Some Rob Friday Funnies!

Dear Rob,

Ya know how we do Monday Funnies over at LTT (cause you read that, duh)? Well, it’s Friday and everyone’s tired from the week, 3/4ths of LA has emptied out to head to Coachella, UC has left me for somewhere I can’t pronounce, and the rest of Roblandia is in NYC for your premiere, so I’m here… alone… looking for a laugh or ten… So let’s have some Friday Funnies, shall we?

This killed me and I know it’s Edward Cullen but most of the world thinks you’re the same person so why not post it here?

All of this is a big YES. Let’s just sub out Edward for Rob and it’s pretty much all still true.

I will insist on a cut here because the stuff after the jump is just too embarassing-larious to put on our home page

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