What makes someone a “True” Rob Fan?

As Breaking Dawn & Rob hysteria is winding down, I’ve been pondering my “acute fondness” for all things Rob & Beaspoon’s letter came at the perfect time!

Is this what a true Rob Fan looks like?

Dear Rob,

So I met a new friend a little while back–we’re talking JUST before Breaking Dawn came out. We’re sipping coffee together while our kids run mad circles around us and she mentions that she’s just started reading “those vampire books” and have I heard of them? Have I HEARD of them? I start laughing, perhaps a little maniacally, and sort of shrug and say, “Yeah, I’ve read them. I’m pretty much Robert Pattinson’s biggest fan.” And she starts going on about how cute you are and how she didn’t even know who you were until she saw the Twilight movies and blah blah blah. The whole time I am thinking, in my head (because that’s where most of my thoughts should stay, lol), “She thinks SHE’S a fan? Ha. No. No way. She can not possibly be even half the fan that I am, I mean I’ve been a fan of Rob’s since….GASP!” All of a sudden it hits me, I am literally speechless as I realize,

What if I’m not REALLY a true Rob fan?

I mean, I know I’m enough of a fan to have seen every movie you’ve ever been in, even the weird, creepy early ones. I know that I’m enough of a fan to write letters to you on a Robfan website that actually get published sometimes (that’s pretty batshit crazy, right there!). I know that I read waaay too much fanfiction and you are the star in every single one. I know that I don’t really care at all about “Edward,” it’s Rob that I am nuts about. But there are some pretty gaping holes in my fan stats, if I’m being honest. I didn’t even succumb to the Twilight madness until the summer of 2009, which is well past the initial craze–all 4 books were published and the first movie was already out on DVD, and I had never even heard of Robert Pattinson. I didn’t start reading fanfic until the fall, and I didn’t discover LTR and Robsessed until then either. I’m not really an active member of the fandom, I just lurk and occasionally post or jump in when there is drama, lol. I don’t watch every single interview you give (who really has time for that?–I know, shoot me!) and don’t read a lot of the articles about you because, quite frankly, a lot of them are crap. So what gives? Am I not really a “true” fan?

I’ve decided that I need to give my new friend the benefit of the doubt. So she just discovered you, so what? She’s one more person who understands your appeal, and even if it took her longer to notice you, she’s still a fan. I might not have been a fan from the very beginning, but I still sing your praises daily. I write you these silly letters, and my husband knows that should I ever actually meet you and you choose to ignore the fact that I am a 5-foot-tall, chubby, 30-something mom of 2 with stretch marks and a perma-ponytail and fall madly in love with me at first sight…well, it will be ON like Donkey Kong. How’s that for being a true fan?

Still crazily yours,

PS–Love love love the beard. Scruff looks so good on you. And definitely keep wearing more deep V’s. That is all. 🙂

SO what do you think? What makes a TRUE Rob Fan? Such a relevant question with all the hate being spewed across the internet lately (ps I just got lost in a 10 minute nonsten/robsten tumblr-fest. I had to step away. That shizz is crazy) Do you have to be pro-Robsten to be a TRUE Rob Fan? Can you be a NEW Rob fan and still be TRUE? Does a true Rob fan agree with how he looks & what he does or says 100% of the time?

(You know my answers to the above, right? No you don’t have to be Robsten OR Nonsten. Yes you can be a new fan. and NO you don’t have to love him 100% of the time!)

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