Open Weekend Post Hosted by: Rob and the American Football Team!

Dear Rob,

When I heard you utter the words that you might be more interested in the American Football/Soccer team than the English one, I knew it was a good sign for the USA/Ghana game today! Who wasn’t pumped up by that last minute goal by Landon Donovan and then the total dog pile as they celebrated. This is how I imagine you and Tom celebrating when you find another package of Hot Pockets in the back of the freezer after you thought you’d eaten the last one. PARTY!

BUUUUTTTT if they don’t win I’m going to call you bad luck and ban you from being the wallpaper on the same phone as my Vuvuzela app.

Go USA and go Rob for admitting to following the USA team!

PS I hope you really are related to Dracula, that would just make my day.

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