Dreams come true with Rob and Nutty Madam

Dear Rob,

You are a dream maker sometimes, my friend. I mean sure, we still haven’t met you (thanks MIKE WELCH!) but that doesn’t mean you don’t traipse around the world making dreams come true while this song plays. Case in point one of our most very favoritest Twifans EVER: Miss Nutty Madam herself. Apparently you too have been woo-ed by her charms, squeals of  delight (The beach!) and disbelief (NO! Jasper, NO!) and insane urge to vlog her every Twilight thought and reaction. She’s pretty much the best and we’ve featured her umpteenth times and wait with baited breath for any video she posts. So to say we were excited when you said this was an understatement…

Dude, I don’t know who you like or whatever but you saying you want to meet Nutty Madam is like the inventor of Hot Pockets or Dino Nuggets or plaid lumberjack shirts or Van Morrison saying he/she wants to meet you! This is like being chosen to meet Stephenie Meyer and talk Twilight with her… it’s a BIG deal.. I just wish I had video of both of us reacting to the news, I had to walk out of my office building at the time because I wanted to shout and high five people… enjoy Nutty Madam’s reaction to hearing you want to meet her:


Though I have a bone to pick with these sTV people since we ALL know Nutty Madam’s reaction to that was as least 20 minutes long complete with her rewatching it like 40 times with various levels of volume and pitch to her voice and breathless exclamations. I don’t know what it is about watching other people’s dreams come true but it makes me REALLY happy and a little weepy… kinda like reading the Tweets and seeing pictures of people meeting Stephenie Meyer when she went to visit Tent City before the Breaking Dawn Premiere. It’s like being a fly on the wall someone’s best day ever.

Sure, she seems nutballs crazy but if you haven’t felt that way at least once during all this you’re probably doing it wrong. Of course our feeling of nutballs crazy is maybe a tad different but still I’ve been there…

Dream do come true yall!!!

What moment in your fandom did you feel nutballs crazy? Did this make you happy for her or insanely jealous?

Source: S TV and Nutty Madam

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Addicted and Robsessed

(join us for a letter of confession about Beaspoon’s addiction and we’ll meet in the comment for RA – Robaholics Anonymous. xo-moon)

What were you saying.. something about addicted?

Dear Rob,

Have you ever watched that show “Addicted” on TLC? Probably not, I don’t really take you for a reality television watcher, but judging by the title you can probably guess what it’s about. Addicts dealing with drug or alcohol problems go on the show to work with a drug counselor or go into rehab and try to get their lives back. I watched this show and couldn’t help myself, but the entire time I was thinking about you. Not because YOU need to go into rehab or have an addition problem or anything like that, but because I have an addiction problem. I’m pretty much addicted to you.

I’m not like one of those crazy teenage girls who stalks you at your premieres and film sights, oh no. I think I might even be worse than they are because at least their addiction is out in the open. They’re screaming your name and are wearing Team Edward shirts and have Edward pillowcases that they sleep on and they swoon over you with their friends. It’s a group affair. It’s fun. It’s not what I’m going through at all.

At least this isn't an episode of Hoarders... that's gotta be the bright side, right?

I’m a closet addict, Rob. Not even my husband, the person who I spend nearly all of my spare time with, knows the extent of my addiction. And the worst part is that I don’t even really know how it happened. Somehow, sometime over the past year since I discovered you, I’ve started needing little hits of you to make it through my day. I’ve tried to be strong, Rob, really. Some mornings I wake up and I feel powerful and I say to myself, “No! I will not even turn ON my laptop today. No Rob for me!” and then an hour or two later I am biting my nails, and by lunchtime I convince myself that I should probably at least check my e-mail. I fire up my laptop and just barely peak at the picture of you on my wallpaper–I swear. But then the kids are napping and I am all alone and that’s when the frenzy hits. And I just can’t help myself, I am shamelessly clicking on all my favorite Rob-sites, drooling over your latest pics and reading my fanfic updates. Then I feel ok again, calm and happy, and I put away my computer, and it starts all over again. Watching the clock and waiting for bedtime so I can get my next fix.

More addicted to me than ALCOHOL? NO!! How can that be?

I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, thankfully, and I am sure that my addiction to you pales in comparison, Rob. But really, maybe they SHOULD make a show for people like me. Or at least a support group- although I wonder if I could find anyone to be my sponsor if I started attending Roboholics Anonymous meetings? Maybe we could just all sit around and look at pictures of you and….wait, not helping. Crap, I think it’s time for another hit, excuse me while I peruse the WFE blog…

Craving You and (still) Crazily Yours,

Big hand to Beaspoon and altogether now…. THAT’S NORMAL!! Also… Bea, you have us. You’re not alone, ever! So do you feel addicted and even worse a closet addict because you don’t share your Robsession with anyone?

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Rob, here’s my fancard I give up!

Dear Rob,

I was all fine with packing up my tchotchkes for the big move (5 minutes from my current place) and  having an emo night by myself until I saw this picture of you surprising the crowd at the IMAX screening of Eclipse in Century City.

FML. I mean really? FML. I’m home throwing photo albums labeled “Bitches and Hos” and framed pictures of my grandparents into boxes and you’re showing up at movie theaters in my city? And speaking of my city… you were downtown filming that movie Water for Elephants (which I will read at the end of the month on my big trip) which is conveniently located minutes from my shack and after RARELY stopping to take pics with fans or even show your smug mug on the Filmore set you stop and take pictures with fans now?! In a Penguin hoodie?! COME ON!

It’s times like these that I can’t take living here. It’s knowing you may be 10 minutes from my house, your trailer at an intersection of downtown that I know very well, you at a movie theater I walked past a week ago, and it’s just you being in my general vicinity that I can’t take. I feel like I’m on high alert all that time, that as any moment I could cross your path. I even thought about (for a hot minute) going to said IMAX theater last night but then I caught a glimpse of my crazy self in the base of the mercury glass candle stick I was packing and remembered I’m not a psycho and should calm the ef down! I repeated the mantra “I am normal… I am normal… do not walk out of this door with your greasy ass hair thinking you’re going to see Rob. Freak… I am normal.”

Unlike this girl…

Though I can’t say I blame her those cardboard cutout things aren’t cheap AND they make a great conversation piece next to all your tchotchkes (isn’t that the best word ever?)… I can’t also blame her because I would have dared someone to do this during the “Truth or Dare” portion of #leghitch2010 only we never got that far, we only dared someone to sharpie a teardrop under Kristen Stewart’s eye and look how that turned out**. Laugh now, cry later, after all. But don’t think we won’t be daring someone to rip off the Breaking Dawn cardboard cutout at a Burger King or Borders during #PillowBite2011. That is SOOO happening.

So even though you’re out running a muck in my city (like how I’ve claimed it for myself?) I just can’t be on high alert anymore, I might go crazy… or worse yet not get my packing done and then I’ll be the crazy girl with no house and a ripped up Edward cutout from Eastern Europe or wherever that was. So I hope you’ll accept my resignation and revoke my fan card for failing to be at any of these events in Los Angeles. But maybe you’ll understand and hand me that special “I’m Normal” card you’ve got hidden in your back pocket for special folks like me?? I can only hope.


**CALM DOWN I’M KIDDING! I’m SO JOKING about the Sharpie, it was a little girl who accidentally got her sharpie filled hand knocked into Kristen’s face,  not us. We have eye witnesses! JOKES PEOPLE! I hate that I have to write this here, but some folks lack of a sense of humor makes me do it**

But anyway… Who wants to pack up my house while I go try to reclaim my fancard? Or is the “I’m Normal” card better to have? Have you thought about using the 5 finger discount on a cardboard Edward in a store near you?

Sources 1, WTE Film

Business time after the cut

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How I Fell for Rob, NOT Edward!!

It’s time again to share another story of how one of our readers fell for Rob… RobRuinedMe shares her story today

So you're saying this guy doesn't turn you on?!

Dear Rob,

I am a 28 yr old, intelligent, practical and sensible woman….Or at least i WAS till a few months ago….Let me explain how you’ve totally ruined and corrupted me (you beautiful bastard!!!!)…..I saw you for the first time as WHOLESOME Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when i was still a Draco Malfoy fan… You barely registered in my conscience at the time because of your squeaky clean Huffelpuff image…. (You see, i have a thing for BAD BOYS but that’s a tale for another day)….Fast forward three years and i came across a trailer for “Twilight”  on Rotten tomatoes and was intrigued…..Dear hubs always trusts my judgment when it comes to choosing movies for the weekend movie/dinner date, so off we went to our local AMC…..I had watched the trailer at home on my laptop’s tiny screen so i was totes unprepared for your imminent assault on my “senses” and might i add “sensibility” …..

Here comes dreamboat!

I bit the bait when i saw you strut into that blasted cafeteria …When the camera zoomed in to catch your golden eyes in the biology lab the hook got twisted in deeper….You totally reeled me in when you jumped back from Bella’s bed after the first kiss and leaned on the wall with your impossibly sexy,tortured, shadow-lit face…….

I Wiki-ed the shit out of Twilight after i got back home and discovered “Twilight THE BOOK”…For a rabid reader like myself that was like manna straight from heaven…..I promptly smuggled in copies of all four twilight books (Mind you i was still hiding this from dear hubs due to utter shame over my fan-girlness….I never really fan-girled over anything like this even when i was a teenager so how could i admit to this now!!!!)….

You're dumping me for a 16yr old?!

I snuggled in with my copy of Twilight ready to be swept into the awesomeness of EDWARD and BOY was i in for a surprise…..I was struggling to stay awake through whole chapters of Bella whining (or) Edward whining (or) BOTH whining about the other’s whining……How could this be?……I always fall in love with characters and not actors (Case in point: Draco Malfoy)…..This was really confusing…..I then discovered Jacob the character and i was hooked again…..Jacob’s angst was much more multi-dimensional and complex than Edward….Plus he has a kick-ass sense of humor and no girl can pass up a dude with a wicked wit….So i redirected my obsession to Jacob and finished reading all the books squarely on the side of Team Jacob ….It wasn’t hard at all then because all Edward had over Jacob was your pretty face…..Plus, why would a chick prefer ice cold Edward to hot smoldering Jacob …It was so against my own sexual intuition…..Heat-Friction-Sweat….Get IT!!!!

Follow the cut for RuinedbyRob’s full decent into Robsession

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Open Weekend Post: Hosted by Angry Rob and Ludacris!

Dear Rob,

We meet Stephenie Meyer yesterday and we talk about it at LTT. You should read it. Now.

But one of the things we discussed which we will get into much further detail at a later date is how hot “Edward” and in turn you are when you’re all pissed off or fighting. We’ve talked about it like a billion times here before and I even mentioned how someone should make a video with all your fight moments put with my favorite pissed off song “Get Back” by Ludacris and well what do you know it we got one! Ask and ya shall receive.

Corie was kind enough to create this piece of smokin’ hot video for us to feast our eyes on while we recover from the happy-time-explosion in our brains from meeting Stephenie yesterday. So here we go..

If this is looking whacky in your window, watch it here!

Srsly though, we met Stephenie Meyer!!!

I came, I saw… I hit em right there in the jaw!

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