Some Rob Friday Funnies!

Dear Rob,

Ya know how we do Monday Funnies over at LTT (cause you read that, duh)? Well, it’s Friday and everyone’s tired from the week, 3/4ths of LA has emptied out to head to Coachella, UC has left me for somewhere I can’t pronounce, and the rest of Roblandia is in NYC for your premiere, so I’m here… alone… looking for a laugh or ten… So let’s have some Friday Funnies, shall we?

This killed me and I know it’s Edward Cullen but most of the world thinks you’re the same person so why not post it here?

All of this is a big YES. Let’s just sub out Edward for Rob and it’s pretty much all still true.

I will insist on a cut here because the stuff after the jump is just too embarassing-larious to put on our home page

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Seriously you all, get off their Dicks. (Shhh, just act like you care)

Dear Rob,

You know that shirt you wear when you wanna be flippant and cool and think you’re all hardcore? The BEASTIE BOYS Tour shirt from whatever over priced online vintage store you bought it from which according to people with too much time on their hands is worth about 250 bucks. Yea, like I said too much time on their hands. BUUUUTTT that is neither here nor there. When you bought it they told you it was super limited edition and no one else would have it… WELLLLLLL lookie what I found…

(Google “Rob Pattinson ‘Get off my dick'” and you’ll find the picture!)

DUDE… you know how they say pets resembles owners or couples start to look like each other after they’re together a long time? Yea, whatever it is she’s becoming YOU. Dude, maybe she wants to BE you. All along it’s hasn’t been about love or lust or like it’s been about her taking your place! I mean look at the signs bro… TomStu is now in a movie with her, they’ve been seen at parties together, she’s probably played the guitar with him, she’s hung out with your family and now she’s trying to tell you to stay off her Dick! She wants your dad all to herself. Who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of those emails?

So this is a little warning letter just so you’re watching your step. This has the hints of a Stage 5 Clinger, if this ends bad, she will either burn your house to the ground like Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale or will skin you and wear you like last years Versace (holler Real Housewives of Jersey!). I’m just saying watch out… and like Eric Yorkie says, ” I got your back baby.”

It’s alright, stay on my dick,

So what’s the deal with this shirt? Classy, trashy? A “statement” to anyone? Or kids who think they’re so cool?

Learn more about KStew’s outfit than you ever cared to know at Kristen Stewart Fashion courtesy of a fan

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Rob Porn – The Interwebs edition

Dear Rob,

It’s Friday, no one wants to work right now and you’re somewhere in the south on a roadtrip with your bros. So I can only imagine you want to do exactly what we want to do which is watch crazy youtube videos with your friends? So what’s better than me providing everyone with the links along with a little eye candy by way of some Rob Porn, the interwebs edition?

(The links are the bold text below, they each open in a new window so you can watch the video!)

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Get ready to have your day be 903214932144 times awesomer. Original and Autotune!!!

OMG Double Rainbow

Guido Beach

For UC!


I’ll show you tough!

Get ready to have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers! Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special (possibly NSFW-ish). This is what I imagine the Brit Pack does when they’re together in a hotel room.

Hope this has made your day speed by a little faster or at least gave you a few laughs while you were in a car with your friends driving through Texas to New Orleans… I mean…


What’s your favorite absurd, hilarious, funny, crazy video you’ve seen on the internet?

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Open Weekend Post: Hosted by Rob, Kristen and Stroller Dad in the airport

Dear Rob,

I’m sure at the time being followed to the airport and having a camera shoved in your mug was annoying. Then seeing Kristen almost fall took a Herculean effort to suppress the inappropriate giggle that always comes from those situations but what about the totally unassuming Dad with the stroller? He just volunteered to take the baby for a stroll while the wifey got some mags from the newsstand and whammo he’s in the middle of Robsten Airport gate… his reaction is pretty stellar. Of course this is all made better by some funny person who put this all to the Benny Hill music. I found this over in the forum the other day and thought even you could get a kick out of it.

Now I’m off to camp in the great wilderness of California. Stop laughing! It’s true!

PS if you’re not a member of the forum you should be, you could be seeing gems like this every day!

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