Best Robert Pattinson fan photo ever (next to the boobs one)

Dear Rob,

Since my original post about MTV’s #AskRob got eaten by the server faeries at Media Temple (UGH!) I shall post this instead…

The best Robert Pattinson fan photo to date (except that one where you’re looking at the girls boobs)

Dear Girl in the front,

You are my favorite… ever. I think we all know why.

Oh and Rob, I can’t even be bothered by the weird face you’re making or the fact you JUST saw Red Riding Hood before this was taken, because clearly you read my glowing *ahem* review of the movie and really needed a laugh and clearly you know that these girls just created photography magic and made me laugh really hard.

Happy hump day to us all,

Feel free to share your caption in the comments!

Source: Thanks to where I saw this and you can read the rest over there

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