors of the LTT/LTR fandom!!!!

Coming in 2012! Fan Fiction Bookstore. Come in and peruse the myriad of Twi-FanFiction choices! Available for purchase is the highly anticipated BI Coffee Table book! Purchase CDs from the Park in-house band, The Weeping Ovaries! Adult only section of the store closed to those under 18 years old. There will be FF reading by the authors: medical personnel will be available to revive patrons.

Additional attractions will be added in the future. One such attraction will be:

Three to a Tent: Spend a night in nature in a tent with two actors portraying Edward and Jacob as the fight over you and you freeze. You will  be provided with a sleeping bag with heating pads to stimulate a ‘Night with Jacob’ while listening to the actors recreate the “Truce until Morning Scene’. An experience not to be missed!

Dear Rob, these are our suggestions for the assured-to-be-wildly successful Twi-theme Park! We look forward to visiting and experiencing these attractions for ourselves! We hope that you’ll be available to visit the park at the grand opening!

Cath and drsaka

So LTR women, what attractions would you like to experience at the park??? What other Edward rides should there be?? Tell us your suggestions!

Ugh, girls? Isn’t it obvious? We just want a simple  Edward ride 🙂

Business Time:

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