Rob is moved by UC’s Birthday!

Dear Rob,

Today is UC’s birthday… I had a bunch of “video chats” over at LTT with the Twi crew (and some others) and what they should get UC for her birthday and well duh we chatted too and here’s how it went down…

ROB! Dude, it’s our girls birthday!

I KNOW… I know, I’m pumped too, but you gotta contain yourself we got some stuff to figure out… like what are we getting her… and by WE, I really mean you.


ROB! Rob. Clearly, you haven’t been over to LTT today because you have some massive shoes to fill… Taylor did a flip, Kellan was pretty much naked and then got Paul Wesley to show up, Nikki Reed did some Deb moves and I can’t even tell you what The Gos did… so I hope you’ve got some ideas…

No Rob. No.

NO ROB!! She definitely doesn’t want that!

Rob, hun… your vagina stomach just doesn’t scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY UC! Ya know what I mean?
Rob: Yes, it does…

So then Rob brought in some reinforcements…

I defs appreciate you and TomStu’s d’s in boxes because there is a wrapping paper and bow element… but maybe let’s keep thinking…
So then Rob throw on his Art wig and sweater… and unibrow…

Rob… UC appreciates two eyebrows and personal grooming…

Ok, ok, ok Rob… let’s pull this together… her birthday is RIGHT NOW. We need your best ideas… and GO…

Yes… why not indeed. Ok, you’re getting warmer here…

Yes, Rob we’re women, you should know better than to offer us that and not follow through. RUDE. So what are you going to get her???

I mean did you even SEE what Ryan Gosling did over on LTT??

GOOD JOB ROB! THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!  I guess if you can’t beat em, join em!


Rob and I love you lots more than gifs can ever explain. We hope you have the best day ever!


PS Go check out the Birthday partaaaaay over at Letters to Twilight!
Share your fave Rob gif for UC in the comments!
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Some Rob Friday Funnies!

Dear Rob,

Ya know how we do Monday Funnies over at LTT (cause you read that, duh)? Well, it’s Friday and everyone’s tired from the week, 3/4ths of LA has emptied out to head to Coachella, UC has left me for somewhere I can’t pronounce, and the rest of Roblandia is in NYC for your premiere, so I’m here… alone… looking for a laugh or ten… So let’s have some Friday Funnies, shall we?

This killed me and I know it’s Edward Cullen but most of the world thinks you’re the same person so why not post it here?

All of this is a big YES. Let’s just sub out Edward for Rob and it’s pretty much all still true.

I will insist on a cut here because the stuff after the jump is just too embarassing-larious to put on our home page

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Rob Pattinson is Hump-Day Humpable

Dear Rob,

Have you ever wondered why Wednesday is referred to as “Hump Day?” I have. More than someone should wonder, actually. In junior high I used to think it was the day that boys would discuss the girls they thought were the hottest & therefore wanted to sleep with or “hump” the most. I was an idiot. (Actually, it was jr. high. Most likely that DID happen on Wednesdays (as well as Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri) so I’m actually brilliant). Anyway, eventually I was too embarrassed to ask what “Hump Day” meant (and I guess Google wasn’t reliable back then) since I had let so many hump days pass me by without ever asking. So as years went on, I just accepted that I’d never know the true meaning. Then one day, not so long ago (literally, like a year ago) it clicked. HUMP day= MID-Week= HALF-WAY through the week= OVER THE HUMP of the week. Wow, I really am an idiot.

But today we’re going to go with my junior high definition of Hump Day. I’m looking around the school err blog & finding the hottest boy to hump- THAT, my friend, is YOU.

In celebration of “I want to hump Rob Pattinson On this Hump Day,” press play on THIS:

Which is exactly what LTR friend Zephyersky was listening to when she was sent this:

Ay Carumba! After the jump, there is much, much more: Continue…

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