Spunk Ransom <- this is NOT a cute nickname

Just call me Ransom, SPUNK Ransom that is

Ladies...Just call me Ransom, SPUNK Ransom that is

Dear Rob-

I know that Spunk Ransom was totally something you came up with off-the-cuff during an interview and never imagined that people would take it and run like the wind with it cause I’m sure you would have thought twice about using a word that is synonymous with semen. Now, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in the states “Spunk” is a term for spooge, jizz, baby batter if you will! Yea, I just went there.  I have a lot of dude friends. But I can’t help it, this needs to be said, I’ve been dying to get it off my chest.

I remember the first time I saw this infamous interview where they asked about people referring to you as “RPattz” and you saying you wished you had a different name something ‘cool’ like… uh… “Spunk Ransom.” And I swear I went all Skooby Doo and said, ‘RUH? Ruh roh…he just said WHA???’ and had to rewind it like five times. Cause no one goes, “Yea I want people to call me something rad like, uh… Skeet Johnson.” You pick something like “The Boss,” or “Frank the Tank.” Duh.

So during the next mall tour (yea right) or premiere when you hear girls yelling out “Spunk” to get your attention just know that somewhere I am giggling.

Chuckles (<– see, now THATS a nickname!)

Watch THE video… maybe we should flag it for “adult content” 😀

You know what doesn’t need to be flagged for adult content? Yep, that’s right. The entries for our Valentines Contest (do you like how I made something that has nothing to do with valentines contest have to do with our valentines contest? Skills, y’all) Check out the deets here!

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