Rob Porn Friday: The movie edition

Dear Rob,

Over the months & years, Friday has unofficially become the day for Rob Porn. In case something happened between now and the last time we posted some RobPorn, here is a reminder as to what that is exactly. A long time ago we talked about that book everyone loves “Porn for women” where hot men do household chores like vacuum, dust & (wait for it) load the dishwasher.. ohhhh yeahhhh…We kinda mixed that idea with our favorite F*ck Yeah tumblr accout: F*ckYeahRyanGosling and wah-lah- Rob Porn for Women was born. What started as hot pictures of you with sayings that drive women wild- about cleaning, organizing & caring for the kids- has turned into that plus sexual innuendos, hot things we want you to say and sometimes just down right dirty. Ya know, depending on the mood.

Today the mood is “Movies” and @JodieO created a nice RobPorn Movie-themed spread for us. She’s also giving 10 points for anyone who can name all the quotes. Yes- let me repeat that- you could win 10 points from JodieO. Best Friday Ever, isn’t it!?

Enjoy today’s Rob Porn via our new geeky gallery!

UnintendedChoice (and JodieO- giver outter of points)

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